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Why Curro

At Curro, learners, parents and teachers work together in an extended environment to ensure our learners’ success. We believe it is a shared responsibility to empower children with the creative, intellectual and decision-making skills necessary for them to become intellectual and socially responsible adults who will take on the 21st century with confidence.

As a leading independent education provider, we prepare learners across southern Africa for the future by providing high-quality education that embraces 21st-century learning through technology. 

What makes Curro unique?

  • Limited class sizes of 25 to 35 learners, depending on the school model.
  • Teachers provide personal attention to each learner.
  • Teachers are dedicated to the success of each learner.
  • Enhanced curriculums include specialised offerings, such as Robotics.
  • Technology is used in the classroom as part of daily lessons.
  • Focus is placed on developing the learner as a well-rounded individual.

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