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Picture a landscape of sport where learners can discover and grow their inherent love for sport – and continue to participate even on national level! This is one part of what Curro Sport does – and so much more! Read below:

Curro Sport boosts and sometimes introduces new sports activities offered at school-level. We also actively create opportunities for learners to participate, or for the Curro school group to, represent the school group on national level. We also upskill coaching staff, maximise virtual events, host inter-Curro competitions and promote chess and eSports throughout the group.


Here is a brief overview of just a few of the projects that Curro Sport started or promoted – there are more!


Curro Esports

If your child uses the words ‘Noob’, ‘Ulti’, or ‘OP’, then this part is for you. Gaming has become a commonplace fixture across the world and has grown into a sport in and of itself – complete with its own lingo. We introduced gaming as a sports code at many Curro schools with great success and the continued running momentum has led to a few large-scale Esports events. The Curro Clash LAN events take place in person rather than virtually. Players gather at their school, or the nearest school, and game the day away. Our Esports leagues accommodate Minecraft, Dota 2, VALORANT, Rocket League, Apex Legends, and Overwatch – all favourites among our gamers.


Coaching the Coaches

Our teachers often double as sports coaches and referees. Through this initiative, we want to equip new and emerging coaches with the knowledge required to become even more skilled in their chosen sports codes. We have held training sessions in various provinces and continually improve what we can offer our teachers.


Virtual fun runs and family events

The COVID-19 pandemic launched the world into the virtual realm – particularly relating to family-inclusive physical exercise activities that we never would have considered as possible in the virtual realm. We started arranging virtual fun runs, such as the Curro-2-Curro challenge, complete with timekeeping and trophies. In 2024, these virtual events expand to the #WeWalk virtual event and more family fun virtual events.


We’re not stopping there – watch this space for more coming soon!