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At Curro, we know that children sometimes know with great clarity which career they want to follow, before they matriculate from high school. When this is the case, they often grow frustrated at having to take elective subjects that don’t support that career path, which leads to a lack of motivation and sometimes even marks that don’t accurately reflect their true capabilities.

This is where NCV programmes come in: your child can start studying towards their career before they even matriculate!


Does Curro offer NCV?

Curro has five private college campuses across South Africa, which offer carefully chosen NCV (National Certificate: Vocational) programmes. These programmes combine high quality academics with actual workplace experience, which means that students can choose between studying further or entering the workplace with experience already in the bag.

After Grade 9, learners may choose to progress to NCV Levels 2 to 4 instead of Grades 10 to 12. That way, they start specialising in their specific career and take only relevant subjects, while their counterparts still need to take the available elective subjects and even matriculate before they can specialise.

All our private college campuses are on the same grounds as Curro schools, which means that students remain in a school-like environment between young people of their age.

Read more about NCV below, or get a jump start on the application process if you are ready.


What is NCV?

The National Certificate: Vocational (NCV) is a high-quality qualification that allows your child to start studying in their chosen career field after Grade 9. Instead of Grade 10, Grade 11 and Grade 12, students complete NCV Level 2, Level 3 and Level 4 in the programme of their choice. They get an excellent academic education that focuses on their chosen career path, and matriculate with experience in an actual workplace.

Students who pass Level 4 can apply to universities, as long as the qualification is in a similar career field to the programme they chose. The university’s regular application process and requirements will still apply. However, because students gain actual workplace experience while studying at any of our private college campuses, they can walk into their job with existing skills and knowledge. This gives them a great benefit and professional lead above their Grade 12 counterparts who can start gaining this experience only after three to four more years of studying.


What can my child do with an NCV qualification?

At the end of each level, learners get a national qualification with which they can start building a life beyond college. However, we strongly suggest that they complete up to Level 4, which is on the same NQF level as Grade 12. This means that with Level 4, your child can enjoy all the post-matric benefits that they would have regardless of their chosen path.

Your child can do any of the following with a level 4 qualification:

  • Go to university or other tertiary education institutions
  • Start working after matric
  • Start their own venture


Do you want to know more?

Curro currently has five private college campuses offering NCV programmes. Visit the webpage of the campus of your choice to discover which programmes they offer.

You can also visit this page on our website to discover more about the NCV curriculum, its benefits, our registration status, and more!


If you would like to find out more about the Curro schools that share a campus with these colleges, you can visit their webpage below:


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