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Curro Schools

Curro Schools provide learners across the country with an enhanced curriculum that prepares them for the IEB examinations at the end of Grade 12. Curro Schools generally accommodate learners from Grade R to Grade 12, with many also having a preschool phase that accommodates children from 3 months to 5 years. With small class sizes, modern classrooms, fully equipped laboratories and a variety of sports and cultural activities, these schools offer everything you would expect to find at an independent school.  


Learners develop 21st-century skills  

Our small class sizes make it possible for teachers to give learners personal attention in the classroom. Our approach to education, supported by competitive school fees, includes project-based learning. This helps to provide learners with 21st-century skills, such as creativity, collaboration and independent thinking. Learners in our schools also learn to work with future-focused technology by using tablets in class 


We use tablets in class  

At Curro Schools, our learners benefit from future-focused learning by using tablets in class rather than textbooks, or as an additional tool to support research and collaboration among learners. These tablets generally do not form part of our school fees, and some schools allow learners to choose whether they want to use tablets or physical textbooks.  


What is the IEB?  

Though many people believe that the IEB is a separate curriculum, it is actually a set of external examinations of international standard written by learners at the end of Grade 12. These examination papers are set by the Independent Examinations Board (IEB) and the resulting qualification is accepted at major universities around the world. Curro’s enhanced curriculum and small class sizes prepare learners for the unique questioning method in these examinations. This method requires great skill in applying learned material in a creative manner – another example of the way in which we provide learners with 21st-century skills. The IEB examinations are accredited by Umalusi, the QCTO, the Foundational Learning Competence and the ETDP SETA. 


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