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Curro Academy Schools

Curro Academy schools provide learners across the country with high quality education that prepares them for the NSC examinations at the end of Grade 12. These schools accommodate learners from Grade R to Grade 12, with many also having a nursery-school phase for children from 3 months to 5 years. Many of our schools even offer learners a scholarship at Curro through the Ruta Sechaba Foundation.


Learners gain quality education 

As part of Curro, Academy schools understand the importance of a good education. However, a strong emphasis is placed on the well-rounded development of the learner rather than taking a purely academic approach. By engaging in our approach and activities, learners gain the 21st-century skills and knowledge needed to give them a head start in life and become the leaders of the future. At some of our schools, learners even use tablets in class rather than textbooks, or have the option to use both. We believe in the power of education and make every effort to accommodate learners who get a scholarship at Curro through private sponsors or the Ruta Sechaba Foundation.


We use tablets in class 

At Curro Academy schools, our learners benefit from future-focused learning by using tablets in class rather than textbooks – or as an additional tool to support research and collaboration among learners. This provides learners with 21st-century skills as these tools are likely to be used in the workplaces they will enter after their studies. For learners who have a scholarship at Curro, these tablets may be included in the costs covered, depending on the scholarship agreement.


We maintain affordable school fees 

Curro Academy schools aim to provide a high quality education. By focusing the subjects we offer, Curro Academy schools can ensure that their classrooms and facilities are well kept and fully equipped. Classrooms for subjects such as Computer Practice or natural Sciences allow learners to interact with the learning material in a manner that helps them develop 21st-century skills.

Quick Facts

NSC examinations (Grade 12)

Focused activities and subjects

Well-maintained facilities