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At Curro, several of our schools across the country provide school accommodation at their boarding schools. With on-site boarding staff, laundry and housekeeping facilities, comfortable study areas, Wi-Fi, three healthy meals per day, modern rooms and lounges, and small room numbers, our boarders get a strong sense of home away from home. 


How big are the rooms? 

Our spacious school accommodation generally houses two to four boarders per room, depending on the boarding school campus. Some schools even have modular flats with en-suite bathrooms rather than a traditional hallway layout, while others may have bathrooms per a certain number of rooms. 


How do leave arrangements and visits work? 

Our affordable boarding schools are generally closed for one weekend a month and during the school holidays. This may vary depending on the school itself. Some campuses provide fun activities for boarders staying in over the weekends, while others encourage parents to visit whenever they can. 


How does supervision work? 

At Curro, our affordable boarding schools are supervised and run by a team of live-in boarding staff, which often includes teachers at the school. The number of boarding staff depends on the number of boarders accommodated. When teachers live on-site, they often help with homework or study sessions. 


Which schools have boarding schools?  

Our affordable boarding schools provide school accommodation to learners across the country. The following schools, owned or managed by Curro, currently have boarding schools