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Check it out: Curro 2 Curro cycling challenge

The Curro 2 Curro Cycling Challenge which kicked off on 3 May sees learners and teachers virtually travel to all of the Curro schools by either walking, cycling, running or even swimming to eventually complete the route of 7696km in teams of four.

Learners of St Dominic’s Academy taking part in the Curro 2 Curro Challenge


St Dominic’s already has 24 participants competeing aginst Curro schools across the country. Kiran Hattingh, a Grade 3 learner, has cycled a distance of 25km for his team the ‘Kilometer-eaters’. Sean Bernstein, Grade 6, and Kiran Hattingh, Grade 3, both cycled 10km for their team while Lente Hattingh, Grade 2, from The Fantastic Four team, cycled 10km.