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Rikes Dry: Once you’re in the Curro family, you stay in the Curro family

‘You know what they say, once you are in the Curro family you stay in the Curro family.’ These words are certainly true for Rikes Dry, Curro Hazeldean alumnus, aspiring writer and current marketer of Curro Academy Sandown.

Rikes has been a full-time Curro staff member since 2019, having worked at Curro Academy Mamelodi, Curro Academy The Blyde and now Curro Academy Sandown, but it was at Curro Hazeldean where his journey began. ‘My first memory of school is standing in front of my primary school's welcome sign with my dad, with my mom taking a photo of us. I remember the smile my dad had on his face, showing his excitement as I start my schooling journey.’

Rikes is certainly not one to sit still and is always willing to try new things. While at school, he participated in various areas of school life and tried and tested most sporting codes on offer – from hockey to mountain biking and everything in-between. He also participated in dancing and even dipped his toe in the acting pool, demonstrating true Curro spirit.

After graduating from Curro Hazeldean in 2014, Rikes went on to study at Varsity College Pretoria where he completed his Bachelor of Arts in Communication Science and Psychology. The skills he acquired through his studies are not only applied in his work as marketer, but also in his writing. Yes, Rikes is an avid writer and hopes to one day write and publish books to share his perspective and experiences with the rest of the world.

Perhaps he will start with a book on his hope for the future of South Africa. ‘I hope to see a South Africa where individuals, irrespective of race, nationality, gender and socio-economic status, work and function together. I hope to see a day where peace and comradery take the lead in order for us to build our country up to a high standard where everyone will have an equal opportunity to make a success of themselves.’

And his plans for his own future? ‘Since I was young, I have had a dream of moving to the United States of America and living my life abroad. I want to be successful at whatever I put my mind to and inspire others to live out their potential in life.’

For now, Rikes’s Curro story continues and we cannot wait to see what else he has to contribute to our family and to our country before one day jetting off abroad to make his mark on the world.