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Oshana Gymnasium – a new addition to the Curro family!

Curro, in collaboration with multiple partners, recently took a big step towards broadening its educational horizons when the foundation stone was laid down in Ongwediva.

Prosperity Education Namibia is constructing Oshana Gymnasium, which is being heralded as a beacon of development. During the ceremony, Fillemon Iyambo, the managing director of another roleplayer, Ino Harith Capital, stated, ‘It is always our mission to contribute to the country's development.’

Oshana Gymnasium - Ongwediva, Namibia
Oshana Gymnasium - Ongwediva, Namibia

Martin Inkumbi, CEO of the Development Bank of Namibia, affirmed Curro's significant social value, highlighting the sustainable impact the school will have on Oshana by providing opportunities for local and national SMEs.

The school, which features modern sports facilities and is slated to open its doors in January 2024, symbolises a sisterly connection to Curro's existing campuses such as Windhoek Gymnasium and Walvis Bay Gymnasium.

Cobus Loubser, our CEO, added that ‘learners from gymnasiums finish school as well-rounded young leaders who do exceptionally well when they go on to universities and embark on their careers.’

‘We want to increase learner access to independent school education across southern Africa. Everyone in Namibia has the right to education, according to Article 20 of the constitution,’ Cobus continued.

Ongwediva's mayor, Tarah Shalyefu, sees the school as ‘a haven of knowledge, a place where young minds will be nurtured.’

This school, with an anticipated initial intake of 200 to 250 learners in 2024, represents Curro's thriving ambition. Oshana Gymnasium, which will use the renowned Cambridge curriculum, promises personal attention and will foster an environment where learners will love learning. Activities such as choir and athletics will balance academics.

This latest endeavour symbolises a committed step towards quality education, focusing on good academics, sports, culture, positive discipline, child-friendliness, and strong moral education.

As the sun set over the Namibian horizon, the dreams of the community and all the role-players seemed to shimmer and embrace the future. On that day shovels didn’t only transform the earth, but also the very core of innovation and growth.