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Fourteen-year-old learner takes HIV advocacy to Washington DC


Galaletsang Phalatse, a 14-year-old HIV advocate from Curro Aurora, is about to fly the South African flag high in Washington DC.

She is one of only three people selected to represent adolescent girls and young women in an advocacy campaign for the Global Fund’s 17th replenishment campaign in South Africa. The Global Fund has done some fantastic work to help save lives by provide HIV treatment.

Galaletsang will take part in various activities between June and August 2022 to make global leaders aware of the plight of girls and young women on the African continent. She will also attend a high-level meeting in Washington DC, hosted by South African ambassador to the US Nomaindiya Mfeketo.

Through a statement issued by Curro, Galaletsang said it was an honour and humbling to represent South Africa in the campaign.

‘However, it is so important for young girls around the world to be equipped with the right knowledge to prevent HIV from spreading, and ensure we stay HIV-negative. I am so excited to see that the youth is taking part in changing the world, and I get to be part of the impact,’ she said.

Galaletsang has been devoted to HIV prevention for as long as she can remember. Being able to raise awareness about the importance of comprehensive sexual education and better access to HIV-prevention methods on the global stage is central to her efforts.


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