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Curro reminds parents that 'violent and inappropriate' 'Squid Game' is not for children under 16

Curro schools has sent out letters to parents reminding them that Netflix's hit series, Squid Game, carries an age restriction of 16.

In the letter, Curro said it had come to teachers' attention that some children had been exposed to “inappropriate content on streaming platforms”. In particular the Netflix series Squid Game that has been in the media for its violent and inappropriate content for children under the age of 16.

“Please be aware of the age restrictions and be mindful of what the learners are viewing,” the letter stated.

The South Korean series features indebted contestants competing in a series of games where failure results in death.

Curro spokesperson Marí Lategan told TimesLIVE on Wednesday that Curro Holdings acknowledged that parent letters were issued by various schools within the group to encourage responsible use of electronic devices after some younger pupils stumbled upon Squid Game.

“The issuing of the letters was an attempt to alert the group's parent communities to remain vigilant when it comes to exposing under-aged learners to certain online and streaming programmes,” she said.  

“As a responsible education institution, the group aims to remind parents that while the streaming platforms offer a plethora of necessary educational content, it also hosts many that may have a damaging effect on under-aged learners and their behaviour.

“Parents are urged to monitor learners’ online and streaming activity and remain informed as to what their children are looking at or watching.”


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