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Curro matriculants make meaningful memories

The St Dominics Newcastle Matric learners have just received their ‘travelling yearbook’ project from Curro Holdings. The project aims to encourage the group’s Matric learners to capture special memories of their final school year and connect with other Matrics in the group in the era of social distancing. St Dominics Newcastle is the first school in the Curro group to have received their box. I’ve enclosed a brief motivation behind the initiative as well as a media release and images from St Dominics Newcastle.

Learners Image: From the left: Lianka Grobler (Deputy Head Girl); Nkazimulo Mnisi (Head Boy); Aran Hsu (Deputy Head Boy) and Jade Pienaar (Head Girl) are seen here unboxing St Dominics Newcastle’s travelling box.


To help Matrics around the country to create special memories despite another disrupted school year, nine beautifully designed travelling boxes are making their way from one Curro school to the next. Packed with memory-making aids including Polaroid cameras, film, blank sheets of paper and fun stationery, each school’s Matric learners get a chance to create scrapbook-like pages for their school’s section of Curro’s digital yearbook. Each school also writes a kind or motivational message on a postcard for the next school where the box will travel to. Once all the schools have taken part, each school’s memories will be turned into a chapter in the group’s digital yearbook.

Matric 2021 Map KZN: A map showing the regional route of Curro Holdings’ travelling yearbook box.

Postcard: As the first school in the Curro group to receive its travelling box, the St Dominics Newcastle matrics received this postcard from Curro head office. The school’s matric group will now write a motivational message on a postcard to Meridian Newcastle.