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Curro Aurora learner organises sanitary pad donation

Curro Aurora is proud of the action one of its learners has taken to organise a sanitary pad donation to schoolgirls.

In line with the #keepagirlchildinschool initiative, Grade 8 learner Galaletsang Phalatse initiated a donation that was actioned by the school’s community council, for Aurora Girls High in Soweto, to keep girls from missing school because of their periods.

The #keepagirlchildinschool initiative shows love at Curro Auror


Also in light of global warming issues, the drive promotes the use of sustainable sanitary products by encouraging learners to either purchase or contribute towards the purchasing of Palesa Pads. These are sustainable sanitary pads made by a local company of the same name.
Not only is this better for the environment than single-use sanitary products, but they will also last a girl years, and by using this brand the school is supporting a local business.

Galaletsang Phalatse initiates a sanitary pad drive for girls at another school


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