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Curro’s 25-year Celebrations Kick Off

Curro kicked off its 25-year celebrations in Cape Town with a brand-new, breathtaking musical-theatre production, #Currage Concert. The school opened its doors with a handful of learners in a church in Durbanville in 1998 and has grown into a school magnate at the forefront of excellent independent education with more than 80 campuses across Southern Africa.

The second of its kind, this year’s #Currage Concert saw 21 of Curro’s most talented creatives perform their hearts out in a spectacle of beat poetry, monologues, and soaring solos that will leave you breathless! This production is spearheaded by Curro Create, Curro’s creative engine managed by Pedro Kruger and Hennie van Greunen from Wordsmith's Theatre Factory.

Right before the curtain dropped, the audience jumped up in a standing ovation that lasted several minutes. The energy and amazement were almost tangible and will surely roll over to the next instalment in Pretoria on 26 to 29 July.

Curro also has an extensive Curro Alumni programme, which will also host a concert of its own as part of the celebrations, featuring alumni and veteran teachers. The programme aims to bring together and reconnect former matriculants, keeping new matriculants in the group, and even sharing members’ success stories on the website.

As we enter the group's 25-year celebrations, we think back to where we started and are so grateful for the effort, dedication, passion, and heart of every individual who has invested in the group. From parents and learners to teachers and shareholders, Curro’s success and continued growth is a testament of how passion can make a positive, lasting impact on a child’s life – and that, above all else, is our goal.

Have a look at Curro Create’s Facebook page to see more photos.