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Curro Durbanville learner performs in British Youth Theatre Festival

Sanah Healey, a Curro Durbanville learner born to be on stage, has managed to secure herself one of the lead roles in Angry Salmon, a British Youth Theatre Musical. Angry Salmon was performed on stage at the Bridewell Theatre in London between 4 August – 6 August 2023.

Sanah Healy in Angry Salmon (2023)

Angry Salmon is a theatre production set in a big cartoonish underwater world and follows the inhabitants of a thriving salmon-farm, and the mayoral Di-Caprio family. Sanah played one of the lead roles in this funny and imaginative new musical which can be described as a fusion between ‘The Little Mermaid’ and ‘Family Guy’.

The British Youth Music Theatre (BYMT) is a national performing arts education charity and the largest commissioner of new musicals in the UK. BYMT’s mission is to create opportunities for young people and early career creatives from all backgrounds to develop theatre skills and enhance wellbeing, through the collaborative and inclusive process of making original music theatre.

Sanah’s home is on the stage. And the path to performing on an international stage has been paved by her lead role in Curro Durbanville’s Alice in Wonderland in 2022 which was an incredible success.  

Make sure to keep an eye out for Sanah Healey in the future!