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Why should you send your child to St Dominics Newcastle?

Independent schools provide parents with the opportunity to ensure that their children receive the best education possible. Thereby securing them a prosperous future.

When it comes to independent schools, you have a wide range of options. But how do you know which one is most suitable for your child?

St Dominics Newcastle is a Curro Select independent school located in a quiet residential area of Newcastle, KwaZulu-Natal. It is a school that takes pride in providing a high-quality education to learners in grades R through 12.

Additionally, St Dominics Newcastle’s established Nursery School provides excellent early learning and development for children between 12 months and five years old.

Quick facts about St Dominics Newcastle that demonstrate our commitment to your child:

  • Class sizes are small. This ensures that your child receives the attention he or she requires. There are also teacher’s aides on hand to help where needed.
  • Enhanced curriculum.
  • Aftercare (cooked meals and homework assistance).
  • Cutting-edge sports facilities.
  • Afrikaans or IsiZulu as First additional Language options.
  • Boarding school from Grade 3.
  • Extended subject choice offerings such as AP Maths, French, Tourism and more.
  • School transportation.
  • Holiday care.
  • Specialised subjects such as Robotics and Computer applications Technology.
  • Extramural activities, which include ballet, choir, Curro Create, drama and music.
  • Sports. Hockey, tennis, netball, rugby, soccer, cricket, golf, swimming, chess, eSports, trail running, mountain biking, and athletics are all examples.
  • Cycle 2 Ride partner, Out of the Blocks toddler training programme, Kids gym.

Easy enrolment process at St Dominics Newcastle.

It’s never been easier to enrol your child. As demonstrated by the following steps:

  • Complete our application form.
  • Submit your application form along with supporting documentation. The learner’s birth certificate, the learner’s most recent academic report, and the parents’ IDs are required as supporting documents.
  • Pay the enrolment fee after receiving notification of a successful application.
We also invite parents and their children to visit our school in addition to these simple steps. This will allow you to see why St Dominics Newcastle is the school of choice.

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034 312 8316 / 072 714 4709

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Watch: St Dominics Newcastle celebrates 130 years of excellence


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