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NCV at Curro: An Education with Workplace-ready Skills

As Grade 9 learners prepare to choose their FET phase subjects, it's the perfect time to consider Curro's distinctive National Certificate Vocational (NCV) programme. The NCV programme fosters early specialisation, seamlessly blending academic study with practical experience, providing an exceptional, skills-centric alternative to traditional Grade 10 – 12 structures. This not only prepares learners for real-world scenarios, but also offers a career-focused approach to their senior school years, which could be a game-changer for those passionate about a specific field.

The choice between a traditional matric and the NCV is not about one being superior to the other; rather, it's about selecting the path that best suits the learner's inclinations and aspirations. Join us at Curro as we shape futures, one practical lesson at a time.

Stoffel Goosen, who spearheads the NCV offering at 5 Curro campuses, says, ‘The NCV is an extra choice that Curro provides. It's vital for teachers and parents to understand that some learners may opt for a more vocational approach to their senior school years.’ In a world as diverse as ours, one size certainly does not fit all in education.

The distinguishing feature of the NCV is its focus on practical application. This model equips learners with hands-on training in their chosen field, ensuring a wealth of practical experience upon completion. It's an empowering system that enables learners to dive straight into their careers post-matric or pursue further studies if they wish.

‘The learning is more applied, with the primary goal of equipping you for a career after school,’ explains Stoffel. ‘University is still an option, but like any other national senior certificate pass, you need to excel.’

On top of this the NCV provides learners with an understanding of entrepreneurship, which can be an asset. Completing Level 4 can potentially open doors to tertiary education or direct employment, depending on learners' choices and the minimum entry requirements of educational institutions.

Curro's NCV programme caters not only to those with non-academic inclinations but also to academically inclined learners who find the practical, skills-focused approach appealing. The programme offers a balance of academic rigour and practical experience, making them a fitting choice for those eager to specialise early in their field of interest.

‘In an ideal world, 50% of matriculants at Curro would pursue the NCV,’ Stoffel muses. ‘Although my two children were academically strong and completed tertiary studies, they both lamented the lack of practical learning in their education. If they were in Grade 9 today, I would undoubtedly guide them towards the NCV. It is applied learning.’

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We currently have five private college campuses offering NCV programmes. Visit the webpage of the campus of your choice to discover which programmes they offer.