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Local young scientists impress at Tunisia science and engineering festival


Ethan de Wet from Curro Durbanville, recently received a silver medal when representing South Africa at the International Festival of Engineering Science and Technology held in Monastir, Tunisia in June 2022. He was chosen to present his project after excelling at the Eskom Expo International Science Fair in 2021 to represent South Africa.

Judges applauded Ethan’s in-depth research on the physics of sound. His project was selected for international participation because the innovation is an example of how an industry dependent on natural resources can become eco-friendly. Using 3D printing technology with biodegradable Polylactic acid (PLA), he designed and constructed speaker enclosures that could replace standard wooden ones. He conducted in-depth research on the physics of sound such as sound pressure level, distortion, and the audio spectrum. This, together with his knowledge of sound engineering, helped him design and 3D print an affordable and efficient speaker enclosure. The significance of his study is that the speaker enclosure is eco-friendly, cost effective, and gives the consumers greater flexibility to 3D print such enclosures themselves, using his designs.

‘It is wonderful to have won an award,’ Ethan said. ‘All achievements span from hard work and dedication. So, with many hours of just that, it is great to reap the benefits. This achievement is also wonderful for the representation of the bright minds within our country, and can only allow for growth within the near future.’


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