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Listen to the interview with Curro Delft Executive, Head Phil Snyman

Private school group Curro has opened what it describes as a "tech-focused" school in Delft, on the outskirts of Cape Town.

The land was acquired through cooperation between Curro Holdings and Shoprite Holdings.

"Curro Delft is perfect for the high school learner who wants a modern Mathematics- and Science-based education and dreams of tertiary studies"

It started with Grade 8 last year and has now grown to include Grade 9.

The aim is to phase in one grade per year, as it adds buildings to the campus.

Bruce Whitfield interviews Phil Snyman, Executive Head of Curro Delft.

Snyman says the area was "hungry" for Curro's type of education.

For us it was an opportunity to bring affordable education to a community that never thought it would be possible to have a private education. Phil Snyman, Executive Head - Curro Delft

In our mainstream schools we also focus a lot on 21st century skills. Here we've just made it more affordable and more people now have the privilege to be in a Curro school and learn these valuable lifelong skills that they will need. Phil Snyman, Executive Head - Curro Delft

Obviously we had to adapt a model that would work in an environment where the fees could be lower, but we could also give hope to the community and the children... Phil Snyman, Executive Head - Curro Delft

Snyman says they have a responsibility to prepare these kids for the future and make them future ready.

Curro Delft is made less costly because it employs less educators than its higher-level schools.

We developed an approach where we could have children sitting in front of a computer mainly with self-directed learning, with educators acting as facilitators and helping learners to learn by themselves. Phil Snyman, Executive Head - Curro Delft

The cost to attend Curro Delft is R1,800 a month and the school is fully subscribed Snyman says.

Listen to Snyman discuss the Curro Delft model and the other levels of Curro schools here.