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Finding strength in solitude – Curro teacher’s award-winning poem

In the bustling city unfamiliar to her, Shania Koortzen found a quiet corner of solitude and inspiration. A gifted Afrikaans teacher at Curro Academy Mbombela, she used her love for words to navigate her new surroundings, crafting a poem that captured her journey from isolation to resilience. This piece, conceived in the solitude of her room, earned her the esteemed CAS Kryptonite award from Curro Create. But what is this award, and why is it so special?

CAS, short for Curro Arts Superhero, is an inspiring internal platform that encourages learners and staff alike to discover, develop, and showcase their inherent creative talents. From writers to sculptors, painters to photographers, and videographers to dancers, all creative souls have a chance to shine. Whether it's acting, singing, instrumental performances, or artistic expressions like ceramics, painting, sculpting, or even social media skills like vlogging and running Instagram campaigns - CAS is all about celebrating creativity in its myriad forms.

The award Shania received is called 'CAS Kryptonite', a special recognition given to those who display exceptional creative talents. When she submitted her poem, a beautiful narrative of her journey of starting afresh, she also shared a piece of her soul with the reader. Her work resonated with many, earning her this prestigious award and fostering a sense of camaraderie and support within the school.

‘It isn't just about the loneliness,’ Shania shares, reflecting on her poem, ‘It's about learning to enjoy solitude, finding joy in one's own company, and discovering inner strength.’ Her words embody the spirit of CAS, which encourages participants to delve deep within, unearth their talents, and share them with the world.

Upon receiving the Kryptonite, Shania felt an indescribable exhilaration, and the joy was amplified as learners and colleagues alike celebrated her achievement. This, indeed, is a testament to the sense of community that Curro fosters, where individual accomplishments are shared and celebrated together.

Shania's story isn't just about winning an award; it's a testament to the strength that lies within us, waiting to be discovered and celebrated. It's about navigating through the unfamiliar, braving solitude, and allowing creativity to bloom. Her journey, her achievement, and her words serve as an inspiration for everyone at Curro Academy - learners and staff alike. Together, we continue to nurture a culture of courage, resilience, and creative expression. This, after all, is the Curro way!

Here is her Afrikaans poem, entitled ‘Ek moes uit my ouerhuis trek en begin werk’:

die realiteit is dat jou plekkie bietjie gaan leegstaan aan die begin.

dit gaan nie heeltemal vlekkeloos wees nie, maar so ook nie jy nie.

jy gaan alleen wees, maar eensaam word.

jy gaan twyfel en jy gaan rondskuif, aan jou hart maar so ook jou meubels.

die stof gaan vinniger opgaar as wat jy ooit sou kon dink,

en die tyd gaan vinniger verby as wat jy sou kon glo.

jy praat soms vir ure aaneen met jouself,

en sommige oggende gaan jou stem eers jou mond verlaat

sodra jy die hekwag groet om inkopies te doen.

jou maaltye gaan nie altyd smaaklik wees nie,

waar die belange eerder in voedsaamheid lê.

jy gaan konstant op jou trappe sit, of net enige ander plek