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Curro Durbanville learner launches campaign to help the homeless in Cape Town

Trinity van Beeck is a 16-year-old powerhouse from Curro Durbanville is wasting no time in being an active citizen. She is a Junior City Councillor for the City of Cape Town with a big heart who hopes to make a difference in the lives of the Cape’s homeless with a special campaign that’s putting together ‘Blessing Bags’ for this often overlooked community.

Through her community service project ‘Horizon’s of Hope’, Trinity aims to address the needs of homeless individuals in Cape Town by starting at an important place: the basics.

Trinity van Beeck, Curro Durbanville, Cape Town private school

‘Horizons of Hope aims to provide essential hygiene items, including roll-on, wet wipes, toothbrushes, toothpaste, bars of soap, face cloths and sanitary pads to those who need them most, with a primary goal of improving their well-being and restoring their sense of hope and dignity,’ she shares.

She adds that the project’s mission is rooted in the compassionate thinking that everyone deserves access to basic necessities, which is why the blessing bags are more than just a provision of the essentials, but an act of thoughtfulness from one human to another.

‘We have seen the transformative power of community involvement and how it can positively impact the lives of those less fortunate,’ she shares.

Each blessing bag costs between R100 to R110. ‘To many, these may seem like ordinary items, but they can make a world of difference to those who lack access to them,’ she adds.

When young leaders like Trinity show us that sometimes all it takes to lend a hand to those who most need it is to simply act, we are reminded that the horizon is, in fact, bright and brushed with the hope of the next generation.

You can learn more or contribute to Horizons of Hope here.


Credit: Ashleigh Nefdt, Good Things Guy
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