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About us

Curro was established in 1998 and is the leading for-profit independent schools provider in southern Africa. We develop, acquire and manage schools that provide quality education for learners from three months to Grade 12. 

We believe the purpose of education is to empower every person with equal opportunities to achieve their potential as individuals and members of society. We further believe that quality education is the cornerstone in the development of strong leaders and responsible citizens who will positively impact the economy, environment and society. 

Quality education for all  

Our vision is to make education at independent schools accessible to more learners throughout southern Africa. 

Our ethos and values 

Our value system is based on four pillars: 

  • Child-friendliness 
  • Positive discipline 
  • Christian values (ethics and morals) 
  • Creative thinking 

Curro created a balanced educational space in which learners can learn and grow, as encompassed in the name of the group, ‘Curro’, which in Latin means 'I run'. Within the education context it can be interpreted as: ‘I learn at my own learning pace and according to my own aptitude, attitude and talents.’ 

These principles form the foundation of our ethical standards, which are included in the group’s code of ethics, codes of conduct, good citizenship and related policies. 

Our corporate objectives 

South African education has seen many transformations since 1994. However, despite a substantial allocation of the national budget to education, the increasing demand for high quality schools and teachers remains insatiable. 

Despite making progress in creating equal opportunities for learners, government still faces great challenges in providing education at an acceptable standard. Understandably, their efforts are targeted where the situation is most dire. However, this creates a vacuum in terms of facilities and standards at the lower to middle of the market, as well as for new campuses in the more affluent areas. This has led to the private sector increasingly playing its part. 

Section 29 of the South African Constitution enshrines and protects the valuable role of independent schools in this regard.  Against this background, we aim to develop a large number of schools across South Africa and the rest of Africa, as this creates opportunities in public schools for new enrolments and saves the state significant capital outlay and running costs. 

A joint venture between various investors and the Old Mutual Schools Fund will accelerate access to quality education. It will also support government in addressing South Africa’s educational needs in the lower-income market under the brand of Meridian Schools. 

Curro will expand through new developments and acquisitions. This strategy will not only support the public sector, but will provide parents with additional options for their children’s education, as independent schools increasingly improve educational standards. This will positively impact the development of the South African population and economic growth.