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Dot's Learning Centre

At Dot’s Learning Centre we offer small group classes and in so doing, we enable all children to reach their full potential in a stimulating and learning environment.

Every child has the right to excel.

For all students to reach their full God given potential.

Children learn differently and we have developed a module which takes into consideration how children are stimulated to learn and how they process and retain information.

Our learning model has been developed to achieve the following:

  • Challenge learners with real-world problems and scenarios and enable them to apply newly acquired knowledge.
  • Cultivate self-directed and individualized learning.
  • Encourage problem-solving and promote critical thinking.
  • Stimulate learners’ innate sense of curiosity.
  • Follow the scaffolding approach, where new knowledge is added on top of existing knowledge – by integrating new and existing knowledge, meaningful connections are made.
  • Allow for formative and summative assessment.
  • Provide facilitators with structured guidance to facilitate the learning process and optimise teaching by enabling learners to work without expert facilitation at times.

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