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High school

Senior phase: Grade 8 and Grade 9

At Curro Online, our learners are guided to adjust to a greater workload of higher intensity. Lessons are taught in English with learners having a choice between Afrikaans and isiZulu as their first additional language. Our enhanced curriculum places a great emphasis on problem-solving and individual thinking, while 21st-century learning is implemented in subjects such as Technology and Economic and Management Sciences.

Whilst their workload gradually becomes greater, learners as well as parents will enjoy a greater level of support from our qualified and passionate teachers. This allows our learners to work at their own pace with minimal distractions. The benefits of choosing an online school which allows your child to learn at their own pace in a secure, stress-free environment with minimal distractions cannot be over-emphasised.

Our learning model in high school gives learners more responsibility and prepares them to become responsible adults. Learners independently go through a structured online course comprising of interactive material, online assignments and group projects developed by our subject specialists. They can follow a set timetable to view and learn from this material, or work at their pace and thus may ‘rewind’, ‘pause’ and ‘play again’ any concept that they are struggling to comprehend.  Dedicated teachers for each learner will assist with key concepts, and also provide feedback on their assignments and learning progress at set times during the day.

These teachers keep a close track of your child’s learning progress and provide individualised feedback when they are struggling to understand a concept.
The emphasis is on the learner to take responsibility for their education. It also gives them the flexibility to dive deeper into subjects for which they have a passion and so cultivate that interest further. All the while offering this from the safety and comfort (distraction-free) of a familiar environment – their homes.
The learning environment thus allows you as the parent the flexibility to set the routine with your child. Our model also ensures that teachers do not spoon-feed the learners, but make them active participants and prepare them to become responsible adults who enjoy learning.


View more on Curro Online’s high school offering on our fact sheet.


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