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Welcome to

Curro Online

Curro Online is an independent school providing high-quality education for learners from Grade 4 to Grade 9, with higher grades phasing in annually from 2021.  Firmly grounded in and benefiting from the academic gravitas of all Curro Holdings Ltd’s schools, Curro Online offers teaching excellence and an enhanced curriculum equipping learners with 21st-century learning skills and knowledge to grow into self-confident individuals. Curro Online is a new online school owned by Curro Holdings Ltd, the biggest JSE-listed independent school operator in South Africa.


What is Curro Online?

Curro Online is the ideal choice for today’s parents looking for the convenience and flexibility of online learning, yet still wanting the reassurance of a proven top-quality academic offering. The Curro Online educational model is a compelling, affordable alternative to the traditional mainstream school.


Our school is designed for the parent who has limited time to supervise and teach their child. The Curro Online school provides a significant amount of teacher touchpoints to ensure that your child is progressing in their learning throughout the day and can ask for help as and when needed. The Curro Online school is therefore vastly different from traditional home-schooling models where the school primarily supplies the learning material and the parent has to play a significant role in the supervision and learning experience of the child.


Our school has a strong focus on Mathematics, Science, Coding and Robotics

Our philosophy to the curriculum is to prepare the learners for the technology-rich future they will enter. Therefore, they will be exposed to a number of technologies in the learning process. The curriculum will also have a strong focus on Mathematics, Science, Coding and Robotics. At Curro, all our schools use a curriculum designed for learners to build the 21st-century learning skills, known as the six Cs (critical thinking, creativity, collaboration, communication, citizenship and character building). This is done through carefully designed assignments and projects that the learner does through the year for each subject.


What do we offer?

Curro Online, as part of the Curro Holdings Ltd educational group, provides a progressive curriculum with a strong focus on Mathematics, Science, Coding and Robotics. Our enhanced curriculum offered by dedicated teachers prepares learners for the future by providing excellent teaching and learning through quality, balanced, stable independent education that embraces 21st-century learning through innovative technology.

How is our learning programme structured?

Curro Online gives the flexibility to structure the learning process in the way best suited for you, the parent, and your child. 

For parents who would like greater flexibility in their child’s life, the Curro Online learning platform has a structured, easy-to-follow curriculum with a variety of video material, recorded lessons and other learning material. Therefore, if you and your family are travelling, or have other unexpected reasons for not being able to attend live classes, your child can choose when they finish their work – within a given timeframe.

A dedicated teacher will personally mark all of your child’s assignments and assessments and keep track of his/her progress. This teacher will give your child the necessary individualised feedback and will also give you the necessary feedback.

Which activities do we offer?

As a national schooling system, and being part of the bigger Curro family of schools, we can offer an enriching arts and cultural programme. This includes access to the Curro Create programmes, aimed at helping learners discover their inherent talents and broaden their exposure beyond their current reference framework. Curro Create is the creative engine of the Curro family of schools, and is responsible for the annual Curro Arts Superhero showcase open to all Curro learners.

How do we use 21st-century learning tools?

As an online school, we are already embracing the 21st century, but we further incorporate 21st-century learning by using e-books rather than textbooks from the intermediate phase onwards. Using innovative technology allows teachers to provide a wealth of information at the touch of a button and better prepares learners for the workplace of the future. Our learners further benefit from highly-specialised subjects such as (virtual) Robotics.


For more information on what Curro Online offers, view our fact sheet and fees letter, contact us for a one-on-one virtual meeting, or enrol your child.

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