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Welcome to

Curro Hermanus

Situated in Sandbaai, Hermanus, Curro Hermanus is a combined parallel-medium (Afrikaans and English) independent school from nursery school to Grade 12, offering a proud tradition of learning excellence. 


Curro Hermanus has fulfilled all the requirements and is now registered with the IEB as well as the WCED. 

We strive towards excellent learning 

Curro Hermanus strives towards excellent learning and guides learners to master content creatively by acquiring and extending the relevant skills. The content of the various subjects that make up the curriculum acknowledges and is relevant to the ever-changing world we live in. Ultimately our learners should understand how to apply the knowledge they have gained. 

Positive values and norms 

We function within a framework of a Christian ethos and strive for: 

  • A child-friendly environment – core value: respect 
  • Positive discipline – core value: self-respect 
  • Creativity – core value: independent thinking 
  • Excellence – core value: excellence 

Our school accommodates fast, average and slow learners. Small classes enable us to pay individual attention to learners and to provide support where necessary. We also aim to challenge those learners who can progress at a faster pace. 

We invest in human potential 

We invest in continuous staff development. Relevant curricula make dynamic curriculum development inevitable. The members of our executive management team are all experienced curriculum specialists. Effective staff development leads to new and relevant learning content and teaching methods in the classroom. 

We love our learners 

Curro Hermanus’s educators are bilingual and well qualified and they all love children. This is important, because we believe that the positive development of a child’s self-concept is a prerequisite for effective learning. We also believe that positive thinking forms an integral part of our school’s ethos. Furthermore, we believe that there is a future for each and every learner. 

A new school year brings the opportunity for all to make a new start and mend old ways, and allows us to continue building on our traditions and dreams for our school. 

Curro Hermanus aspires to the philosophy of Ad vitam Paramus  We are preparing for life. Our vision is to guide learners from an early age to instil positive values, sound discipline and a strong work ethic. By doing so, we produce learners who are able to meet the challenges of tomorrow. 

We aim to achieve this by: 

  • ensuring a balance between academics, sports and culture 
  • empowering our learners so that they always give their best 
  • creating a safe, caring and enriching environment in which each learner can grow as an individual 
  • providing progressive, technologically advanced and innovative education focused on 21st century skills 


Learners are given the opportunity to demonstrate and develop their leadership skills during the Grade 6 and Grade 11 leadership identification camps. 

The student representative committee (SRC) consists of Grade 7 learners who represent the primary school and Grade 12 learners for the high school. These leaders have undergone an extensive selection process in the form of self-nomination, interviews and individual presentations to the school body. 

Appointment to this committee is done according to a secret ballot system whereby learners and staff vote for a nominee. The SRC serves as a critical voice of the primary and high school learner body and strengthens the link between the learners and the management of the school. 

View our fact sheet for school times, activities and more information on our offering.




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