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Curro Castle Langebaan

Curro Castle Langebaan – where we believe in the magic of our dreams. 

Curro Castle Langebaan is more than just a nursery school. It is a community where children learn how to work and play together. The educators have spent many hours designing excellent learning experiences for your children. 

Here we offer a balanced, safe and stable environment, characterised by Christian ethos and values, child friendliness, creativity and positive discipline  as close to a home away from home as possible. 

Curro Castle Langebaan is a nursery school where play is valued, voices are singing, children are engaged in creative movement and music making, artistic expression is celebrated and the academic programme is stimulating and fun. 

We strive to make every day a learning day, filled with new and wonderful experiences to help young children find what interests and inspires them. 

Our mission is to guide your children with compassion through appropriate and meaningful quality education in partnership with you, their parents or guardians. The strength of our faith and our commitment to excellence and diversity take us beyond the classroom. 

The themed Curro Castle Langebaan comes complete with detailed fantasy surroundings for children, a story queen, a healthy and balanced daily menu for your young ones, fun-filled holiday programmes and lots of fun and educational activities.  

We have created a space where children can be cherished with love and prepared for the world outside by qualified educators. 

If you are interested in what Curro Castle Langebaan has to offer, please contact us to arrange a visit: 087 285 2131. 

View our fact sheet for school times, activities and more information on our offering.


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