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Our aftercare service is available at an additional cost, as stipulated on our fees letter. Children are accommodated in safe classrooms and playgrounds, and the fees include a freshly prepared meal and a snack.

Aftercare times can be viewed on our fact sheet.


Carefully designed classrooms

At Curro Burgundy, our classrooms are designed to minimise distractions and promote serenity, while remaining up to date with modern design elements. All classrooms and playgrounds are designed to ensure the mental development and physical safety of our learners.

Contact us to arrange a school tour if you would like to experience our classrooms.


Learner support centre

Curro Burgundy’s learner support centre is designed to allow our occupational therapist to provide personal assistance to learners who need more help than can be provided in the classroom. By improving young learners’ gross motor-, fine motor-, visual-perception- and sensory-motor skills, learners are able to manage their own learning barriers and master basic skills such as reading, writing, cutting, colouring, and more.

Our remedial therapist guides learners in social- and personal development, setting academic goals and improving anxiety-based behavioural matters. We aim to bridge the gap between where learners currently function academically and where they should function in order to benefit from assisted learning.

Furthermore, our learning support team assist learners in improving in academic areas, with a great focus on reading, spelling, language and mathematics in a small-group environment.

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