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Curro Holdings | Zero tolerance for discrimination.
07 July 2020

RIGHT OF REPLY: As Curro, we have zero tolerance for any form of cyber bullying, discriminatory behaviour, racism, derogatory language, or any ill-informed comments reflecting negatively on the important work we do to raise the future leaders of South Africa.

On 29 June 2020 The Citizen published and posted an article under the name of “Staff writer” and which dealt with “A video accusing Curro of racism resurfaces on Twitter. A 2015 video found its way into 2020 and people are still reacting”.

Curro was not approached by The Citizen for commentary before the publication and posting of the article. Curro acknowledges The Citizen’s apology for the oversight and duly accept same in the spirit of professional cooperation and working relationships with the media, which Curro values and aspire to at all times.

Curro also expresses its gratitude to The Citizen for extending an invitation to Curro to indeed provide the correct context to the subject matter.

Curro has a zero tolerance when it comes to any form of discrimination to an individual, whether it is against a learner, a teacher, any other staff member or any parent. Curro will always express these sentiments when confronted with any form of discrimination within its midst.

The subject video of which the said report alluded to, relates to an alleged incident of racial discrimination and/or segregation that took place at Curro Roodeplaat. The incident related to a division of classes in 2015. The division of classes was alleged to have been made according to the race of the learners due to certain classes having only had white learners in the said classes. A complaint was lodged with the Gauteng Department of Education (“GDE”). The honourable MEC for Education, Mr Panyasa Lesufi, instructed an independent law firm to conduct an in depth investigation of the alleged racial discrimination. The investigation was later expanded to cover an investigation into the possibility of racial practises at all the Curro schools within the Gauteng Province. The law firm issued a formal report to the GDE and it was found that Curro was not guilty of any racial discrimination. The segregation of the said classes was not done on any racial grounds but based on the division between Afrikaans medium classes and English medium classes. Curro then had separate Afrikaans and separate English classes at most schools. That practice has changed.

In 2018 Curro was again challenged with allegations of racial discrimination at the Curro Waterfall Castle (Pre-school). There was no investigation from the GDE, but the South African Human Rights Commission (“SAHRC”) did conduct an investigation. The report issued by the SAHRC confirmed that Curro was not guilty of any racial discrimination.

Curro has made a conscientious decision after both incidents to have a close working relationship with both the GDE (and other provincial education departments) and the SAHRC. Both entities eagerly engage with Page 2

Curro if there are any alleged racial, or other transgressions of a discriminatory nature and will always provide Curro with professional advices when and where required. Curro also endeavours to attend to any alleged incident of racial, or other, discrimination with urgency and utilises mediators, counsellors and/or transformation and diversity experts to assist if needed.

As Curro, we have zero tolerance for any form of cyber bullying, discriminatory behaviour, racism, derogatory language, or any ill-informed comments reflecting negatively on the important work we do to raise the future leaders of South Africa.

Marie Lategan is the executive for marketing and communication for Curro Holdings Limited.

Curro eSports | First ever Curro Cup Minecraft tournament a huge success.
21 July 2021

After tough building battles which saw 29 teams going head-to-head, the winners of the first-ever Curro Cup Minecraft tournament have been announced. The U12 category was won by the Curro Wolves from Curro Durbanville, while the Village Raiders from Curro Krugersdorp managed to outbuild all the competition in the U14 category. The two teams walk away with Curro Cup Minecraft floating trophies as well as pins for their school blazers.

Although Curro is no stranger to esports, this was the first Minecraft tournament that formed part of the independent school group’s national Curro Cup event. This inter-school sports event sees thousands of learners from Curro schools across the country compete in 12 different sporting codes. This includes rugby, rugby sevens, soccer, netball, hockey, tennis, athletics, swimming, golf, mountain biking, and chess. Unfortunately, due to the impact of Covid-19 many of these disciplines have been affected but thanks to Minecraft’s increased popularity across various Curro schools during the pandemic, it was decided to include this video game in the Curro Cup going forward.

Competing to building the best 3D world

The Curro Cup Minecraft tournament took place over three days and saw 290 learners competing. Pool games were held on the 13th of July, with the quarterfinals and semi-finals on 14 July. The Tournament concluded with the finals on Thursday, 15 July 2021.

The objective of each Minecraft game is simple - two teams compete against each other to construct the best themed 3D world in a limited amount of time using Minecraft: Education Edition.

A panel of five judges scored the final according to a rubric, with teams being awarded points for the likeness of their build, added aesthetics and environment, industrious teamwork, and the manipulation of the 3D world.

According to Bertus Liebenberg, an educator at Curro Aurora and one of the driving forces in Curro’s esports efforts, the quality of the learners’ 3D worlds has improved dramatically. I believe the feedback they received from teachers during the Curro Minecraft league matches contributed greatly to this growth,” Liebenberg notes.

Curro growing esports

Curro is the first academic institution worldwide to officially use Minecraft: Education Edition as an esports arena. The group piloted the project for Microsoft, the owner of Minecraft, to great acclaim. More recently, Curro learners won their first international tournament when they took part in the Minecraft Esports International Battle, where a combined Curro team competed against the Fresno Unified School District from California, USA.

Going forward, Curro is planning to expand its Esports offerings, and are piloting tournaments for two popular video games - Dota 2 and CS:GO. “We are extremely excited to incorporate even more new esports categories, but we have to do so in a sustainable manner. It is for this reason why there is a five-year plan in place to take Curro Esports to an unrivalled level,” Liebenberg concludes.

Curro eSports | Watch the livestream of the final rounds of the Curro Cup eSports Minecraft tournament: 15 July.
09 July 2021

Online tournament a game-changer for Minecraft enthusiasts

Curro Sport, in collaboration with Curro Technology, will be hosting the first ever Curro Cup Minecraft tournament from 13 to 15 July. Due to COVID-19, this tournament will be hosted online via Microsoft Teams, and is organised by Bertus Liebenberg from Curro Aurora and Magdeleen de Kock from Curro Krugersdorp. The semi-finals and finals will be livestreamed (see links below), so you will have the unique opportunity of watching and supporting participating teams.

In a first for the Curro community, fourteen under-12 and fifteen under-14 teams, representing their respective Curro schools, will battle it out under the leadership of their team managers for the coveted national titles – to be crowned the Under-12 and Under-14 Minecraft Champion School. Curro Cup Minecraft floating trophies will be awarded to the respective schools and the top three teams in each age group will be rewarded with gold, silver and bronze pins.

For programme details, participating schools, build themes and more, click here.

Be sure to catch the live action at the following links:

Curro Durbanville | Construction of innovative new high school in full swing.
12 July 2021

Curro Durbanville, a school managed by JSE-listed independent education provider      Curro Holdings, is proud to announce that construction of its new contemporary high school campus is moving along swiftly. The new campus, set to open in January 2022, will showcase the very latest in educational space design and has been crafted using a learner-centric approach.


To introduce the school community to the new campus, Dirk van Zyl, Curro Durbanville’s Executive Head, recently hosted a site tour of the campus for the school’s Parent Advisory Committee (PAC). The PAC was delighted to see the developments and experience the ways in which the new campus challenges the conventional arrangement of space within a school. The school’s distinctive spatial design provides flexibility and hybrid use, essential for a school that needs to adapt to future needs.


For example, an art classroom opens into an atrium that can be turned into a gallery or exhibition      area, which also shares space with a cafeteria. The cafeteria’s practical and workable kitchen will be used by the hospitality learners, who will be taught in the consumer studies classroom (which also links to the cafeteria).


Some of the campus’s other state-of-the-art facilities include a 300-seater dedicated auditorium, two dance studios and four music rooms to facilitate the performing arts.


Sports facilities will include a 400m dedicated athletics field, six hard tennis courts, four netball courts, an AstroTurf hockey field, a cricket oval with nets and a rugby field.


The new campus is situated in Groot Phesantekraal, about 5km from the current campus, and will have the capacity to accommodate 1 000 learners in Phase 1, and 1 250 in total, when the project is complete.


For more information about the developments at Curro Durbanville, contact the School Marketer, Tanya Loynes on tel: 072 344 2314.

Curro Academy The Blyde | New building and expanded primary school offering for local learners.
12 July 2021

Curro Academy The Blyde, situated in The Blyde Lifestyle Estate in Pretoria East, has recently moved to a brand new building. The school, managed by the JSE-listed independent school operator Curro Holdings, opened its doors in January 2020 to provide high-quality early childhood development education for children from the age of 3 years to Grade 3, with higher grades phasing in annually. 


Since its inception, the school temporarily operated from the Curro Castle The Blyde nursery school building while the primary school building was being constructed. “Our school was bursting at its seams and our learners and staff are so excited about our brand new building,” says Dr Hennie Rheeders, Executive Head at Curro Academy The Blyde. 


The school is also set to extend its offering into a full primary school from January 2022. “There is a great need for intermediate phase education in our community and we are looking forward to welcoming our new learners in our fully-fledged primary school that will accommodate learners up to Grade 7,” concludes Dr Rheeders.


Activities including soccer, netball, athletics, hockey, tennis, cross country running, and cricket will be offered to the school’s intermediate phase learners. Other exciting extramural activities will include SoccerStarz, music, swimming, and cycling as well as cultural activities such as choir and Eisteddfod.


For more information about the developments at Curro Academy The Blyde, contact the School Marketer, Sibusiso Ndlovu, on tel: 060 770 9000.

Matric 2021 | Curro matriculants make meaningful memories.
17 June 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic has meant communities have had to find new and intentional ways of keeping connected in a time of social distancing. In 2020, to help Matrics around the country to create special memories despite a disrupted school year, Curro Holdings held a special live virtual concert. This year, the group has arranged a travelling yearbook project, encouraging Curro Matrics to capture their memories and connect to other Curro schools.


Nine beautifully designed travelling boxes are making their way from one Curro school to the next during the period of May to June. Packed with memory-making aids including Polaroid cameras, film, blank sheets of paper and fun stationery, each group of Matric learners gets a chance to create scrapbook-like pages for their school’s section of Curro’s digital yearbook.


“Matric is such a special year – the final one in the school career – and we want to help our learners to acknowledge and enjoy that,” says Marí Lategan, Curro’s Corporate Services Executive. “It’s especially tough during the pandemic, but we think this project is a lovely way of keeping connected, not just among the Matric learners here, but throughout the country.”


The theme for Curro in 2021 concept is #currONfire. Every Curro project and event links back to the defined FIRE acronym, which stands for being Fierce, to always Inspire, taking Responsibility, or to Empower.


The Matric project is called “Down the Rabbit Hole” and every box is whimsically packaged, referencing “a magical journey filled with discovery and possibilities”. Schools are divided into groups based on proximity and each have a turn with the box. They complete their pages, pop them back in the box, then write a message on a postcard for the next school in line (which that school gets to keep). The box is then collected by a courier and delivered to that school.


Once all the schools have taken part, all the completed pages from each box will be delivered to Curro’s central marketing department for compilation – both as printed hard copies and electronic files. The pages will be shared with all the schools involved, and turned into a chapter in the digital yearbooks, which schools can also choose to print, should they wish to do so.


At the end of the project, there will be a lucky draw and nine of the schools that have taken part will have an opportunity to win a polaroid Instax camera. “It’s a lovely way to help our Matric learners to create a memento of this period in their lives, and we hope it will be something they treasure forever,” says Lategan.

Curro Academy Soshanguve | Learner a finalist for Miss Teen United Nations.
07 June 2021

We would like to congratulate Bonolo Lelaka, 16, doing grade 11 this year, she has been chosen out of 2500 entries nationwide, as a finalist in the Miss Teen United Nations South Africa. Bonolo entered pageants at 13 years old and won her first pageant which was the Miss Curro Academy Soshanguve Pageant in 2018 and has been reigning that title ever since.

Bonolo has been doing such great work in her community, she is part of the charity drive committee here at school and outside of school. Keep up the good work Miss Curro Academy Soshanguve, we are so proud of you.

Waterstone College | Cutting-edge technology implemented on hockey field.
07 June 2021

The Waterstone College’s Soccer Academy recently introduced the much-talked-of Playermaker technology and became the first South African football academy/school to have this innovative athlete performance tracking platform at its disposal.

Designed for football at every level, Playermaker consists of a smart motion sensor strapped to players’ boots which then detects valuable data to help improve a player’s game.

To read the data, the sensor must be removed from the boot and plugged into the sensor box. The data provides the players and coaching staff with insights on the technical, tactical and physical analysis. 

According to Waterstone College’s Head of Soccer, Gavin Andrew, “this is a valuable tool to have in any soccer academy. Once the sensor is attached to the boots, it analyses various key performance Indicators and we have accurate data in Excel format. After training, each player receives his report/data on total touches, leg use percentage, distance covered, HID, intense speed changes and work rate.”

“Although players only get a summary of their performance, coaches get in-depth data on the players’ progress,” he adds.

Most football teams currently make use of technology such as GPS vests to analyse players’ performance. GPS vests mostly track players' speed, distance covered and heart rate. Playermaker does not record heart rate but various other tactical and technical data which is important for tracking the game of younger players.

“During the lockdown we were researching ways to improve our training programme by using technology and came across various tools. The aim was to find an in-depth tracking technology tool that will give us more insights about both the technical and tactical aspects and Playermaker was exactly what we were looking for. The footwear device is placed on over 100 players’ boots at the school and has exceeded everyone’s expectations,” Andrew said.

Last week the Department of Basic Education announced that all contact sport in schools be suspended with immediate effect. This meant that the Waterstone College soccer team is yet to get a chance to have a competitive match since the introduction of the technology.

“We haven’t played other schools yet due to the lockdown, but our goal is to help improve our players' technical and tactical aspects of the game, to take their football knowledge to another level and to, where possible, help them obtain scholarships,” he concludes.

Jacques Nel, Executive Head of Waterstone College, adds, “the Playermaker is an incredible product and we are excited about the results. Not only does it improve the players’ skills, but it also improves our coaches' knowledge."

Curro Sport | Curro battles Californian school district in international Minecraft friendly.
04 June 2021

In a first for South African esports, a local group of learners will battle it out against an American school district in the world of Minecraft. The Minecraft Esports International Battle, will see a team composed of Curro learners, part of Curro Holdings, the JSE-listed independent school group, take on learners from the Fresno Unified School District in California, USA, to see who can construct the best 3D worlds.

The Minecraft match is set to take place this coming Friday, 4 June 2021, at 17:00, when the teams will meet online for a build-battle for the ages. Each team partaking in this friendly match will consist of eight learners, with the Minecraft match divided in two parts.


How the competition works

The first part is a quick-build round of 20 minutes, where the teams are tasked with building 3D objects in the Minecraft world around a topic that will be announced at the start of the event. This means learners must think on their feet and neatly plan out their best ideas to construct as quickly as possible.

The second part sees the teams engaging the world of Harry Potter, spending 35 minutes constructing anything from the Hogwarts Wizarding World. The teams were provided with this topic beforehand and they have been busy planning their builds for the past two weeks, ready to construct their 3D world as soon as the clock starts. 

Scoring for the event takes place according to a rubric, with points awarded for, amongst others,  the likeness of their build, productive teamwork, added aesthetics and environment, and the manipulation of the team’s 3D space through size and scale.


International coordination

The event flowed from the highly successful inaugural Inter-Curro Esports Challenge last year, where Curro became the first academic institution to officially use Minecraft: Education Edition as an esports arena. Curro piloted the project for Microsoft, who owns Minecraft, to great acclaim. When the Fresno Unified School District heard about this, they asked Microsoft to facilitate an introduction to the Curro esports team to share some findings. This has led to an ongoing collaboration between the Curro group and Fresno, which has guided the global implementation of Minecraft esports.

With its league completed, the Fresno Unified School District’s team is composed of the winners of its local competition. Because this year’s Curro league is still ongoing, the Curro team consists of eight invitational learners, four from Curro Krugersdorp and four from Curro Aurora in Randburg. Magdeleen de Kock and Bertus Liebenberg, teachers at Curro Krugersdorp and Curro Aurora respectively, are coaching the Curro Minecraft team.


Catch the action here.

Curro Sport | Upskilling coaches with Gary Kirsten’s programme.
31 May 2021

For young cricketers, the importance of good coaching cannot be overstated. However, how does one ensure that coaches of cricket teams at school are indeed well equipped to teach modern cricketing skills? Curro Holdings, the JSE-listed independent school group, has started upskilling the group’s coaching abilities through a unique initiative led by Cricket World Cup winning coach Gary Kirsten.

50 cricket coaches from 18 Curro schools are working their way through a customised 16-week online course presented by Kirsten’s CoachED Cricket. The online course covers the most effective cricket coaching skills, techniques and drills.

Curro is the first school group to commit to the CoachED Cricket programme to this extent, internationally. Other CoachED education partners currently include the Australian Cricket Institute, the South African Cricketers’ Association, Cricket Sweden, the Bermuda Cricket Board and the Momentum Multiply Titans.

“We are extremely proud to have Curro on board as one of our global education partners. It is heartening to see the efforts that have been put into the development of cricket within the group. I believe CoachED Cricket will further contribute to not only a strong group of coaches, but also future Proteas stars,” says Gary Kirsten, Course Director at CoachEd Cricket.

A solid batting lineup

Kirsten’s CoachED Cricket online course has been developed to enable cricket coaches to learn and develop modern skills used by some of the top coaches around the globe. With 11 modules and 285 videos to work through, the course covers bowling, batting and fielding, but also provides deeper insights by looking at season management, the mental game, leadership and player performance.

“Curro constantly engages in programmes to upskill its staff as we continue to evolve in different areas of our offering and this is no different for sport,” says Jared Temlett, Operational Manager of Curro Sport. “When we met with Gary Kirsten, we discussed Curro’s need to improve our cricketing programme and how the platform could assist us. Under current Covid restrictions an online course makes sense, and if you look at the quality of the course and the fact that it even includes engagement with international coaches and players, CoachED Cricket certainly suits Curro’s needs.”

Fit for purpose

The CoachED Cricket course’s 11 modules are usually scheduled over the course of a year but have been adapted for Curro so that the coaches are ready when the school cricket season starts in the fourth quarter of 2021.

Curro’s coaches furthermore have access to weekly webinars, with guests that include former Proteas coach (currently with Pakistan), Mickey Arthur and West Indian coach Phil Simmons, and international cricketers such as Morné Morkel, Mahela Jayawardene, Dawid Malan and Jos Buttler.

Curro’s commitment to CoachED Cricket is part of a group-wide endeavour to uplift cricket as a sport. It follows last year’s appointment of former Protea player and coach, Eric Simons, as coaching consultant to upskill the Curro group of schools’ cricket coaches. Simons is set to facilitate monthly online meetups with the coaches to discuss the information covered in the CoachED course and to accommodate any further questions they might have.

The selection process

Temlett notes how, working alongside Simons, Curro looked at their nationwide cricketing programme and selected 50 coaches who either needed the skills to compliment an already established cricketing programme, or alternatively, those who had to gain knowledge to start up a cricketing programme. 30 of the Curro coaches will receive full accreditation from CoachED Cricket at the end of the course, while 20 coaches will have access to the full course material but without having to complete the final tests for certification.

“An online platform such as CoachED Cricket, complete with its amazing video resources and direct input from Gary Kirsten, makes sense for the future. I believe this will be a game-     changer, developing our coaches at a rate that suits us, to help accelerate the Curro group’s nationwide cricketing programme,” concludes Temlett.

Curro Cup virtual swimming events: Results
21 April 2021

The 2021 Curro Cup virtual swimming trophies will be awarded in November only, after the completion of the relay events. In the meantime, we are proud to announce the front runners for this competition:


High school category:

With 2 616 points, Curro Durbanville is the front runner with Grantleigh hot on their heels with 2 611 points, followed by Curro Hazeldean with 2 300 points.


Primary school category:

With 3 890 points, Curro Hillcrest is the front runner, followed by Curro Hazeldean with 2 645 points and Curro Aurora with 2 228 points.


Congratulations to all the learners that participated in these national competitions. 

Curro Cup virtual athletics: Results
20 April 2021

Curro Sport is proud to announce the winners of the 2021 Curro Cup virtual athletics competition!


In the high school category, the trophy goes to Curro Hazeldean (with 2 419,5 points).

2nd place goes to Woodhill College (with 1 585 points).

3rd place goes to Curro Aurora (with 1 504 points).


In the primary school category, the trophy goes to Curro Hazeldean (with 1 734,5 points).

2nd place goes to Curro Serengeti (with 1 485 points).

3rd place goes to Curro Aurora (with 1 396 points).


Congratulations to all the learners that participated in these national competitions. 

Curro Sport | Exciting events planned for eSports.
16 March 2021

During lockdown in 2020 Curro Sport and Curro Technology piloted Minecraft eSports. Because it was such a huge success, Minecraft eSports has now become an official Curro sport. That’s not all. Our Curro eSports leagues are now expanding to include Dota 2 and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO) as well!

eSports (or electronic sport) is competitive video gaming which often includes multiplayer game competitions between individuals or teams and gives learners amazing opportunities to take part in competitive play, build new friendships, collaborate and develop a whole range of skills.

Minecraft is here to stay

Minecraft Education Edition is a multi-player game, designed to allow players to interact within the same game world. It enables players to create, collaborate and compete while communicating easily through the built-in chat function in Minecraft or using Teams chat. Curro Sport hosted two very successful inter-Curro under 11 and under 13 leagues on the Microsoft Teams platform in 2020 in which we had more than 830 learners participate.

Winners of leagues:

League 1: EnderKnights from Curro Aurora

League 2: Pillaging Pirates from Curro Waterfall (under 11)

DeadEnders from Curro Hermanus (under 13)

Minecraft is now being rolled out as a formal league with different league structures (Squad league, Duos league, Busy Bees league and Speed Running league).

Introducing Dota 2 and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO)

Traditional eSports (such as Dota 2 and CS: GO) have been played on an ad hoc basis by some Curro schools, but with no formal Curro league or programmatic support. From term 2, we will pilot platforms and approaches to offer these leagues at Curro schools. Matches will take place on an online platform where learners will compete against other teams.

About Dota 2

Dota 2 is a multiplayer online battle arena video game in which two teams compete to collectively destroy a large structure defended by the opposing team, whilst defending their own structure. The game is controlled using standard real-time strategy controls and is presented on a single map.

About CS: GO

CS: GO is an objective-based multiplayer game in which two opposing teams compete in game modes to repeatedly complete objectives. At the end of each short round, players are rewarded based on individual and team performance.


What is to come in 2021

Term 2

Traditional eSports (pilot): Dota 2 and CS: GO training for teachers


 15 April 2021

Traditional eSports (pilot): Training, preparation and league overview


 28 April 2021

Traditional eSports (pilot): Commencement of Dota 2 and CS: GO pool games


 29 April 2021

Minecraft: Commencement of Squad league pool  games


19 April to 4 June 2021


Minecraft: Training for teachers


12 May 2021


Minecraft: Training for teachers


9 June 2021


Curro Cup eSports: Minecraft, Dota 2 and CS: GO


12 to 17 July 2021


Term 3


Minecraft: Training for teachers


21 July 2021

Minecraft: Commencement of Duo league pool  games


26 July to 4 September 2021


Minecraft: Busy Bees league


27 July to 26 October 2021


Minecraft: Training for teachers


4 August 2021


Minecraft: Squad league quarter- and semi-finals


2 to 27 August 2021


Minecraft: Squad league finals


28 August 2021


Minecraft: Training for teachers


1 September 2021


Term 4


Minecraft: Training for teachers


13 October 2021


Minecraft: Commencement of Speed Run league


18 to 30 October 2021


Minecraft: Training for teachers


3 November 2021


Curro Klerksdorp | Learner breaks barriers in local board game achievement.
15 March 2021

Board games are gaining popularity across the globe, but one Curro learner is currently dominating a board game with origins closer to home - Morabaraba. Saudah Bhaimia, a matric learner at Curro Klerksdorp, has recently earned the distinction of being the first ever female to climb to the top of the official Mind Sports South Africa (MSSA) Morabaraba rankings.

There is added importance to her rise to the top of the Morabaraba rankings, since doing so breaks the barriers of gender inequality, especially since Morabaraba is traditionally played among men. “As the first female to have won the Championships three times in row and to hold the top spot in the rankings, I hope it can help motivate and encourage other women to reach their goals and dreams, and to never give up,” Bhaimia says.

Earning the top spot

Bhaimia secured her place after walking away as winner of the MSSA's 2020 South African National Championships for the third year in a row and taking the Individual Honours for Morabaraba. With 175.5 points, she is a full 57.5 points clear of her closest competitor on the MSSA rankings.

“Morabaraba is more than just a game; it requires you to think critically and strategically. It also teaches you an important lesson in that, even if you’ve made the wrong move during play and things are not going your way, you have to move forward and carry on. You never know when things might take a turn for the better!” Bhaimia enthuses.

During 2020, she was also awarded South African National Federation Colours (Honours) by the MSSA and secured the coveted ‘Boardgamer of the Year’ award.

What is Morabaraba?

Morabaraba is a local strategy board game, which, like many others, is easy to learn but difficult to master. It is popular in both South Africa and Botswana, with variations found across the globe, including India (Char bhar), Zimbabwe (Tsoro yemutwelve) and Europe (Nine-man morris).

The game doesn’t actually require a physical gameboard, seeing that the layout can even be drawn in sand, with small stones used as pieces, called ‘cows’. With 12 cows each to start with, two players take turns to try and line up three cows on different intersections of the board. Doing so allows one to remove a cow from your opponent off the board. Whoever reduces their opponent to only two cows left, or no more possible moves, is crowned the winner.

Gaining an interest

Bhaimia’s interest in Morabaraba began after Curro Klerksdorp offered this board game as an extra mural activity in 2018, and she believes the game “brings back the roots of Africa with a modern twist.”

As Bhaimia played more games, her skill level increased and soon she was competing in, and winning local tournaments. On the day of a competition, she will make sure she had enough sleep, and begin by having a hearty meal and enough water to stay hydrated, followed by prayer.

Practice for competitions is key, and she plays games against a friend, family members and even online in order to prepare. The longest game of Morabaraba Bhaimia ever played lasted 30 minutes, and that was against her mentor and inspiration in the mind sport industry, Colin Webster.

Her personal dream remains to represent South Africa at the annual World Championships, however, for 2021, it is the Matric exams that are her fiercest opponent. After school, Bhaimia plans to study equestrian management, alongside a goal of becoming an English teacher.

Curro Rosen Castle | Open day 6 March: invest in your little leader.
08 February 2021

Curro Rosen Castle accommodates children from 3 months to 6 years, with a newly added assisted learning class for children in Grade R. With English, Afrikaans, and bilingual classes for all age groups, we extend the benefits of our programme to children with various linguistic needs. Join us on our open day to learn how we apply the Curiosity Approach within the internally-developed guidelines of Early Learning and Development Areas (ELDAs) to help your child thrive.

Date: 6 March 2021

Time: Between 09:00 and 12:00

Find our school here.

Curro Aurora | Learners succeed in national golf tournament.
01 March 2021

Learners succeed in national golf tournament

Curro Aurora primary school golfers, Kaitlyn van de Vyver (Grade 6) and Casey Twidale (Grade 7), played in the B-division of the 2021 South African Women’s Stroke Play Championship. The three round (54 hole) championship took place at Royal Johannesburg and Kensington Golf Club from 14 to 16 February. Kaitlyn carded rounds of 95, 79 and 83 to win the championship with a score of 257. Casey finished in 2nd place with a score of 263 that included rounds of 90, 86 and 87. Melissa Parr, Head of Sport: Primary School, wholeheartedly congratulates the girls with their stunning performance and sportsmanship.

NSC results | 95% pass rate – read more.
24 February 2021


Johannesburg, 22 February 2021: Curro Holdings, the JSE-listed independent education provider, can today proudly congratulate each of its learners on their National Senior Certificate (NSC) results. Despite an immensely challenging 2020, Curro’s Academy, Meridian and Assisted Learning independent schools achieved a pass rate of 95%.

A total of 1 060 learners completed the exams and all qualified for a form of tertiary studies.  

“Not many people are able to state that they faced a global pandemic during their matric year. For this reason, the Class of 2020 can be enormously proud of what they were able to achieve,” says Andries Greyling, Curro Holdings CEO.

Curro Holdings was quick to react to the lockdown and implemented a remote learning strategy across the group. This paid off, with the results of Curro’s Academy and Meridian schools proving better than that of 2019.

“The 2020 results were achieved through a massive group effort. We congratulate not only our matrics for their exceptionally hard work through trying times, but also Curro’s team of dedicated teachers. Our teachers managed to keep the ship steady during stormy weather while sacrificing many hours to execute our remote strategy,” says André Pollard, Executive: Curriculum at Curro Holdings. “Finally, a word of thanks must certainly be extended to every parent for whom matric in 2020 was just as much a challenge,” he concludes.

IEB results | 99.5% pass rate – read more.
22 February 2021


Johannesburg, 19 February 2021: After the challenges of 2020, Curro Holdings, the JSE-listed independent education provider, is proud to congratulate its 1 525 learners who wrote the Independent Examinations Board (IEB) exams (across 30 Curro campuses nationally), on an exceptional 99.5% pass rate. Furthermore, the group’s top 10 IEB achievers all passed with averages above 90%.

All Curro IEB candidates hailed from Curro Schools and Curro Select Schools which offer an enhanced CAPS curriculum. A total of 85.6% of these learners qualified for university studies (Bachelor's Degree Pass). All learners who passed now have access to a place of higher education where they will be able to attain a degree, diploma, certificate course, or other.

“Our learners’ 99.5% IEB pass rate is truly an extraordinary achievement taking into account the immense pressure they were under as a result of Covid-19,” says a proud Andries Greyling, Curro Holdings CEO. “Our 2020 matrics have certainly outdone themselves.”

When comparing Curro’s 2020 IEB results against that of 2019, the results are all significantly higher. Notable is that more than 70% of learners passed with a C-average and higher. “Our focus is on the development of well-rounded, confident learners who are able to stand their ground in a highly complex, competitive world. There is no doubt that the Class of 2020 will continue to stand out as they did this year,” Greyling adds.

“The whole Curro family congratulates each one of the Class of 2020 for showing grit and perseverance during a year which has tested them in more ways than just academically. They have truly earned their success and we are excited to see what lies ahead for each of them,” comments André Pollard, Executive: Curriculum at Curro Holdings.

A smooth leap to online learning

Greyling believes it was Curro’s quick transition to a remote learning strategy during the initial lockdown that helped secure 2020’s academic success. “The last academic year posed great uncertainty, but none of the year’s challenges were greater than a full move towards the virtual classroom in your final school year. Our teachers and staff also need to be commended for the professional dedication shown towards our remote learning strategy. Without everyone’s commitment and our parents’ unwavering support, we simply would not have been able to show this level of academic success,” Greyling concludes.

Curro Sport | Former Curro learner reaches highs in Australian Open!
12 February 2021

Lloyd Harris, a former learner of Curro Durbanville, has certainly gotten into the swing of things as he has reached the third round of the Australian Open after winning an epic five-set battle. We couldn’t be more proud of him!


Read the full article here.

Curro Sport | #TeamTalk 2021 – a virtual series of insight.
10 February 2021

#TeamTalk 2021 – a virtual series of insight


Planning of school-level sport has never been this exciting. The first ever #TeamTalk conference – aimed at stimulating ideas to develop the landscape of school sport at Curro schools – was attended by 300 delegates in August 2019. With well-known professionals, coaches, and administrators in South Africa’s sports industry sharing their knowledge and experience, the inaugural event was so successful that Curro decided to host it bi-annually.


With this year’s conference taking place virtually due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the six-part series will take place on an MS Team event for one week per month from January to June. For those not able to watch the sessions live, the presentations will be recorded and available in a dedicated Curro Sport MS Team.


What can I expect?

Speakers such as Dorette Badenhorst, Eric Simons, Shaun Warner, and Rocco Meiring, will share their insight on topics ranging from maximising your sports facilities and sports conditioning after lockdown, to making the most of shortened sports seasons.


When are the next events?

The sessions for February will take place from the 15th to the 18th. Simply click on the links below to join the events once live:


Here are the dates for the rest of the event weeks planned for 2021:

  • 15 to 18 March
  • 12 to 15 April
  • 10 to 13 May
  • 7 to 10 June


For any questions or information on Curro Sport or these #TeamTalk sessions, contact Cindy van der Merwe at

Curro Hermanus | Penny Heyns inspires our swimmers.
07 December 2020

Curro Hermanus | Penny Heyns inspires our swimmers.

Curro Aurora | Choir flourishes during lockdown period.
07 December 2020

This year has most certainly presented its challenges in many different forms. One thing that all but disappeared was our extracurricular program. For a long-time during lockdown months, not only were we at home, but our fields were empty and our halls were silent. Thanks to our choir conductor, Johan Bester, and his team, our High School Choir kept going.

Every Monday at 17h30 Zoom meetings were joined. The most amazing thing, even though they were not in a hall or laughing at something from that day at school, every learner joined the meeting with a smile. Our choir remained dedicated throughout lockdown and ultimately managed to put together a beautiful compilation of “You Say” by Lauren Daigle.

Each performance was individually recorded at home. The process was a long one, with many repeats until perfect. This stunning song premiered last Sunday evening and brought a tear to many an eye. It reminds you of how powerful, strong and resilient our youth truly are. Take a few minutes this weekend and see for yourselves.

The link is:

Thank you Mr Bester, Karisma Performing Arts, and our choir learners for making this possible.

Curro Hermanus | Learner awarded Top Female Player in regional chess tournament.
07 December 2020

Elizabeth Montgomery (Grade 11) from Curro Hermanus played in the Overberg Chess Federation Roadshow tournament held last Saturday in Caledon. 

She played in the Senior Open Section and placed second. She was also awarded gold for being the Top Female Player. Elizabeth won three and drew two of the total five rounds played in the event. 

This was a very solid performance by Elizabeth after not being able to paly one-to-one chess due to the pandemic. 

Well done!

Curro Aurora | Joshua Dike rides to victory.
30 November 2020

Joshua Dike competes under the banner of Curro Aurora and is part of a group of Mountain Biking cyclists that participated in the Spur Schools Series that was suspended due to lockdown . Gauteng Schools’ Cycling  established a series of Virtual Cycling  Races, using the Zwist platform, to keep the cyclists active and to compete during the lockdown period. He cycled on a bicycle that worked off a smart trainer that simulated the movement of riding.


Joshua achieved the following virtual results:

  • The first trial race included 23 cyclists from Gauteng South Schools and he won the 21km event in 34 minutes, 30 seconds.
  • The next race was opened to include schools from all provinces in South Africa and he finished the 20km course  in 2nd  place out of the 60 riders in in a time of 32 minutes, 42 seconds.
  • The first official race took place on Thursday, 6 August 2020 and included cyclists from across the country. He competed in the u/17 event that included 15 cyclists over a distance of 34 kilometers, and won he race!
  • He participated in the SA Schools virtual race on Thursday, 13 August. The race included 43 cyclists from all the provinces. The virtual route was a 30km race on the Champs-Élysées in Paris, the traditional closing stretch of the Tour de France. Joshua also won this race.


Joshua was joined by Joshua van Niekerk and competed in the MyRyde cycling event at Curro Academy Wilgeheuwel on Saturday, 24 October. The course included multi terrains, and positions were determined by the amount of laps completed in 55 minutes. Joshua Dike completed 12 laps to win the race and Joshua van Niekerk completed 8 laps to finish 3rd.


Road Cycling:

Joshua Dike is congratulated on his 2nd place in the Men’s Youth u/17 event at the 94.7 Joburg Criterium Race!  It was a 40 minute plus 1 lap race that took place at Steyn City on Sunday, 15 November.  

Curro Rivonia | Learner represented SA at the Commonwealth Karate Championships.
02 November 2020

Grade 8 learner at Curro Rivonia Taneka Visser has continued to excel in karate, raking in various prizes since she began the sport in 2012. 

Taneka has medalled in regional, provincial, national and international competitions and is currently ranked in the top 10 in South Africa in all disciplines. As part of Team Kata, she is ranked number one in the country by Karate South Africa (KSA) alongside teammates Erin Ford and Thea Langenhorst. She is ranked ninth in kumite and eighth in kata by KSA. 

Taneka's mother Yolanda Visser explained that her daughter currently holds a brown belt in Goju-ryo karate and will be grading for her black belt next year. 

Taneka received regional and provincial colours in 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2012. 

She represented South Africa at the Commonwealth Karate Championships in 2018 for Team Kata, Kumite and Kata, where Team Kata girls placed third. 

While it has been a quiet year for Taneka as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, she has kept active by taking part in a number of online competitions. 

She competed in the Ronin Cup International e-Tournament where Team Kata girls made it through to the finals but they came second to Italy by 0.3 points. She also competed in the Elite e-Kata Gauteng Championships where she placed second. 

Sensei Stef Biagioni from the Fourways Martial Arts Academy said, "Her constant effort and discipline to improve in all competitions has been demonstrated. I believe Taneka will succeed in future competitions and shows great promise for all future endeavours."

Curro Rosen Castle | Open day 31 October; invest in your little leader.
01 January 0001

Curro Rosen Castle accommodates children from 3 months to 6 years, with a newly added assisted learning class being added next year for children in Grade R. With English, Afrikaans, and bilingual classes for all age groups, we extend the benefits of our programme to children with various linguistic needs. Join us on our open day to learn how we apply the Curiosity Approach within the internally-developed guidelines of Early Learning and Development Areas (ELDAs) to help your child thrive.

Date: 31 October 2020

Between 09:00 and 12:00

Find our school here.




Curro Holdings | Eric Simons joins Curro as cricket coaching consultant.
26 October 2020

Curro Holdings is proud to announce the appointment of Eric Simons as coaching consultant to upskill the Curro group of schools’ cricket coaches. This partnership ties in with Curro’s vision to uplift sport within the group, and sees Simons set to create developmental pathways, coaching progressions and training drills to further develop coaches.

Simons is well known in the cricketing community, both locally and abroad. After having made a name for himself as an all-rounder at Western Province, Simons went on to play 23 One Day Internationals for South Africa. When his career as a player ended, he rose up the ranks as a coach; first at Western Province and then as head coach for the Proteas for two years, starting in 2002. Simons is also a regular on the Indian subcontinent, where he joined the Indian Cricket Team as bowling consultant in 2010.

To read the full article, click here

Learner wins Best Child Performance at International Film Festival for role in local film.
19 October 2020

Tshimollo Modupe, a Grade 4 learner at Curro Academy Wilgeheuwel, just won the Best Child Performance award at the International Film Festival for her role in local film Losing Lerato.

Funded and produced by former Scandal actor (and Tshimollo’s father), Kagiso Modupe – who also won best actor for his role – the film scooped a total of six awards at the international event:

  • Best Actor Feature: Kagiso Modupe
  • Best Actress Feature: Samela Tyelbooi
  • Best Child Performance: Tshimollo Modupe
  • Golden Era Humanitarian Narrative Award: Losing Lerato
  • Best Original Score
  • Festival Favourite
Curro Delft | Cycle 2 Ride sponsors 15 mountain bikes to learners
19 October 2020

Curro Delft, a school situated in the Delft community, had reason to celebrate on 9 October when learners at the school became recipients to 15 new mountain bikes, compliments of Cycle2Ride.


Cycle2Ride, an initiative supported by the JSE-listed independent education provider Curro Holdings, was started by founding members Jaco Kotze and Izak Coetzee. The aim of the initiative is to promote cycling as a medium for family cohesion, relaxation, fun, and a possible career choice for those truly interested in becoming professional athletes.

The motivation behind the handover at Curro Delft was to introduce various learners to the sport of cycling. Oli Munnik, a representative at Signal Bike and also a Cycle2Ride coach, addressed Curro Delft learners on the day by sharing his own experiences as a pro-cyclist, detailing how cycling has enabled him to see the world. Lorenzo le Roux, local cycling star and winner of the Exxaro category at the 2019 Wines2Whales competition, also shared his success story. Lorenzo’s win at this particular race saw him being awarded a full education scholarship (from grades 1 to 12) for his twin daughters at a Curro school of his choice. His girls started their schooling career at Curro Century City in January this year.

Alongside the handover of the mountain bikes, Cycle2Ride will provide coaching to support the Curro Delft learners on their cycling development journey. “Our aim is to provide learners with an opportunity to learn to cycle, and to support those with further aspirations in cycling to achieve their goals. To some, learning to cycle represents a breakthrough in self-belief, providing the confidence to face larger challenges in life, and ultimately offering a platform to aid in setting goals and achieving personal success,” says Jaco Kotze, co-founder of Cycle2Ride.


Curro’s support of the Cycle2Ride initiative brings the benefits of cycling to the doorstep of eager young talent in communities, traditionally excluded from participation. Curro not only supports the development of communities through education and mentorship, but also by providing access to new exciting opportunities, such as mountain biking.

Watch | Curro Create awards ceremony: #Straight2Camera Monologue Festival.
12 October 2020

Lights, camera, action, record!

Learners from Curro schools across the country recorded their own, original monologues as part of the #Straight2Camera Monologue Festival during the initial hard-lockdown period of the Covid-19 pandemic. Watch our pre-recorded virtual awards ceremony where our actors are recognized and celebrated their creative initiatives.

Hosted by three Curro Create learners, with special guest stars Crystal Donna Roberts, Gideon Lombard, Sanda Shandu and Milan Murray, we hand out 15 trophies hand-crafted by world renowned ceramicist Hennie Meyer. 


Curro Mossel Bay | Learner reappointed as 2021 brand ambassador for PSS and HEAD Bikes SA.
21 September 2020

Linèl Engelbrecht, one of Curro Mossel Bay's brightest stars in sports, did not take a backseat despite 2020's challenges thus far.

She has won the Curro Virtual Duathlon Challenge and has continued her success in her preferred discipline - cycling.

Linèl's term as brand ambassador and Sponsored rider for Positive Sports Solutions and HEAD Bikes SA has been renewed for the 2021 season. She is also proudly associated with the Curro initiative, Cycle2Ride.

To read the full article, click here.

Curro Aurora | Learner (Grade 9) releases new single.
15 September 2020

The first time she was recognised for her singing talent was in 2016 when she won the vocalist category in Kids with Talent SA. This led to her first recording of a cover and her first music video as well.

Becca Lee Arthur has always had a passion for music, and her new music is now available for you to listen to on a variety of digital platforms.

The Curro Aurora High School learner in Grade 9 is a talented young singer and songwriter, who said she had been singing since she was three years old.

Read the full article here

Curro Online | Meet the Grade 5 Robotics-learner with his own registered business.
15 September 2020

It is not often that at age 11, you can already boast about winning a prestigious digital award because of your innovative robot graphics. However, Jan Louwrens, a grade five learner at Curro Online, Curro Holdings’ first fully online school, seems to take this in his stride. His comic strip on a Coronavirus awareness campaign – in collaboration with digital agricultural news website Food For Mzansi – won the category for Best Special Project for COVID-19 at the recent African Digital Media Awards.

The project Jan Louwrens worked on is called Thandi and Captain Stay Safe, which included a podcast, regular news updates and a cartoon series called Battle of COVID-19. Louwrens, hailing from Paarl in the Western Cape, was responsible for the cartoon artwork. The award sees Louwrens and the team now going through to the World Digital Media Awards finals, where their project will compete against the winners from other continents.

Louwrens’ comic series, Battle of COVID-19, features the heroic robot Captain Stay Safe, which does a terrific job of helping children face their fears around returning to school after lockdown. The comic provides valuable tips for kids on how to protect themselves against the virus while at school. Battle of COVID-19 has been translated into all 11 official South African languages and was even featured on a German television show for kids.

When Food For Mzansi approached Louwrens to work on their Coronavirus campaign, he was already busy creating comic strips for his robots, making it an easy project to start collaborating on.

Jan Louwrens has been drawing robots since he could put pencil to paper. His robots – and their unique backstories – have even led to the creation of his own growing online business, Baggo Stonetrip, which sells t-shirts and hoodies to kids and adults featuring prints of Louwrens’ robotic creations.

Commenting on the team’s achievement at the African Digital Media Awards, Louwrens says, “When they announced the winners, I first thought that it was somebody else who won, but then I heard the cheering and realised it was us!” He says the creation of the Captain Stay Safe robot was a bit tricky. “I had to come up with a unique robot character that suits a COVID-19 theme. But once I had the idea pinned down, the rest was easy,” he notes.

This is not the first time Louwrens and his robot designs assisted in the fight against the virus. One of his other recent creations made it to the label of ViroGOLDSchool, a hand sanitiser range used in schools around the country. The ViroGOLD-Bot is a hypochlorous acid (HOCI) processing and dispensing machine, with HOCI used to disinfect surfaces and protect against COVID-19.

Jay Paul, Business Manager for Curro Online, praised Louwrens for his achievements. “Louwrens and his terrific robotic creations show how creativity and passion can lead to amazing things. We believe that his team’s success at the African Digital Media Awards will be an inspiration to all our learners, and we wish them the best of luck for the upcoming World Digital Media Awards,” he states.

Jan Louwrens’ award-winning comic strip Battle of COVID-19 is available for download as a PDF here.

Waterstone College | Mamelodi Sundowns team practice at our school.
15 September 2020

Many South Africans are cheering as Absa Premiership Champions, Mamelodi Sundowns Football Club, recently secured their tenth title win against long-time log leaders Kaizer Chiefs. Leading up to the end of the 2019/20 League season in the B.S.E bubble. Mamelodi Sundowns selected Waterstone College as their preferred local training ground, making use of the school’s state-of-the-art FIFA-field. Today saw the team gather at the school once again for a post-win training session; after which they will play in another Cup Final on the weekend. The Nedbank Cup will be the third trophy in line for them to win this season. Waterstone College, a school managed by Curro Holdings, is exceptionally proud of its international-standard sports field, which was even used for practice by the national Mexican team during the 2010 FIFA World Cup. Throughout the training sessions at the school, health and safety remained paramount for everyone involved, as stringent COVID-19 protocols were observed.

Curro Serengeti | How our Castle adapted to remote learning.
15 September 2020

Curro Serengeti | How our Castle adapted to remote learning.

Curro Holdings | Founder Dr Chris van der Merwe on starting from zero and making wine.
08 September 2020

Dr Chris van der Merwe is not only the ofnder of what grew into JSE-listed private education group Curro and its sister company, tertiary education company STADIO. 

His other loves include cars and making wine. His latest project – due for launch soon – is his Dune Cat, a rebuilt vehicle with which one can tackle the dunes in Namibia. 

Van der Merwe grew up in humble surroundings in the Cape Town suburb of Goodwood. 


Read the full article here.

Curro George | SPOTTED in last week’s George Herald.
08 September 2020

Curro George, an independent school in the Curro stable, is delighted to announce that it will be upgrading its education offering to the community in 2021. From January next year, Curro George will expand to include foundation phase (Grades 1 to 3), enabling the school to offer quality independent education to learners Group 3 to 5, and from Grade R to Grade 3. 

Furthermore, education will be delivered via an English-medium curriculum. 

"Our school's staff and management team are extremely excited about this new development, and we're all looking forward to next year's learners enjoying the smaller class sizes, allowing for an even more nurtured learning approach," says Chantel Jooste, Curro George executive head. 

For the full article, click here

Curro Sport | Curro hosts biggest-yet virtual chess championship at school level.
31 August 2020

Curro Sport hosted an Inter-Curro online chess championship on Saturday, 22 August 2020. Curro once again made history by hosting the biggest school online chess tournament in South Africa - 234 primary school and 103 high school learners participated. This event took place on the platform and was facilitated by Kenny, from the Chess Academy South Africa and Mercia Addinall, Project Lead from the Curro Marketing department.


Congratulations goes to the following Curro learners who won their specific age group categories:

  • Under 8 - Thoriso Mohale from Curro Academy Savannah City
  • Under 10 - Emlyn Wilson from Curro Durbanville
  • Under 12 - Connor Opperman from Curro Hermanus
  • Under 14 - Reegan Palmer from Curro Online
  • Under 16 - Ethan Higham from Curro Hermanus
  • Under 18 - Kahill Dhevcharran from Curro Durbanville
  • Under 20 - Mihir Lalbeharie from Curro St.Dominics


The other exciting news is that due to the success of this tournament, chess at Curro has been awarded Curro Cup status in 2021. This means that that chess will be one of the twelve sports codes that make up the Curro Cup competition in 2021.

Financial Mail | In praise of education juggernaut Curro
31 August 2020

Capitec Bank may be the best locally developed business story of the past 20 years, but private education juggernaut Curro Holdings is not far behind. Adventurous investment house PSG Group deserves heaps of praise for developing both these ventures.

I can remember when Capitec Bank (then Keynes Rational) was just a footnote in the PSG accounts and Curro looked like a philanthropic sideline.

Read the full article here.

Curro Holdings | Accelerating learners’ path to digital literacy.
24 August 2020

While the perception might be that children have an intuitive grasp on technology, this is not always the case. According to Magdeleen de Kock, ICT Coordinator and CAT Teacher at Curro Krugersdorp, a school in the Curro Holdings stable, learners are reliant on their parents to not only guide them through the basics, but to put them on the right track towards full digital literacy.

“The first exposure learners receive to technology is through their parents. While children certainly do watch and absorb their parents’ digital behaviours, it is also the responsibility of parents to help their little ones become tech savvy through teaching. This is much like teaching your children basic skills such as dressing themselves or brushing their teeth,” De Kock states. 

Getting them started young

While the sooner parents can teach their children about technology the better, De Kock believes the process can be formally started from the age of four. She recommends parents begin with the following steps:

  • Show children the basics of the device they are using, be it a tablet or smartphone. Do they know, for example, how to switch the device on and off? What is the functionality of the buttons on the side? How to adjust the settings for the device? Or what is the meaning of the basic icons?
  • If you are going to use apps to help teach them, choose them carefully as some apps might serve advertising that is not child-friendly.
  • Use the technology alongside your child and guide them along. Do not just set up the device and leave them to it.
  • Remember that anything connected to the internet can become a scary or inappropriate place very quickly, so make sure you can maintain their digital safety by keeping a watchful eye.

Moving on to PC

As learners progress, it will become necessary to move towards the computer or laptop. In fact, the COVID-19 lockdown restrictions forced many learners to adapt to the computer much quicker due to the move to online learning. When it comes to the basics of the PC, De Kock suggests the following:

  • Ensure children know how to work with the screen, keyboard and mouse. For example, how do you adjust the screen’s brightness? What are the basics of a keyboard and how do you perform shortcuts such as copy, paste and undo? What is the difference between the left and right button on a mouse?
  • Make sure your child has a good pair of headphones as well as a comfortable, ergonomic chair to sit in. 
  • Create situational awareness around a computer. This entails emphasising the correct posture in front of the PC to ensure they are comfortable for an extended period. Parents need to ensure the area around the computer is clean and without distraction, and not allow children to work with dirty hands or bring food or drink around the computer.
  • Recently, with online classes comes new etiquette and learners need to be made aware of these unwritten rules. This includes, among others, muting the microphone when not speaking; learning where to click to ask a question; not spamming the text box; and proper behaviour in front of the camera to not be a distraction.

Online resources to kickstart the basics of coding

While parents can help kickstart their children’s computer literacy journey, not many are equipped to guide them further along a more serious path with regards to the introduction and experimentation of coding from a young age. De Kock recommends parents and learners investigate the many free online resources available.

“To start, CodeMonkey and ScratchJR are two great sites for younger learners embarking on a basic coding journey, working through game-based or storytelling play. Another game I highly recommended is, of course, Minecraft Education Edition, offering learners the freedom to build and learn in a safe environment,” she states. “When moving on to more serious lessons, and provide structured curriculum built around digital literacy and computer science, and can help learners even in the high school phase.”

Communication is key

Even though schools, such as Curro, will teach learners about computers from scratch starting in Grade 1, De Kock remains adamant parents must be involved in their child’s digital literacy journey throughout. And much like one must check up on children’s homework and ask them about their day at school, she believes parents also need to find the time to do so when it comes to tech.

“Go and sit next to them and simply ‘check in’ behind the computer or tablet. Ask them what they are doing, how did they manage to do what they did, and if they are struggling with anything. Doing so will often help your child to understand the process better, and give parents peace of mind that their children are becoming better equipped to ultimately operate in the fourth industrial revolution. It should also provide parents the opportunity to make sure their children are working within a safe environment. Accelerating your child on their path to digital literacy will reap invaluable rewards, especially given that online schooling can very well become the norm going forward - considering how the education sector has had to adapt to COVID-19. Lastly, don’t be afraid to learn from and with your child to explore new technology,” De Kock concludes.

Curro Online | 400 learners and counting!
24 August 2020

Independent school network Curro on Wednesday (19 August) reported a 7% rise in revenue for the six months ended June 2020 to R1.59 billion, while increasing student numbers over the period.

Earnings before interest, taxation, depreciation and amortisation (EBITDA) increased by 12% to R466 million, while recurring headline earnings increased by 9% to R167 million.

Headline earnings per share (HEPS) decreased by 23% to 38.7 cents per share, from the 50 cents per share in the prior corresponding period.


Read the full article here.

Curro Holdings | Education: the way of the future.
24 August 2020

Curro’s half-year results to June 2020 provide a window into the state of private schooling during lockdown, and it’s not as bad as many feared.

Student numbers rose 5% to 59 967, though new sign-ups were up 9% prior to the lockdown.

School fee increases of 15% were softened by discounts amounting to 12.6% of revenue, up from 7.5% for the same period in 2019. Releasing the results on Wednesday, CEO Andries Greyling said this helped reduce student attrition, while a hybrid of face-to-face tuition – for those classes permitted to operate – and technology has allowed the group to prepare students for their year-end exams.


For the full article, click here.

Curro Serengeti | See what sets us apart.
01 January 0001

Curro Serengeti is an English-medium independent school adjacent to the Serengeti Golf and Wildlife Estate in Kempton Park, Ekurhuleni, that provides high-quality education for learners from Grade R to Grade 12. Our small class sizes and enhanced curriculum empower learners with 21st-century skills and knowledge to grow into self-confident individuals and to reach their personal, educational and eventual workplace goals. Our highly qualified and dedicated teachers and well-rounded educational approach prepare learners for the IEB examinations at the end of Grade 12.

For the full article, click here

Curro Mount Richmore | It takes a village – and we’re part of it!
01 January 0001

It is often said that it takes a village to raise a child.

This is a promise, one which will see children able to safely learn and grow in a healthy environment while being prepared for the endless opportunities which come after school.

Situated in Salt Rock, Curro Mount Richmore offers something for everyone with an impressive sport and academic curriculum that develops learners into well-rounded individuals who are able to compete at an international level.

But what keeps the ship that is Curro Mount Richmore sailing is team work and collective input from the heads of the school who work with learners, for learners.

This effort starts with first-hand support coming from head boy Simon Richards and head girl Zuré Viljoen.


Read the full article here.

Curro Rivonia | Drama learner cast in lead role of international film.
29 July 2020

It looks like South Africa might just have another star in the making. Kamvalethu Jonas, a Grade 4 learner at Curro Rivonia, has been cast to star in a lead role for an upcoming movie titled Mlungu Wam.

According to the Cape Town-based production company, Fox Fire Films, the movie is a social satire set in the suburbs of Cape Town and follows the journey of a single mother, Tsidi and her daughter Winnie, played by young Jonas. They are forced to move in with Tsidi’s estranged mother, Mavis, who is a live-in domestic worker, caring for the same bed-ridden lady for whom she has worked for the past 30 years.


Click here to read the full article. 

C2R Testimony | Hard work, initiative, and faith: Phillimon's journey to success
22 July 2020

We lived 20 kilometres (12miles) from school so I had to rely on lifts to get there and back. A 40km roundtrip. I grew up on in the Botshabelo village in Mpumalanga, South Africa.

Sometimes it would take me forever to get back home from school in the afternoons because I had to wait long for a kind stranger to give me a lift.

My single-parent mother was unemployed so eventually, it became more difficult to arrange lifts because some people expected money and I couldn’t afford to pay them.

I came up with a plan. I started selling peanuts to my fellow students at school to save enough money to buy a bicycle.

Click here to read the rest of Phillimon's story. 

Curro Aurora | Kiara Fryer (Grade 11) releases her debut single.
01 January 0001

A Grade 11 from Curro Aurora just released her debut single, Sondela, which means ‘come closer’. Sondela is available on iTunes, Spottify, Deezer, and other major streaming sites.

Kiara Fryer – whose musical interests span across various genres – believes her song brings a timely message of hope and drawing closer to one another even while staying apart physically. She describes her song as a call to ‘check on each other, share laughter, listen to the song together, and share love.’

So, everyone, sondela!


Curro Sport | Curro Aurora team wins first-ever Minecraft league.
13 July 2020

Microsoft Minecraft’s educational edition has been part of the curriculum at many Curro schools, as it allows for the development of skills such as collaboration, strategic thinking, and decision-making. So, when lockdown struck and Curro Sport announced the world’s first school-level Minecraft e-sport league, the response from learners and teachers was overwhelming.

Games were scheduled for an hour in the afternoons. Two teams (four learners each) would meet in the Pirate Cove Make and Model arena – a virtual world specifically created in Minecraft to host competitive gameplay. The teams were then tasked to each build a specific object (such as cannons, parrots, pirate ships and treasure chests – in keeping to the pirate theme of the arena) using the 3D building blocks from the Minecraft world.

The teacher that hosts the game is also the judge, allocating points according to a specific judging rubric. Teams score points for the likeness of their build, the use of colour, effective teamwork, added aesthetics and environment, the use of space through size and scale, and more.

With more leagues planned in the near future, the winning team of the first-ever league is team B1 EnderKnights from Curro Aurora. In an extra hat-tip, both teams from Curro Aurora made it to the final round!

Read more: Curro makes esport history with Minecraft challenge

Curro Sport | When competitive sport is out, competitive gaming steps up.
13 July 2020

During the height of lockdown, learners at Curro’s schools couldn’t get together to play traditional sports. Instead, they turned to super-popular game Minecraft – and they’ve managed to turn a famously relaxing building-game into a competition, with the finals of the Curro Clash Minecraft Esport League livestreamed on 11 July.

According to Angela Schaerer, technology business relationships manager at Curro, “during lockdown esports became an amazing opportunity because learners couldn’t connect via traditional sports or clubs. The online world of Minecraft creates a perfect digital environment for learners to collaborate and play.”

Read the full article on Business Insider.

Read more: The winners of the first-ever Minecraft League are…

Curro Waterfall | Learners take flight in drone flying competition.
13 July 2020

To end the second term on a (literal) high point, Curro Waterfall hosted a drone-flying competition in which Grade 8 and Grade 9 learners showcased what they learned so far during the year.

Learners maintained social distancing by connecting to Wi-Fi with their smartphones, and were assessed on their ability to work collaboratively and solve problems while maneuvering their drones through an obstacle course.

Read the full article on Midrand Reporter’s website.

Curro Sport | Curro Family 5-km Walk to Freedom.
04 July 2020

THE Curro family are stepping up to the plate for those in need on Nelson Mandela International Day. Curro

Sport will host a Family 5km Walk to Freedom virtual event.

Curro pupils, their families and staff are encouraged to take part in the walk and do it in their neighbourhood any time between 6am and 6pm on July 18. Those who enter the event will need to donate a food item in honour of Mandela Day.

Each school will identify their own charity and distribute the food accordingly. Head boy and Grade 12 pupil at Curro Durbanville, Elona Fikani, said the virtual event is a wonderful idea during these times.

“It is a great way to unite people for a good cause as well as encourage physical activity for families. Nelson Mandela International Day will always be an important day. It reminds us of the daily struggles of the past as well as the many heroes that fought for our freedom. This is also a day that calls to the general public and reminds them that everyone can contribute to a change that betters society as a whole,” Elona said.

Project manager at Curro Sport, Cindy van der Merwe, said: “Mandela

Day falls on a Saturday and the idea is for our Curro families to spend quality time together in nature and have fun as one united family. If they can help others in the process, even better.

“The walk is in honour of charity thus addressing the social responsibility that Curro wants to fulfil as setting an example to the broader community of South Africa,” she said.

Van der Merwe added that a healthy body cultivates an open mindset. “Keeping the Curro family active can radiate both a positive mind, creative thinking, and stay physically healthy. It takes a village to raise a family and that’s why it’s important to give back.”

Curro Sport | Curro makes esport history with Minecraft challenge.
07 July 2020

Johannesburg, 07 July 2020: In a world first, Curro, South Africa’s largest independent education provider, is the first academic institution to officially use Minecraft: Education Edition as an esports arena. For the past month, Curro learners from age 9-14 have been taking part in the inaugural Curro Clash Minecraft Esport League, where teams have been competitively building pirate-themed items within the Minecraft world. Curro has been at the fore of technology for years, and has easily been able to incorporate the world of online gaming in a fun educational manner.

Curro’s push towards a competitive esport league was led by Cindy van der Merwe, Project Manager: Curro Sport, and Angela Schaerer, Technology Business Relationships Manager at Curro. Schaerer notes, “during lockdown esports became an amazing opportunity because learners couldn’t connect via traditional sports or clubs. The online world of Minecraft creates a perfect digital environment for learners to collaborate and play.”

The finals will be live streamed across the globe for viewers to watch, as Curro makes esport history. The finals event shoutcasting (commentary) will be handled by Stephen Reid, Senior Customer Engagement Program Manager at Microsoft. Reid is a leader in the field of game-based learning and is responsible for creating the esports platform within Minecraft: Education Edition. Curro has worked closely alongside Reid to make this competitive Minecraft tournament a reality, in the process, being the first school in the world to do so, as well as piloting the project for Microsoft, owner of Minecraft.

Minecraft: Education Edition is used in schools in more than 115 countries to facilitate STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) learning and to aid in the development of skills for the fourth industrial revolution, including problem solving, creativity, team management and critical thinking. Across the globe, 126 million people are playing Minecraft each month, with all Curro learners able to play Minecraft: Education Edition for free as part of their school technology provision. 

How competitive Minecraft works

The Curro Clash Minecraft Esport League has seen a major response from learners across different Curro schools in South Africa, with the league accommodating 200 learners. 20 teams consisting of up to 10 players each have been taking part, with the league having kicked off on 22 June.

Competitive matches consist of a relatively simple premise. Two teams meet in the Pirate Cove Make and Model arena, a virtual world specifically created in Minecraft to host competitive gameplay. The teams are then tasked to each build a specific object (such as cannons, parrots, pirate ships and treasure chests – in keeping to the pirate theme of the arena) using the 3D building blocks from the Minecraft world, having 30 minutes to do so.

The teacher that hosts the game is also the judge, allocating points according to a specific judging rubric. Teams score for, amongst others, the likeness of their build, the use of colour, effective teamwork, added aesthetics and environment, and the use of space through size and scale.

Curro Clash Minecraft Esport League Finals to be live streamed, ‘shoutcasted’

“Piloting this project for Microsoft has been a privilege, and to see the enthusiasm of both the learners and teachers towards this Minecraft competition has been inspiring,” states Schaerer. “To experience how these players work together to build these incredibly detailed structures is remarkable,” she concludes.

The Curro Clash Minecraft Esport League is now heading towards the finish line, with the semi-finals set to take place on Thursday, 9 July. The finals, promoted by the exclusive broadcaster SEI TV, will be livestreamed at 16:00 on Saturday, 11 July, and can be followed by clicking here.

Curro Sport | Curro Sport hosts first ever inter-curro virtual relay championship.
02 July 2020

In June, Curro Sport challenged their learners and staff to a first ever virtual relay championship. The format of the championship consisted of a relay race of four team members from the same Curro school, each running one kilometre on the same day, but at the time best suited to their daily programme. They competed in under 10, under 12, under 14, under 16 and under 18 age groups and the categories included boys’, girls’, and mixed teams. The Curro staff had a category of their own, consisting of two men and two women per team. Each captain had to submit screenshots as proof of the time, date and distance that each member completed by 16:00 every Friday. Every Monday, a weekly leader board was posted on Curro Sport’s Facebook and Instagram pages when teams were encouraged to challenge these times for that national title.


A big thank you to all schools and staff who participated – 61 learner and 12 staff teams. We believe you had as much fun as we did. Watch out for the inter-Curro virtual duathlon championships happening in July. The format is 2-km run; 5-km cycle and 1-km run.

Congratulations to our Curro champions: The winning team each received a R400 Sportsmans Warehouse voucher!

Run the distance, pass the baton, be the champion!



Curro Hazeldean | 15-year old learner makes 2020 GolfRSA national squad.
25 June 2020

CAPE TOWN, 17 June 2020 – Operational savings from its 2020 National Squad budget have paved the way for GolfRSA to add a further R500 000 to its ambitious #GolfRSAHelpFund, which provides assistance to caddies and casual workers that have been severely affected by the Covid-19 crisis.

In April, the organisation set aside R1 million from savings on operational expenses and voluntary staff salary cuts to launch a programme that would identify and reach golf industry workers who have been severely affected by the temporary closure of golf facilities during the government lockdown.

With the full initial sum having been realised over the last six weeks, GolfRSA has explored other avenues for funding sources to sustain the project, including an online auction through Strauss & Co, a raffle site on iTickets SA and savings from the National Squad budget.

“We are extremely proud to have been able to contribute to so many of the most vulnerable members of our golf industry and assist them in a small way,” explained GolfRSA CEO Grant Hepburn. “However, we recognise the urgency of continuing this programme as our caddies and casual workers continue to feel the effects of the lockdown.

“The lockdown has unfortunately limited the opportunities available to our National Squad players, such as group training camps, tournaments and the annual UK Tour,” explained GolfRSA CEO Grant Hepburn. “However, there is a silver lining in that we were able to find an extra R500 000 in the budget to put towards our Help Fund.”

The GolfRSA Men’s and Women’s National Squads were launched in 2016 through funding from businessman Johann Rupert and provide a valuable platform for talented golfers to further develop their skills and showcase themselves through competition, locally and on the world stage.

Contributions totalling R15 million from Mr Rupert have played a major part in the success story of the National Squad.

Members who have achieved significant international success include Rebula’s triumph in The Amateur in 2018 and Martin Vorster’s hat-trick in the Junior Open, East Of Ireland Championship and Italian U16 Championship, as well as Christo Lamprecht (East of Ireland Championship), Jayden Schaper (Junior Players Championship), Amilkar Bhana (Italian U16 Championship), Wilco Nienaber (The Amateur Strokeplay Qualifier), Kyle McClatchie (Brabazon Trophy and the Argentine Amateur Qualifier), Tyran Snyders (Junior North & South Championship) and Deon Germishuys, who won on the Tarheel Junior Tour in the USA.

Vorster, Lamprecht, Samuel Simpson and Casey Jarvis also won the Toyota Junior Golf World Cup in 2019 with a record-setting tournament total of 41 under par, while Simpson secured the Individual title with a four-shot victory on 18-under 266.

Four members of the National Squad – Schaper, Lamprecht, Luca Filippi and Garrick Higgo – qualified on their world amateur golf rankings to represent the International Team in the 2017 Junior President Cup. In the 2019 edition, Lamprecht and Schaper made a second appearance on the International Team alongside Vorster, Simpson and reigning Nomads SA Boys U-17 champion Jordan Duminy.

“We are very grateful to Mr Rupert for his continued support and we are delighted that we are able to redirect some of this funding to a worthy cause,” said Hepburn.

GolfRSA has announced its National Squad for 2020 with a clear emphasis on youth.

“Towards the end of last year and following the Sunshine Tour’s Qualifying School in March, we saw a number of our senior squad members graduate to the professional ranks and we wish them all the best in their careers,” said Hepburn.

“This has opened up spaces within the squad and, following what is a natural ebb and flow, this year’s Class of 2020 is a very young, but very exciting one.

“We are extremely fortunate that, because of the groundwork put in by the clubs, unions, coaches and academies, we continue to see so many highly talented young golfers come through the system.

With the group of 27 promising golfers averaging just 16 years of age, the most experienced player within the squad is Jovan Rebula, who is based at Auburn University in the USA.”

Rebula, along with Central Gauteng’s Cole Stevens, has been part of the National Squad since its inception in 2016.

Under normal circumstances, National squad members benefit from funding, advice, training camps, dietary, fitness and psychological support and, ultimately, playing opportunities at home and abroad.

“Unfortunately the international pandemic has adversely affected the playing opportunities for this year’s squad, including the cancellation of the UK Tour, but we felt it was important to acknowledge the recent performances of the players who have qualified for the squad, particularly the nine new members,” said Hepburn.

“However, we will continue to work with the players to ensure they remain sharp, both physically and mentally, during the lockdown period. The Squad members will take part in numerous online conference calls and, together their support teams, we will set individual conditioning programmes for the players.”

The 10 new additions to the Squad include Werner Deyzel, who represented South Africa in the 2018 Toyota Junior Golf World Cup, 2019 Nomads SA Under-15 champion Rorisang Nkosi, 15-year-olds Jaden Deltel and 15-year-old Jordan Wessels (the respective winners of the Sun City Under-15 Challenge in 2018 and 2019), 15-year-old Dylan Melville and 14-year-old Fabrizio de Abreu, the 2018 Sun City U-13 Challenge champion, Filip Sakota (14), Marno Lange (13) and 11-year-old rising star Zinan Maimane. The final new cap is Ryan van Velzen (18), who turned heads with an excellent performance in this year’s African Amateur Championship.

2020 GolfRSA NATIONAL SQUAD (* indicates new members)
Amilkar Bhana (15 / Central Gauteng / Country Club Johannesburg)
Carl Mwale (18 / Central Gauteng / Eagle Canyon Golf Estate)
Casey Jarvis (16 / Ekurhuleni / State Mines Country Club)
Christiaan Burke (19 / North West / Potchefstroom Country Club)
Christiaan Maas (16 / Gauteng North / Pretoria Country Club)
Christo Lamprecht (19 / Southern Cape / Pinnacle Point Golf Club)
Cole Stevens (18 / Central Gauteng / Parkview Golf Club
*Dylan Melville (15 / Southern Cape / Oubaai Golf Club)
*Fabrizio de Abreu (14 / Gauteng North / Woodhill Country Club)
*Filip Sakota (15 / Ekurhuleni / ERPM Golf Club)
*Jaden Deltel (15 / Central Gauteng / Bryanston Country Club)
Jordan Duminy (17 / Southern Cape / Pinnacle Point Golf Club)
*Jordan Wessels (15 / North West / Mooinooi Golf Club)
Jovan Rebula (22 / Southern Cape / George Golf Club)
Kian Rose (18 / Central Gauteng / Royal Johannesburg & Kensington Golf Club)
Kieron van Wyk (18 / Central Gauteng / Ruimsig Country Club)
Kyle de Beer (21 / Eastern Province / Port Elizabeth Golf Club)
*Marno Lange (13 / Ekurhuleni / Serengeti Estates)
Martin Vorster (18 / Southern Cape / Pinnacle Point Golf Club)
Nash de Klerk (16 / North West / Pecanwood Golf & Country Club)
*Rorisang Nkosi (15 / North West / Pecanwood Golf & Country Club)
*Ryan van Velzen (18 / Ekurhuleni / Benoni Country Club)
Samuel Simpson (17 / Western Province / Bellville Golf Club)
Tyran Snyders (18 / Western Province / Durbanville Golf Club)
Yurav Premlall (16 / Ekurhuleni / Glendower Golf Club)
*Werner Deyzel (20 / Gauteng North / Woodhill Country Club)
*Zinan Maimane (11 / Gauteng North / Silver Lakes Country Club)

Womens Golf South Africa also welcomed a number of new caps from the country’s promising amateur pool into their three-tiered GolfRSA National Squad structure for the 2020 season announced earlier this year, including Stephanie Barbaglia to the B-Squad and Chloe Malgas-Kelpin, Ellandri van Heerden, Kaylan Boshof, Kesha Louw and Lucia Mhlabane, who joined the Talent Identification (TID) Squad.

Caitlyn Macnab (Serengeti Estates / Ekurhuleni)
Kaylah Williams (Durbanville Golf Club / Western Province)
Kiera Floyd (Ebotse Golf Club / Ekurhuleni)
Kaiyuree Moodley (Bryanston Country Club / Gauteng)
Meghan Streicher (Swellendam Golf Club / Boland)
Kajal Mistry  (Randpark Golf Club / Gauteng)
Kaleigh Telfer (Bryanston / Gauteng)
Symone Henriques  (Glenvista Country Club / Gauteng)

Kera Healey (Eagle Canyon Golf Estate / Gauteng)
Kyra van Kan (Glendower Golf Club / Ekurhuleni)
Ineke Brynard (De Zalze Golf Club / Boland)
Samantha Whateley (Country Club Johannesburg / Gauteng)
Stephanie Barbaglia (Bryanston Country Club / Gauteng)

Anika Smit (Vryheid Golf Club / KwaZulu-Natal)
Chloe Malgas-Kelpin (George Golf Club / Southern Cape)
Ellandri van Heerden (Bloemfontein Golf Club / Free State)
Kaylan Boshof (Ebotse Golf Club / Ekurhuleni)
Kesha Louw (East London Golf Club / Border)
Lucia Mhlabane (Malelane Golf Club / Mpumalanga)
Tebogo Lififi (Wanderers Golf Club / Gauteng)

Written and released on behalf of GolfRSA.

Curro Online | The difference between online learning, remote learning, and home schooling.
17 June 2020

Curro Holdings, South Africa’s largest independent education provider, is launching Curro Online – the group’s first online school that offers a flexible yet structured education model, with classes taught by Curro teachers.

COVID-19 has changed the education landscape as we know it, with education having to move into an online capacity in a short time-frame. As a result, there appears be some confusion around the various online education offerings. This fact sheet serves to outline the difference between online learning, remote learning and home schooling.

What is online learning?

Online learning is education designed to take place completely in an online capacity and not in a traditional classroom. It is also referred to as ‘e-learning’. There is a shift away from top-down teaching to a more interactive, collaborative approach whereby learners and teachers co-create the learning process.

This education approach empowers learners to become active in the process of taking ownership of their own learning experience.

Although very similar to remote learning, online learning differs in that it starts and ends as an online learning experience only. Remote learning on the other hand, takes advantage of past or future classroom interaction.

What is home-schooling?

Home-schooling refers to learning that happens outside of the school classroom environment – typically at a learner’s home. It involves a commitment by a parent or guardian who takes on the role as teacher, and oversees their child's educational development. 

Home-schooling puts all the pressure of the child’s educational development on the parents, and therefore is an option that is only considered by parents who believe they can provide the necessary support to their child.

What is remote learning?

Remote learning is where the learner and the teacher are not physically present in a traditional classroom environment. Instead, information is relayed through means of technology, such as video conferencing, pre-recorded video material, and online assessments. Remote learning can occur synchronously with live teacher and/ or peer-to-peer interaction and collaboration, or asynchronously, whereby the learners completes learning activities at their own pace.

What is emergency remote learning?

As a result of COVID-19, the education environment has had to adapt to an emergency remote learning approach. In contrast to regular remote learning that is designed to be conducted online, emergency remote learning is a temporary shift to an alternate delivery mode due to crisis circumstances. It involves remote and virtual teaching solutions that would have been delivered face-to-face, and will return to that format once the crisis or emergency has passed.

Where is Curro Online positioned in the online education landscape?

Curro Online is an online learning solution. It is not a home-schooling model, where parents need to take on the responsibility of teaching and continuous supervision. It is a learn-from-home model with CAPS curriculum aligned online material created and taught by Curro teachers. It has been developed as a solution where learners will not need a classroom environment to connect with each other. Parents can be rest assured that their child’s academic career is well taken care of.

For more information, visit or email

First ever inter-Curro virtual relay starts!
09 June 2020

Curro Sport challenges our learners and staff to our first ever VIRTUAL RELAY CHAMPIONSHIP! 🏃🏾‍♀️🏃🏻

Rules of the race:

  • This is a relay race consisting of 4 team members from the same Curro school. Select your team, your captain and a team name and get running.
  • The 4 x 1km relay must be run on the same day, but at any time of the day.
  • The age groups are U/10, U/12, U/14, U/16, and U/18.
  • The 3 categories are Boys, Girls, and Mixed (2 boys and 2 girls).
  • Curro staff have a category of their own; a mixed category consisting of 2 men and 2 women.
  • Each captain to submit screenshots as proof of the time, date and distance that each member completed by 16:00 every Friday. These screenshots can be from any device.
  • Every Monday morning, a weekly leader board will be posted on Curro Sport’s Facebook and Instagram pages. Teams are encouraged to challenge these times for that national title.
  • Championship ends on Friday, 26 June 2020 with last submissions at 16:00. The winners will be announced on social media on Monday, 29 June 2020.

Weekly times and entries can be sent to The subject line should include your category and the word "Championship".


The winning team from each category will be crowned the Curro National Relay Champions and will each receive a R400 Sportsmans Warehouse voucher!

Run the distance, pass the baton, be the champion!

Curro Online offers live, teacher-guided online education – the ideal choice for today’s parents.
26 May 2020

Johannesburg, 21 May 2020: Curro Holdings, the country’s largest independent education provider, is launching Curro Online – the group’s first online school that offers a flexible yet structured education model, with classes taught by current Curro teachers.

“We’ve been developing our digital education offering for some time now, which is evident with our recently launched DigiEd model. As part of the design process, we decided to rethink how home-schooling and distance learning is currently being offered. We set out to understand the frustrations of parents, and the learner, and how best to serve them and came up with a different proposition,” says Curro Online Business Manager, Jay Paul.

“One such concern is that most home-schooling solutions do not prepare the learners for the technology-heavy 21st Century and hence we focused our curriculum on Maths, Science, Coding and Robotics. As Covid-19 continues to impact our country, we also identified a need among parents who are struggling to juggle home-schooling with their own work, or are looking for an online programme that will still give their children access to class-time with qualified teachers. Many parents are also concerned about sending their children back to school once schools reopen, especially those with immune-compromised family members living in the same household. Curro Online is a response to all these pressing needs,” says Paul.

Paul stresses that Curro Online is not a home-schooling model, where parents need to take on the responsibility of teaching and continuous supervision. It is a learn-from-home online model that is aligned with Curro’s enhanced CAPS curriculum. The model’s online material is created and taught by Curro teachers. There is a structured timetable in place for the learner that needs structure, as well as the option to be flexible for those that work well at their own pace. The timetable includes teachers initiating each class, and guiding learners through pre-set material on the online platform. The parent thus assumes a smaller supervisory role similar to the role they would normally fill (e.g. checking that the learner has done their homework), and can rest assured that the academic process is taken care of by the Curro teachers.

“The teaching model combines flexible learning through pre-set learning material on our learning platform, with live interaction whereby learners can ask teachers for help and also receive detailed feedback on their progress,” he says.

For parents that would like greater flexibility in their child’s life, the Curro Online platform has an easy-to-follow curriculum with a variety of video material, recorded live lessons and other learning material. “Each learner can choose which material best suits their learning preference, and then complete a variety of assignments and assessments for us to test their understanding,” adds Paul.

Unlike other online schooling options that rely on a rotation schedule of tutors, Curro Online will be taught by a dedicated Curro teacher per subject per grade for the whole year. Having dedicated teachers for each learner allows them to actively track the progress of the learner and intervene pro-actively when needed. The school will be English-medium and initially offer grades 4 to 9, with new grades being phased in every year. Learners in Matric will write the IEB examinations.

As with all Curro models, the focus is on the holistic development of the learner. The learners will not study in isolation, but rather in small classes. They will also have group projects assigned to them, where projects will be done in small groups of four. Through such projects, they will learn the skills of coordinating projects in a virtual work-from-home world that we find ourselves in. Extra-curricular activities will be available at existing Curro campuses, and Curro Online learners will also have access to an educational psychologist for virtual consultations, if needed.

“We believe this model is ideal for families who wish to provide a high-quality independent school education for their child, and have the flexibility to return them to a physical school with little disruption to their academic career at any point in the future. Our model ensures that parents can continue to focus on their work commitments and all other responsibilities, and take off the pressure to teach their children. And, of course, it’s an affordable independent education model, which is what Curro’s vision is based on.”

Curro Online is a viable solution for the growing need of parents to ensure their child’s academic career is not disrupted by current world events. It is a solution that aligns with the needs of the fourth industrial revolution, and will prepare the learners for a technology-rich future, where work-from-home possibly becomes the norm.

For more information, visit or email

Curro Aurora’s Executive Head, Mr JC Engelbrecht, wrote a special song for his learners while home during lockdown. We miss you!
14 May 2020

The lyrics to Mr JC's song:


There's a place I know
With love and joy on show
Where I can be myself
With books on every shelf

Curro is the place I know
Where people learn and grown
Where skies are always blue
A school that really cares 'bout me and you

There's a place I know
Where dreams take off and grow
Where we respect and share
Learn how to care

Repeat the chorus x 2

Mr JC's musical message to Curro learners

Curro Aurora | Muhammad Zia, Grade 6, asks President Ramaphosa to read his poem to the nation.
13 May 2020

Muhammad Zia, a Grade 6 learner at Curro Aurora, is asking President Ramaphosa to read his poem to the nation. As an avid poet who has had to stay at home during the lockdown, he decided to pen down a poem for the nation titled ‘THE UNKNOWN’.

St Dominics Newcastle | New executive head joins the team.
12 May 2020

On 1 July 2020, Mr Chad Moses joined Curro as the executive had of St Dominics Newcastle in KwaZulu-Natal. With a decade’s experience in independent education – nine of which involving management roles – Mr Moses looks forward to guiding and supporting the greater St Dominics Newcastle family.

Before joining Curro, he was the head of school of Reddford House: The Hills since its opening and was instrumental in the school’s significant growth in terms of academic, sports, cultural and outreach development.

As a dedicated, hardworking individual who strives for excellence in all that he undertakes, Mr Moses is a lifelong teacher and learner at heart. He is currently studying toward his Masters Degree in Education Management and holds a Bachelor of Education (Honours) Degree in Education Management, Law and Policy Studies.

Driven by a passion for education, St Dominics Newcastle can look forward to positive growth under Mr Moses’ leadership.

Curro Krugersdorp assists healthcare sector with 3D-printed medical shields during COVID-19
12 May 2020

Johannesburg, 30 April 2020: Curro Krugersdorp, a school in the Curro Holdings group, has stepped up in the fight against COVID-19 in South Africa by offering the services of their two 3D printers and school staff. The printers have aided in the printing of protective face shields, which have recently been donated to Helen Joseph hospital and Panorama Retirement Village for medical workers currently fighting against the virus. The school gives special thanks to Ms Magdelene de Kock, Computer Applications Technology teacher at Curro Krugersdorp for all her time and effort with this initiative.

Curro, South Africa’s largest JSE-listed independent education provider, follows a 21st Century education approach, resulting in many schools within the group having 3D printers on site. These printers have been utilised to print the head band and shield components for the shields.

In order to mobilise the 3D printers during the national lockdown, Curro had to apply to the Companies and Intellectual Property Commission (CIPC) for an essential services permit. “Each individual who has gone on site to the school has had to carry this document and the relevant permits indicating that we are assisting with a specific service,” says Annemarie Lombard, Executive Head at Curro Krugersdorp.


“While the country is in lockdown, we feel grateful that we’re able to help in this manner and will continue do to what is necessary to assist in fighting this pandemic,” Lombard concludes.

Curro Aurora’s Grade 12s rose to the challenge and donated 120 muffins and 120 sandwiches to One Small Act of Kindness to provide some relief to those in need. #BluePride.
22 April 2020

Curro Aurora High School:

Service Acts of kindness are perhaps more necessary than they have ever been as the pressure of the lockdown mounts and our community faces ever-increasing difficulties. The Grade 12s donated 120 muffins and 120 sandwiches to One Small Act of Kindness this week; helping to provide some relief to the most needy in Zandspruit and Diepsloot. Working in fully-sanitised conditions is difficult under the circumstances so thank you to our Grade 12s for rising to the challenge. #aparttogether! #bluepride #learners2leaders

LIMPOPO: Curro Heuwelkruin learners invited to World Robotics Olympiad Friendship International Tournament.
13 May 2019

Several learners from Curro Heuwelkruin have been invited to a World Robotics Olympiad Friendship International Tournament in Denmark. The tournament will be held from 30 July to 4 August 2019.

These learners are Alisha Calokechi, Alessio Calokechi, Luna Leon Rodriques, Carla Schulenburg, Mia Meyer and Wouter Chalmers.

A winning article – Lockdown through the eyes of CURRO AURORA’s Deputy Phase Head: Ms Nelline le Roux
08 May 2020

I am a teacher at Curro Aurora and we were motivated to write during our lockdown. Curro Holdings challenged its employees to enter a competition hosted by head office called, ‘Vasbyt’ – powerful word in reality. Taking in the information around me I decided to write from my heart, my perception of what COVID-19 is and its relationship to us, ‘people’. I believe this is collective pain that each and every one will encounter and that this is a lesson larger than life. 


Cornered Collectively by the Coveted COVID-19


How quietly she stretches out, clutching the universe to her, clawing her way into human lungs,

sucking their very breath, their life force. Unknowing to us she twirls around the globe tightening her forceful power, squeezing away at the universe.


She is multi -faceted thus difficult to catch nor manoeuvre out of lives. Billions of humans, intellectually privileged species, yet none of us could see her coming. She came like a thief in the deep of the night and stole our well-being. Making certain to tell us in no uncertain terms that life's choices would no longer be ours.


COVID made it very clear in her very acts, ‘I'd stay put right within your communities, I will take

away your bread and leave your cupboards bare, I will steal your freedom and make you yearn

for better health, I am pick-pocketing your pocket, your hearts and souls. I'm snatching your

world and making it mine, I am the hijacker and you are only but a human who thought that the

choices were yours’.


‘Let me tell you that that's not all I'm taking away. Tears you will shed; pain will be felt.

Disharmony, discontentment and disconnection are the 3s that will bring you down to your knees

yearning for the end of me and the survival of you. And this is non-negotiable you smart humans.

You, your friends, communities, loved ones, are all part of this challenge collectively. And

collectively you will be notified of any change to my status. I can tell you this though, wherever you experience a hole of pain there within is your learning. Be quick to learn and practise your learning, mend your ways and thread the world in the tapestry of love once again.’


And the chaos began, the world was in plight, flight we wanted but there was no place to hide.

The images were and are being publicised for all to see. Statistically millions infected, many have

left our land. Sadness pervaded every soul, nook and cranny. The world was shattered from the

mighty COVID. Scientists tried their very best, health workers claimed every waking moment.

Graves were dug in bulk; no goodbyes were allowed to put loved ones to rest. Darkness pervaded every human.


Prayer of every sort was sent, yet all went wrong in the human life. Leaders of every kind knew that it was time. Lockdown! Quarantine!


PLAN A. All for the sake of saving lives, plan A was implemented. This in itself became a catch 22

situation, lockdown meant the massive fall of economy. Poverty and strife was the other

diseases to be endured. And there was NO plan B in sight. What now the people said, conundrum! It was the most difficult conundrum. COVID whispered in her fiery voice,

‘From one person to another, the universe has been pleading with you’: Learn! And practise your


And then the humans had no choice. They began to pull away from the rat race, taking deep breaths, ignoring the darkened mind space, thinking more deeply about what they wanted to bring forth from this learning and back into their life. This was their chance to define a new version of new normalisation, a rare and truly opportune experience to leave behind the misdemeanours, rise with what works best in their lives, that which bring with it gratitude, acceptance, creativity, and wholesome a human life. Simplicity was the key to making their lives richer and fuller.


In the time of isolation, they found ways to make their families happier in a holistic way. Vital aspects of life were top prioritisation and it was implemented throughout all aspects which previously was taken for granted. And then life began to take a bend, most clearly witnessed in each household, country was tolerance, tolerance to live with what they had and yearning for none. During this trying period a deep care, the empathy for one another which was lacking before became paramount in various acts witnessed. Unity amongst most. This was seen in many supportive global spaces, a meal dropped off for a neighbour, a Zoom birthday party, sharing with others, adapting and changing human behaviours, a kind word a comforting call, the most important one was seen in people's attitude, we are no better than the other.


All of this human behaviour change was shown in their acts of love. And as humans they wanted

to define their lives, their country, the world accordingly. Most knew that this was their chance to

do that, the biggest opportunity they have ever gotten to learn and grow, to be better humans.

Even though the number of infections grew daily the human population held strongly together

with deep faith in their hearts that someday soon an intellectual human will beat her COVID.

He or she will come up with the all-healing vaccine that will destroy this plague.


That day is on the horizon. It was coming closer and closer. And when that day will dawn all of

the universal bells will toll with the glory of love, unity and oneness. Each and every human will fall to his knees not only from the gratitude of defeat of the massive plague but a thankfulness for the opportunity to learn and grow, to discard the habits that inhibited his holistic growth. The knowledge that the magnitude of human chaos was clearly brought upon ourselves and the lesson learnt was to be remembered for all times from generation to generation.


‘The demolition and reconstruction of the human mind and bringing together the human kind.

And this I have no doubt will soon be celebrated in every thought, word and act across every

space of mankind, from corner to corner of the universe. And all will be well like time after time over ages and eras mankind will once again live harmoniously as one.’

I want to ride my bicycle….. Cycle2Ride launched.
30 April 2020

Cycle2Ride (C2R) is an initiative supported by Curro that aims to promote cycling as a medium for family cohesion, relaxation, fun, and possible career choice for those truly interested in becoming professional athletes. Through this initiative, we introduce young learners (and their parents) to their first cycling classes and provide families with the opportunity to spend time together to connect with each other. Parents and learners don’t necessarily need any cycling experience or career aspirations to join Cycle2Ride – it’s all about having fun and moms even get free memberships!

Benefits included in a membership

  • Access to coaching clinicsfrom beginner to advanced levels.
  • Joining in on fun eventsand expeditions in the countryside that allow families to participate together.
  • Access to advanced supportand guidance on equipment and setup, tailored training programmes and access to online coaches and biokineticists to members who have career aspirations or already are established athletes.
  • The privilege to wear exclusive cycling apparel available for purchase from our online store (coming soon).
  • Receive exclusive offers from partners such as HEAD Bikes SA when renting or financing bicycles for primary school learners through Cycle2Ride.
  • The opportunity to easily upgrade to larger bicycles when young members outgrow their bicycle frames.
  • The bonus of gaining entry to a lucky draw were members can win a sponsored team-entry for either the Tankwa Trek (a four-day stage race in Ceres), Wines2Whales (a three-day stage race in Grabouw/Hermanus), or the Absa Cape Epic (an extreme mountain bike race in the Western Cape).

Cycle2Ride also supports local community upliftment by teaching skills needed to become bicycle technicians according to global standards, as well as to build and maintain mountain bike trails in the country.

Do you want more information about this exciting new initiative? Click on this link for more information:

Curro Aurora supports health workers.
22 April 2020

Curro Aurora, as part of a national Curro initiative, is supporting various hospitals, doctors, clinics, the SAPS, ER24 and other frontline health workers across South Africa currently involved in fighting against COVID-19. With the help of teaching staff and by using the school’s 3D printers and laser cutters, they have been producing, and supplying, frontline workers with 3D printed facemasks and protective face shields.

According to Mr JC Engelbrecht, Executive Head of Curro Aurora, they have produced and distributed more than 5 000 shields since the lockdown period was declared.

‘All staff involved in the protective-face-shield project received the necessary permits to travel to distribution points while many are working from home. It is indeed a great privilege for Curro Aurora to be using our 21st-century learning tools, specifically 3D printers and laser cutters, to assist our healthcare professionals in combatting COVID-19.’

This drive from Curro also included the delivery of 1 500 face shields to Jacaranda FM in support of the radio station’s drive to support health workers.   

‘We are grateful for the opportunity and very proud to be part of this initiative. Together we are making a difference’, JC Engelbrecht concluded.

Curro’s virtual and remote learning strategy during COVID-19 and school closures.
17 April 2020

Cape Town, 20 March 2020: While South African schools remain closed during the COVID-19 pandemic, Curro Holdings, the country’s largest independent education provider, has announced that its schools are equipped for learning to continue via a virtual and remote learning strategy. While the education sector works to move in-classroom education into the virtual realm, Curro has been well-equipped in this department for a number of years already, with the group’s online learning approach stemming from years of development.

The education group’s teachers, staff members and learners will now have access to a set of digital tools and solutions to facilitate remote learning while schools remain closed. “Our priority is to ensure our learners continue to receive quality education so as not to fall behind in their studies. During these uncertain times, we’ve implemented a strategy so that learning can continue via online means,” says Andries Greyling, CEO of Curro Holdings.

Remote learning occurs when teachers and learners are separated by distance, away from a traditional classroom setting. Microsoft Office 365 for Education and other tools have been made available for teachers to connect and engage with groups of learners in real-time to facilitate online lessons. Content will also be accessible in the form of recordings. The software also enables teachers to share videos, resources and tasks to aid in learners completing work in their own time - independently or in groups through the use of collaboration tools.

“Virtual and remote learning strategies bring tremendous value to the education space during uncertain times such as these and there is no doubt that it will firmly remain a significant part of the way we learn in the future.” Greyling adds.

Many of Curro’s schools already have access to additional digital learning platforms including ITSI Pro, miEbooks and the Snapplify eReader. Teachers will therefore continue using these where applicable to maintain the usual routine with their learners. It remains a priority for Curro that their teachers keep in contact with the learners as much as possible.

Curro has also created a package of remote learning training tutorials, available to stream or download. A remote learning community space has been formed where teachers, executive heads, school management and other staff members can access and share resources, ideas and ask questions in a communal space.

Learners will be able to access all resources on most devices. However, not all learning needs to be online, with some tasks devised to get learners up and moving, and away from their devices. Some assignments will still be done on paper and shared with teachers by taking a picture when they need help or to review completed work.  

Learners, parents and staff members are also supported by a dedicated call centre to assist with technical issues to ensure that everything runs smoothly. Curro is aware that this is a critical time for their grade 11 and matric learners, and so the Curro call centre aims to prioritise support for these learners. 

For more information, email  

Curro assists the healthcare sector with 3D printed medical shields during COVID-19 outbreak.
17 April 2020

Johannesburg, 30 March 2020: Curro Holdings is stepping up to assist several healthcare organisations around the country by offering the services of their 3D Printers, as well as their staff, to aid in the printing of protective face shields for medical workers currently fighting against COVID-19 in South Africa.

Curro, South Africa’s largest JSE-listed independent education provider, follows a 21st Century education approach, resulting in many of Curro’s schools having 3D printers on site. These printers will be utilised to print protective face shields, including the head band and shield components. The group is in the process of rallying partners to assist with the supply of appropriate materials for the printing to take effect.

“As a country, we’re all in this together; and so we feel it is our duty as Corporate SA and teachers of the next generation to lead by our example and take a bold stand to help where we can,” says Andries Greyling, CEO of Curro Holdings.

In order to mobilise their 3D printers during the national lockdown, Curro has applied to the Companies and Intellectual Property Commission (CIPC) for an essential services permit. Each individual who goes on site to the various school campuses will carry this document and the relevant  permits indicating that we are assisting with a specific service.


“While the country is in lockdown, it requires us all to think innovatively to tackle the outbreak,” concludes Greyling. “It was exceptional to see how our Executive Heads in various parts of the country took the lead and made plans to assist with the printing of the masks. We feel privileged to help in this manner and will continue do to what is necessary to assist in fighting this pandemic.”

Curro Create proudly presents From Broadway to Bird Street/Van Broadway na Birdstraat.
09 March 2020

Johannesburg, DATE: Curro Create, the national creative component of Curro Holdings, the JSE-listed independent education provider, will present its spectacular new production, From Broadway to Bird Street/Van Broadway na Birdstraat at the Toyota US Woordfees in Stellenbosch in March, showcasing musical numbers from top shows from around the globe.

“Ah, the musicals! Where else could you be having a political debate that suddenly turns into a rap battle?  Where else do you sing a gorgeous ballad before blowing out your last breath?  Where else is a gunshot replaced with a drum beat, can a singing plant from outer space steal your heart or can you encapsulate the civil rights movement (and a good dose of gender politics) in good old-fashioned rock ‘n roll?” asks director Hennie van Greunen. “The answers (in order of the questions): Hamilton, Les Misérables, Chicago, Little Shop of Horrors and Hairspray.”

These are just some of the shows that From Broadway to Bird Street/Van Broadway na Birdstraat will pay homage to.

“What makes this different for any other Broadway-inspired show you’ve ever seen, is that the songs are all placed in context – where does it fit into the story – and the performers will be in full costume and make-up, with astounding choreography, and brilliant sound and lights, in order to truly give you a slice of what you may see in one of the sumptuous Broadway theatres,” says Greunen. “The 23 Curro performers have been chosen from 360 auditions at Curro schools nationwide. Their talent will astound you. In order to mentor these young theatre stars, we have asked five of our favourite singers to join the cast.”

These include Timothy Moloi, Corlea Botha, Lynelle Kenned, Germandt Geldenhuys and André Terblanché.

Curro Create was launched in 2018 in partnership with Wordsmith’s Theatre Factory and aims to give all Curro learners the opportunity to showcase their creativity across a broad scope of disciplines. Compiled and directed by experienced theatre-makers Van Greunen and Pedro Kruger, with Melissa van der Spuy as musical director, the show promises to be a treat for those who enjoy the magic of theatre musicals.

There will be three performances of From Broadway to Bird Street/Van Broadway na Birdstraat on Saturday, 7 March at 16:00 and 20:00, and on Sunday, 8 March at 11:00. Tickets are available from Computicket.

From Broadway to Bird Street/Van Broadway na Birdstraat credits:

  • Compiled and directed by Hennie van Greunen/Pedro Kruger
  • Musical Direction: Melissa van der Spuy
  • Choreography: Trudy Fredericks and Lee Piedt
  • Costumes: Rouvé Hattingh
  • Technical Manager and Lighting design: Kobus Rossouw
  • Sound: Marcel Bezuidenhout
  • Stage manager: Namhla Kalipa
Curro’s Cycle2Ride helps Kind Kilometres cross the Cape Town Cycle Tour finish line.
09 March 2020

Cycling for wheelchairs

Johannesburg, 6 March 2020: The Kind Kilometres initiative was started by cycling enthusiast Johnny Eyberg to help fund wheelchairs for those in need and to raise awareness around people living with disabilities. They are doing so in a unique way, with Eyberg and his team cycling a 1 800 km route from Harrismith in the Free State to take part in the 2020 Cape Town Cycle Tour. During the official tour, the team will pull a specially designed buggy along the way which will carry Deon Bezuidenhout, who, in this special way, will partake in the full 109 km needed to complete the Cape Town Cycle Tour 2020.

Bezuidenhout lost the ability to walk when a car accident left him paralysed 30 years ago, though never losing his love of exercise. Before the accident, it was Bezuidenhout’s dream to cycle this scenic Cape Peninsula race.

Curro Holdings, South Africa’s largest independent JSE-listed education provider, is assisting the Kind Kilometres initiative to help realise Bezuidenhout’s dream as well as the project’s larger goal of raising awareness. 

To do so, Curro Sport’s Cycle2Ride initiative is sponsoring R50 000 towards Kind Kilometres. Furthermore, Cycle2Ride will also be providing the support vehicle for the duration of the trip as well as covering the petrol costs. On route to their destination, the Kind Kilometres crew will be stopping by Curro Langebaan and Curro Durbanville on Friday, 6 March, to help inspire the learners and raise awareness. These schools will also be donating funds towards the Kind Kilometres project.

Jaco Kotze, Facilities Manager at Curro Holdings and custodian of the group’s Cycle2Ride initiative, notes how Kind Kilometres inspires others to help where they can. “When we heard about the project, we knew that this is something that Curro’s Cycle2Ride initiative must get involved with. We are proud to play a part in fulfilling Deon’s dream of taking part in the Cape Town Cycle Tour, and of course’s Johnny’s extraordinary efforts to get him to the finish line and to raise awareness,” says Kotze. Indeed, Kotze will be donning cycling shorts himself and will be pulling Bezuidenhout’s buggy for a part of the journey to Cape Town.

Cycle2Ride is an initiative joined by Curro that aims to promote cycling as a medium for family cohesion, relaxation and fun, but also as a possible career choice for those truly interested in becoming professional athletes.

The funds raised by the Kind Kilometres initiative will be used to buy a much-needed motorised wheelchair for Bezuidenhout, with the rest of the funds going towards wheelchairs required in the larger Easter Free State community.

The Kind Kilometres team left Harrismith on 20 February, with their goal to reach Cape Town on the 7th of March. If their journey goes according to plan, the 9th of March will see Eyberg and Bezuidenhout crossing the finishing line of the Cape Town Cycle Tour together.

Amazon Web Services and ICDL host Python coding camp at local tech-driven school.
09 March 2020

Curro Foreshore, an independent high-school within Curro’s DigiEd model that delivers education in a technology-rich format, held an intensive Python Coding Bootcamp at their campus between 19 – 21 February 2020. In partnership with Amazon Web Services, the Bootcamp was facilitated by local NGO, International Certification in Digital Literacy (ICDL) - the world's leading computer skills certification, with the aim of equipping learners with the skills needed for the fourth industrial revolution (4IR). Amazon Web Services sponsored the event, food and merchandise for all the learners.  


Throughout the three-day Bootcamp, grade 9 learners gained incredible exposure to the popular coding language. Python is essentially the fastest general-purpose coding language at the moment and can be used in backend web development, data analysis, artificial intelligence, and scientific computing, among others - all critical skills needed for today’s work environment. 


Following the conclusion of the coding camp, learners will be required to take an ICDL test a week later during one of their Information Technology lessons. If they pass the test, which requires a pass mark of 75%, learners will receive an internationally-recognised qualification – a valuable addition to their CV.


Curro Foreshore provides a progressive curriculum focused on Mathematics, Science, Robotics and Coding - essential subjects for learners to operate in the fourth industrial revolution era. As the world continues to evolve with the changing face of technology, it is therefore essential that education helps prepare learners for the 2030 workplace.

South Africa's first working humanoid robot visits local tech-driven schools.
09 March 2020

Curro New Road in Midrand and Curro Jewel City in Maboneng, both independent high schools within Curro’s DigiEd model, hosted Pepper the Humanoid Robot at their campuses on 20 and 21 February 2020.

Pepper was the first humanoid robot working in South Africa, that can impressively read human emotion when programmed. The objective of its visit was not only to show off its unique Artificial Intelligence (AI) abilities, but to introduce learners to the reality that the 4IR is here, and to reinforce the need for skills such as coding, robotics, AI, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality.

The Humanoid’s visit was ultimately a surprise for the learners, which elicited much excitement on the day – especially during the session where they asked Pepper questions and received articulate responses in return.

A well-travelled robot, Pepper has embarked on regular school visits around the country, and has travelled as far as Kenya, Botswana, Mauritius and Dubai. At five-years old, it boasts being the first robot to have seen the top of Table Mountain.

In light of Curro’s DigiEd schools delivering education in a technology-rich format in an effort to prepare learners for careers in the fourth industrial revolution (4IR), Pepper surely felt ‘right at home’ during his visit. Curro New Road and Curro Jewel City both provide a progressive curriculum focused on Mathematics, Science, Robotics and Coding - essential subjects for learners to operate in the 4IR era. As the world continues to evolve with the changing face of technology, it is therefore essential that education helps prepare learners for the 2030 workplace.

Meridian Cosmo City 2019 matric learner shines for isiZulu.
24 February 2020

To commemorate the 2019 matric results, the Gauteng Education Department held their District Matric Awards ceremony on 27 January 2020 at Fourways High School. At the ceremony, Zinhle Hlatshwayo, a 2019 matriculant from Meridian Cosmo City, received an award for achieving the top spot for isiZulu First Additional Language. Hlatshwayo’s overall mark for the subject was an impressive 93%.


Further, Meridian Cosmo City was also proudly a recipient of an award for their overall matric academic performance for 2019. The school won first place in the Top Independent Schools category – with the top 3 schools being selected from 23 independent schools in the Johannesburg North District.


Featured in the photo: Zinhle Hlatshwayo (right) and Lakidu Ngunda, Head of High School at Meridian Cosmo City, proudly show off their awards at the District Matric Awards ceremony.

Curro Academy Soshanguve boasts with their cultural awards.
24 February 2020

Nkateko Tibane, a Curro Academy Soshanguve matriculant from the Class of 2019 (and formerly head boy of the school), recently won first place in the Best Cultural Male Star of the Year category at the Tshwane District ESS Awards held on 28 January 2020. Tibane’s success stems from entering the public speaking, debate and informal poetry competitions last year at the District competitions – later going on to represent the District at a Provincial level.

Further, Curro Academy Soshanguve received nominations in two categories, and was awarded third place in the Gauteng Cultural School Sports of the Year category for their school choir led by Mr Dumisani Chabalala, Head of Arts and Culture at the school.

In 2019, Curro Academy Soshanguve’s choir won first place at the District level and proceeded to the Regional competition where they secured second place on the ABC Motsepe Foundation School Choir Competitions known as SASCE.

Curro Foreshore Welcomes New Executive Head
04 February 2020

Mr Linda Davidson Linda is the Executive Head of Curro Foreshore, a technology-driven school located in Cape Town’s Foreshore area.

An experienced leader in the field of education, Mr Linda brings with him eleven years’ worth of teaching experience in the South African independent school sector. He believes that when you set higher expectations, learners are inspired to achieve. He is an advocate for the implementation of a ‘flipped classroom’ approach where learners are challenged to investigate and explore various concepts before being assisted by a teacher. His vision for Curro Foreshore is to help learners gain the skills that will transition them into leaders for the fourth industrial revolution - an outlook that aligns well with the Curro group’s #Learners2Leaders philosophy.

SCHOLARSHIP: MTB event winner’s twins start Grade R at Curro Century City
15 January 2020

Barely able to contain their excitement, the twin daughters of scholarship winner Lorenzo le Roux today started their school journey at Curro Century City.

Lorenzo and his teammate, Louyanda Thobigunya, each received a full Curo scholarship as winners of the Exxaro jersey race during last year’s FNB Wines2Whales MTB event. In a heartwarming gesture, Luyanda decided to award his scholarship to Lorenzo so that his twins could stay together.

Find out more on the journey of these avid mountain bike riders.

INNER-CITY DIGIED SCHOOL: Curro Jewel City featured on IT-Online
23 January 2020

Curro Jewel City opened its doors in January 2020 in the Maboneng Precinct, Johannesburg. This forms part of Ithemba Properties’ vision for an affordable metropolitan lifestyle precinct that offers residents a secure environment with easy access to retail, recreational and transport amenities.

As part of Curro's new DigiEd curriculum approach, the school unique e-learning model focusing on 21st-century skills prepares learners for the fourth industrial revolution through a project-based learning programme that emphasises Science, Mathematics, and Technology – and was recently featured in an article on IT-Online.

Read the full article on IT Online's webpage.

MATRIC RESULTS: Matric results for 2019 released – Curro schools excel!
08 January 2020

Learners yesterday gathered at schools across the country to receive their matric results. With news reports and social media announcements on pass rates and top achievers streaming in, we are overwhelmed at what our learners and teachers have achieved. Many of our learners received several distinctions and even placed in the top 1% for respective subjects.


Here are some of the news coverage on the 2019 matric results at Curro’s schools:

AWSUM School News: 100% pass rate for Curro Durbanville matric class of 2019

Randburg Sun: Curro Aurora celebrates their 2019 matriculants

South Coast Herald: Top achievers fly the Curro Creston flag

Highway Mail: IEB matric results: Curro Hillcrest

Lowvelder: Curro Nelspruit boasts their matric results

Midrand Reporter: Curro Midrand Sagewood Campus achieves 95 per cent pass rate

SABC News report: Curro Bloemfontein boasts excellent results

Facebook: SABC News Western Cape interviews Curro Durbanville achiever

Facebook: Mossel Bay Advertiser congratulates Curro Mossel Bay matrics


Visit your preferred Curro school’s Facebook page to view their respective top achievers.


Haven’t received your results yet?

In addition to various SMS and app platforms, you can contact your school, or visit the IEB’s website (if you wrote the IEB exam) or the Department of Basic Education’s website. Keep your exam number and ID number nearby.

CURRO HOLDINGS: Five new schools opening January 2020
19 July 2019

We are excited to announce that five new schools will be opening in January 2020 – two Academy schools and three DigiEd schools.

Click on the links below for more information:

Click here if you would like to apply for a vacancy at any of these schools.

CURRO SPORT: Full Curro scholarships awarded to winners of the FNB Wines2Whales MTB
26 November 2019

For two Western Cape mountain bikers, the path to a good education turned out to be on a snaking, dusty trail. At the recent FNB Wines2Whales mountain bike event, Luyanda Thobigunya and Lorenzo Le Roux managed to secure a life-changing opportunity for their families - a full Curro scholarship from Grade 1 to Grade 12 at any Curro school, valued at R1.2 million each. However, in a heartwarming turn of events, Thobigunya decided to nominate his co-rider, who is a father of twins, to receive his scholarship so that both Le Roux’s children can benefit

One of the important battles of the FNB Wines2Whales, held in the Western Cape, was the race for the Exxaro jersey which took place during the Shiraz event from 1 – 3 November 2019. Meant for riders under the age of 26 from historically disadvantaged communities, there were 19 development teams of two riders taking part in this fierce competition. After a sweaty, gruelling race it was BMT Racing Team who were crowned the winners, walking away with two Curro scholarships and a cash prize.

Team members Luyanda Thobigunya and Lorenzo Le Roux were both informed before the race by their manager, Chris Norton, that the Curro scholarships were up for grabs - this turned out to be just the motivation needed. “It was a chance for our kids to have a better start in life and that is why we rode like we did!” Thobigunya explains.

Thobigunya, who works at the BMT trail centre at Boschendal, has been cycling for 15 years, with a first place at the 2015 Origins of Trails event his best performance yet. Le Roux is employed at South Industries, a local company which creates composite products for the cycling industry. This was Le Roux’s best performance from a team point of view, with his individual performance highlight being a fifth place at the STBB 4Good MTB Challenge in Stellenbosch. Asked about how it feels to secure this scholarship, Le Roux says, “This is why we ride - to constantly improve ourselves and our families.”

Marí Lategan, Head: Marketing and Communications at Curro Holdings, noted that they are thrilled to be involved in the FNB Wines2Whales. “This event is more about the journey than the destination and, as South Africa’s largest independent education provider, we’ve spotted great synergy in this message. We are looking forward to starting Le Roux’s children on the journey to an outstanding education at the Curro group of schools,” she concluded.

MPUMALANGA: Curro Nelspruit learner reigns at world biathle champs
11 November 2019

Gerrit Kroon, a Grade 4 learner at Curro Nelspruit, recently returned victorious from the United States where he had represented Mpumalanga at the World Biathle Championships in the under 11 boys category.

More than 420 athletes from 33 countries participated in the biathle (run-swim-run) and triathle (swim-run-shoot) from 24 to 27 October on Florida beach.

Read the full article on the Lowvelder website.

CURRO HOLDINGS: Curro schools excel at World Robot Olympiad
01 November 2019

Curro schools have always been at the forefront of advanced technological and scientific offerings in the classroom, including Robotics – and we have proven our mastery at World Robotic Olympiad events over the past few years.

The 2019 World Robot Olympiad (South Africa) this year took place on 28 September 2019 – and the national ratings have just been released.

Here are the national rankings for Curro schools:

Explorer Elementary category

  • GOLD 3rd: Legends (Curro Krugersdorp)
  • GOLD 8th: ZJ (Curro Brackenfell)
  • GOLD 10th: HipHop Buddies (Curro Krugersdorp)
  • SILVER 13th: MagicDragon (Curro Brackenfell)
  • SILVER 14th: Grantleigh5 (Grantleigh)
  • SILVER 15th: Robotics pro's (Curro Krugersdorp)
  • BRONZE 20th: Shining Stars (Curro Brackenfell)

Regular Elementary category

  • 4th: Robo_Warriors (Curro Krugersdorp)
  • 11th: RoadBots (Curro Brackenfell)
  • 13th: Grantleigh3 (Grantleigh)
  • 16th: 3 Moegoes (Curro Krugersdorp)

Regular Junior category

  • 3rd: Front Runners (Grantleigh)

Open Senior category

  • 4th: AVC (Curro Mount Richmore)
  • 6th: Hogwarts (St Dominics Newcastle robotics club)

Football category (unranked)

  • Black Shadow Sniper (Curro Heuwelkruin)
  • Hazies (Curro Hazeldean) 

The International World Robot Olympiad will take place from 8 to 10 November 2019.

KWAZULU-NATAL: Curro Mount Richmore learner takes action to support NPO
05 November 2019

Shane Allen, a Grade 5 learner at Curro Mount Richmore, recently started a fundraising initiative aimed at helping a local NPO improve the conditions of domestic animals.

After a recent trip to Mauritius, where Shane was saddened by the cruel conditions some animals endure, he asked his father, Ricki, how they could help. The two started to collect and sell lost golf balls – and have since switched to buying recyclable golf balls in bulk to keep up. They have raised R1 500 already and some of Shane's golfing buddies have committed to matching the amount, thereby raising the total to R3 000.

The funds will go to Humans Helping Animals, a non-profit organisation (NPO) based in Tongaat, KwaZulu-Natal. They educate people in the community on being responsible pet owners and assist with the sterilisation of animals to prevent more strays from roaming the streets.

Through his actions, Shane is the embodiment of what Curro hopes to instill through our #Learners2Leaders campaign: learners taking initiative, showing leadership by turning thought into action to the benefit of those around them.


Lose your balls for charity, The North Coast Courier

CURRO ALUMNI: Curro Hermanus alumnus wins world title
21 October 2019

Tristan Roberts – Curro Hermanus's first head boy back in 2015 – was crowned as the 2019 APB World Tour champion at El Fronton in the Canary Islands.

Tristan, who already has a slew of achievements notched on his board, held on to an early lead and continued with his strong start to win his first world title. On his Instagram account, Tristan could barely contain his emotions: "I have so much to say, so much to appreciate, so much to be grateful for ... I wanted to put as much time and effort into achieving what I dreamed of for the last 15 years: Becoming world champion ..."

The APB (Association of Professional Bodyboarding) is the sole governing body of professional bodyboarding. They sanction several international competitions, including the most coveted bodyboarding competition: The APB World Tour.


Surfer Today

APB website


CURRO SPORT: Curro partners with Wines2Whales for scholarship
16 October 2019

Curro has partnered with Wines2Whales (W2W) by sponsoring a scholarship from Grade 1 to Grade 12 for the winners of the Exxaro development team during the Shiraz race of the competition. Winners may nominate a family member to take advantage of this life-changing experience.

The event dates are as follows:

  • Chardonnay race: Friday, 25 to Sunday, 27 October 2019 (600 teams)
  • Pinotage race: Monday, 28 to Wednesday, 30 October 2019 (300 teams)
  • Shiraz race: Friday, 1 to Sunday, 3 November 2019 (550 teams)

In exchange for this sponsorship, we have been granted the opportunity to market the brand on days 1 and 2 in the exhibitors’ tent at the Oak Valley Wine Estate.

Curro Century City, Curro Brackenfell, Curro Durbanville, Curro Langebaan and the head office marketing team will all be involved in managing the activations during this time. Amazing prizes and give-aways will be available to all who visit our tent.

Curro Sitari will be present at the registration point at Lourensford Wine Estate and Curro Hermanus have the privilege of having the route pass through the school’s grounds.

We look forward to seeing you there!


GAUTENG: Curro Hazeldean 8-year old dusts the tennis court with under 18 players
01 November 2019

Curro Hazeldean has a budding tennis star on its hands. Grade 2 learner Kholo Montsi recently 6 out of 7 singles titles at the International Tennis Federation (ITF) World Tour – after only a few years of playing tennis. 

According to the Pretoria East Rekord, Kholo will soon be competing in his first ITF Grade A semifinal singles in Cape Town. 

CURRO SPORT: Curro Schools National Tennis Tournament promises great excitement
04 October 2019

Curro Schools have never experienced a tennis tournament like this before: 150 learners from 30 Curro Schools across the country will be competing for prized spots in the National Curro Tennis Team.

The Curro Schools National Tennis Tournament – taking place at Sun City from 7 to 10 October – will have seven rounds of matches for boys and girls from under 13 to under 18 teams, with the final rounds taking place on 11 October. The National Curro Tennis Team will be announced at a formal ceremony that evening in the South African Sport Hall of Fame.

Learners from the following schools will be participating:

  • Curro Aurora
  • Curro Bankenveld
  • Curro Cloemfontein
  • Curro Century City
  • Curro Durbanville
  • Curro Hazeldean
  • Curro Hermanus
  • Curro Hillcrest
  • Curro Kathu
  • Curro Mount Richmore
  • Curro Serengeti
  • St Dominics Newcastle
KWAZULU-NATAL: St Dominics Newcastle learner excels at Eskom Expo for Young Scientists
27 September 2019

Megan Furter, a learner at St Dominics Newcastle, has received a great prize for the Robotics project she presented at the recent Eskom Expo for Young Scientists: a bursary from Eskom to the value of R400 000 at the university of her choice.

St Dominics Newcastle – one of Curro’s Select Schools – offers Robotics as an assessment-free subject, as part of Curro’s country-wide STEAM(D) focus. Through this focus, Curro schools have reached great achievements at Science and Robotics competitions. Most recently, 18 of the 64 provincial teams that qualified for the upcoming National World Robot Olympiad are from Curro schools.

WESTERN CAPE: Curro Brackenfell choirs excel at Sing in Harmonie finals
19 August 2019

Curro Brackenfell's junior and senior choirs won several trophies at the Sing in Harmonie provincial finals this weekend.

The junior choir was the overall winner for the junior choir category and also won the category for the best non-Afrikaans song. The senior choir was the second overall winner for the senior choir category and also won the viewer's choice award.

Singing in a choir takes a lot of dedication and discipline, as well as long hours of practise. Congratulations to all learners who participated and thank you to teachers Myrtle and Lelanie for their great effort and commitment.


WESTERN CAPE: Curro Durbanville choirs shine at Tygerberg International Eisteddfod gala evening
02 August 2019

Curro Durbanville's junior, senior and high school choirs placed first, second and third in their respective categories at this year's Tygerberg International Eisteddfod gala evening held on Friday, 2 August 2019 in the Endler Hall in Stellenbosch.

Their scores were as follows:

  • Junior choir: First place with a score of 93.5%
  • Senior choir: Third place with a score of 91.6%
  • High school choir: Second place with a score of 90.3%

This evening was an astounding testament to the hours of commitment and dedication on the part of the learners and music department. The school initially made history by having all three choirs invited to the gala evening and their achievement at the event shows how passion and hard work can lead to success.

Click here to see more photos on Curro Durbanville's Facebook page.

MPUMALANGA: Meridian Karino introduces robotics club
08 August 2019

Learners at Meridian Karino can soon participate in robotics club as an extramural activity. Grade 7 learners have already started enjoying the club and Grade 4, 6 and 8 learners can join in 2020, thanks to contributions from Curro Thatchfield and Curro Roodeplaat.

The intensive programming involved in robotics prepares learners to understand and participate in the ever-changing 21st century where most processes are computerised and introduces them to new career possibilities. It also provides insight into the technology involved with modern developments such as self-driven cars and artificial intelligence.

These projects promote creativity and, as they are done in groups, also improve skills such as communication, collaboration and critical thinking that help learners integrate in society and the workplace.

For more information on Meridian Karino's robotics club, contact them at 087 285 1662.

GAUTENG: Curro Aurora choir takes gold at ATKV Applous finals
25 July 2019

Curro Aurora's senior choir received a gold certificate in the finals of the 2019 ATKV Applous competition. They participated in the category for non-Afrikaans choirs in the 42nd season of the countrywide choir festival, which took place from 24 to 27 June 2019 in Bloemfontein.

Click here to see the last practice before their performance last night.

WESTERN CAPE: Curro Durbanville learner wins bronze at International Mathematics Olympiad
26 July 2019

Adri Wessels, a Grade 12 learner from Curro Durbanville, recently returned from the United Kingdom where he and his five team mates from South Africa, achieved a bronze medal at the International Mathematics Olympiad.

The International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO) is the world championship Mathematics competition for high school learners and is held annually in a different country. The six learners who represented South Africa were Taariq Mowzer (Fairbain College), Emil van der Walt (Hoërskool Jan van Riebeck), Aaron Naidu (Eden College), Andi Qu (St John’s), Adri Wessels (Curro Durbanville, and Kgaogelo Bopape (Horizon International).

Photo credit: Supplied

GAUTENG: Curro Academy Wilgeheuwel spreads education for Mandela Day
23 July 2019

Greek philosopher, Diogenes, wrote 'The foundation of every state is the education of its youth.' In the spirit of education, the high school learners of Curro Academy Wilgeheuwel decided to share their love of education with an underprivileged school in their area.

The learners spent their 67 minutes making educational flash cards, posters and notes for the children of Ratanda Primary School in Heidelberg.

Click here to view more photos of their activities.

WESTERN CAPE: Curro Durbanville learners excel at SA Chess Championships
22 July 2019

Two Curro Durbanville learners placed first and second respectively in the SA Chess Championships held during the June/July school holidays.

Andrea de Jager (Grade 9) placed first in the under 15 boys section, while Ethan Samuels (Grade 11) placed second in the under 19 boys section.

WESTERN CAPE: Curro Durbanville learners make SA hockey team for age groups
19 July 2019

Two learner from Curro Durbanville represented the Western Cape at the under 16 National Hockey Tournament held in Pietermaritzburg during the recent school holidays. Their team reached the finals and lost to the hosts, KZN Coastals, 3-2.

At the end of the tournament, the organisers announced the under 16 SA team, which includes Liam Glasby (Grade 9) and Kenoé Christians (Grade 10). Kené was also indicated as the most valuable striker of the tournament.

WESTERN CAPE: Curro Durbanville learners invited to World Schools Chess Championship
18 July 2019

Two learners from Curro Durbanville represented the Western Cape at the South African National Schools Chess tournament, hosted in Kimberley from 17 to 21 June 2019.

Clea Nel (Grade 1) came fourth in the under 9 girls section while Amahle Zenzile (Grade 7) placed first in the under 13 girls section. Both learners were selected to the South African schools team and were invited to participate in the World Schools Chess Championships to be hosted in Lima, Peru in May 2020.

LIMPOPO: Northern Academy open day with a difference
23 July 2019

Northern Academy, managed by Curro, is hosting an open day with a difference on Saturday, 14 September 2019. Besides showing prospective parents what the school has to offer, there will be enrolment specials, traditional foods and great prizes to be won.

Click here for the school's contact details if you need more information.


GAUTENG: Curro Serengeti learner one of top 12 CAT learners in SA
18 July 2019

Megan Vorster from Curro Serengeti was one of 12 finalists countrywide to participate in the 10th annual Computers Applications Olympiad, sponsored by the Institute of Information Technology Professionals of South Africa (IITPSA). The learners were the top achievers from 5 530 contestants taking part in the event, which included two school-based rounds in May, followed by the finals in Cape Town.

This Olympiad is designed to challenge learners to inventively apply their knowledge of Computer Applications Technology (CAT) – particularly Word, Excel and Access – beyond what they may have been taught.

Participating in the final Olympiad is a great honour.

WESTERN CAPE: Curro Hermanus learners on kykNET top schools programme
17 April 2019

Curro Hermanus was filmed by the crew of kykNET Uitblinkers for their top schools section. Star academic achievers discussed the school, leadership and their experience. That evening, the school's star performers in music, drama, vocals and dancing, as well as all three choirs and the marimba band entertained the audience in a fantastic concert.

The programme will be broadcast on DSTV channel 146 on Tuesday, 6 August at 19:00. Repeat broadcasts will be on Wednesday, 7 August at 11:30, Thursday, 8 August at 17:30 and Monday, 12 August at 12:30.

GAUTENG: Curro Hazeldean learner represented SA at Commonwealth Chess Championship
02 July 2019

A learner from Curro Hazeldean, Claire le Roux, represented South Africa at the Commonwealth Chess Championships 2019 in India, New Delhi. She scored 2.5 out 7 in the under 12 girls section and received Chess SA Colours for repesenting her country.

GAUTENG: Curro Aurora equestrian scoops up awards
12 July 2019

Megan Ras, a Grade 5 learner from Curro Aurora, received the School Shield for her school in the 1-rider school category at the SANESA Gauteng West equestrian awards.

She also won a number of other awards on the evening:

  • Trophy for 7th best rider in Gauteng West out of all primary schools
  • Gold medal for Handy Hunder (Levels 1 to 7 combined)
  • Bronze medal for Working Hunter (Levels 1 to 7 combined)

Furthermore, she has made the Gauteng West team for dressage, performance riding, working riding, equitation, show jumping, working hunter and handy hunter.

WESTERN CAPE: Curro Hermanus learner publishes second book
11 July 2019

Khareece Maree, a learner of Curro Hermanus, has published her second book at the tender age of 13.

Khareece – who wrote the book when she was 11 – has been at Curro Hermanus since Grade RR and excels academically. Her parents published her book, The Triple Spies, as a birthday gift. Her first book, Pony in my Pocket, was published as a gift from her grandparents.

The Triple Spies will be launched at an open event at Curro Hermanus on Monday, 15 July at 12:00 – 14:00. Signed copies of the book will be on sale after the event.

Photo credit: Hermanus Times

GAUTENG: Young poet emerges from Curro Aurora
03 July 2019

Muhammad Zia Shaik, a Grade 4 learner from Curro Aurora is well on his way to becoming a great poet. His poetry has already been published in newspapers in Gauteng and KwaZulu-Natal.

'Every day, you see emotions in people everywhere, and some of them are sadly negative. I decided to write a poem to make people feel happy and positive and to help inspire change in the environment around us,' he said.

Muhammad draws inspiration from those close to him. 'The people who inspire me the most in life are my mom and dad. They inspire and motivate me every day to keep following my passion.'

He would like to pursue his poetry, his dreams are set elsewhere. 'I love my poetry, but my real dream is to become a scientist.'

Click here to read Muhammad's poem, entitled Mom, in the full article on Randburg Sun's website.

LIMPOPO: Northern Academy learner publishes first novel
29 June 2019

Ntiyiso Mukhari, a Grade 8 learner at Northern Academy in Limpopo has just become a published author. At 14, she launched her debut book, Life's Jour­ney, on Saturday 29 June 2019.

Ntiyiso spent six months writing this Christian novel about the struggles of a girl growing up while contending with a multitude of challenges, including child abuse and abduction, while gradually finding her path to God.

Through this book, Ntiyiso hopes to inspire her peers to live life to the fullest. She attributes her love of language to her teachers at Northern Academy who pushed her to realise her dream of becoming a novelist.

For information on how to purchase your copy of Life's Journey, contact Amukelani on 082 979 9027.

GAUTENG: Curro Academy Protea Glen revamps community sports facilities
25 June 2019

Curro Holdings and Curro Academy Protea Glen, as part of its Curro Legacy Project, handed over three new sports facilities to the communities of Protea Glen and Protea City last Thursday. The upgrade entailed revamping, resurfacing, repainting and refencing the previously neglected grounds.

'We realise how sport brings South Africans together and would like to thank the Protea Glen community and Ward 13 Councillor, George Mahlangu, for letting us assist in upgrading the communal facilities so that the whole community benefits,' said John Bisset, General Manager at Curro Holdings.

The sports grounds are now open to the community in time for the winter holidays. The revamped grounds provide space for tennis, six-a-side, basketball, netball and volleyball.

Click here to read the full article posted by The Sowetan Urban.


WESTERN CAPE: Curro Hermanus dancers win at SA hip hop competition
24 June 2019

Three learners from Curro Hermanus who are members of Illusion Force – a senior dance group from Haus of Performance – won first place in the South Africa Body of Dance Provincial Hip Hop Championships at the Cape Town International Convention Centre.

Curro Hermanus is very proud of Ané Lourens, Yohké Swanepoel and Chevonne Botes for this achievement. Yohké Swanepoel placed sixth in her age group for a solo performance. She and Ané Lourens also placed fourth in their age group for a duo.

Click here to watch a video of the dance for which Illusion Force won.

MPUMALANGA: Meridian Karino model representing SA in America
12 June 2019

Ntokozo Zulu, a 15-year-old teenage model from Meridian Karino will be representing South Afirca at the ARTS International Talent showcase in America for modelling during July.

ARTS International helps adults and youth aspiring to be actors, models, dancers, and singers cut through all of the red-tape in theindustry to find healthy success. Previous winners have continued to reach international platforms such as New York Fashion Week, Broadway, Disney, CW’s Riverdale, Nickelodeon, So You Think You Can Dance, ABC, CBS, NBC, and The Voice.

Good luck, Ntokozo. We hope you enjoy the experience.

NORTH WEST PROVINCE: Curro Academy Mahikeng learners excell at World Dance Championship
13 June 2019

Five learners from Curro Academy Mahikeng recently represented South Africa at the World Dance Championship in Croatia.

Resego Motswenyane, Rebaabetswe Motswenyane, Maya Phele, Tshiamo Molale and Omolemo Motsoenyane did exceptionally well in this tough competition.

The results were as follows:

Resego, Rebaabetswe, Tshiamo and Omolemo

  • First place: small group open A-league
  • Second place: large group national folkloric B-league


  • First place: duet open A-league
  • Second place: large group national folkloric B-league
  • Third place: duet national folkloric A-league
  • Third place: solo jazz A-league
  • Third place: solo commercial A-league

Congratulations to these dancers!

WESTERN CAPE: Curro Durbanville learner receives prestigious award at UCT Mathematics competition
07 June 2019

Curro Durbanville learner, Adri Wessels (Grade 12) received joint first place in the annual UCT Mathematics competition. In addition, Adri had achieved four first places and one second places at the competition during his high school years. Therefore, he was awarded the Lesley Reeler trophy for overall top performance over five consecutive years of participation. 

Adri is one of the three Western Cape International Mathematics Olympiad (IMO) 2019 team members who will represent South Africa in Bath, United Kingdom, in July this year.

We are very proud of Adri and his achievements and look forward to seeing what his future has in store.

WESTERN CAPE: Curro Hermanus learners win UCT Mathematics Olympiad trophy
13 June 2019

Sixty learners from Curro Hermanus participated in the annual UCT Mathematics Olympiad, along with 6 500 learners from schools across the Western Cape.

Jean Weight (Grade 11) excelled once more by winning a gold award and finishing third in his grade. Another seven learners won merit awards.

The combined scores of the school's learners resulted in them winning the UCT trophy for schools that entered the competition for no more than three years with the highest total for their top 30 learners.

Congratulations to Curro Hermanus and all learners that participated.

Click here for more photos on the school's Facebook page.

CURRO HOLDINGS: Curro plans to have 197 schools by 2022
06 June 2019

Curro will add as many as 26 schools in 2019, taking its portfolio to 164 schools, 68 campuses and 57,465 learners by the end of the year, CEO Andries Greyling said in a presentation posted on the company’s website on Tuesday.


Click here to read the full article on the Business Day website.

WESTERN CAPE: Curro Academy Sandown learners achieve in karate
28 May 2019

Several learners from Curro Academy Sandown recently achieved in karate:

  • Jasper Bloem (Grade R) earned a gold medal in Kata and Kumite at the National JKA Karate Championships.
  • Caiden Moore (Grade 2) was selected to represent the Goju Kai Western Province team at the nationals taking place in September.
  • Ethan van der Vlis (Grade 4) represented the Western Cape at the National JKA Karate Championships and received a gold medal as well as SA colours in his age group.


We are very proud of our learners and look forward to seeing them grow in this sport.

MPUMALANGA: Curro Bankenveld alumna making it in the world of tennis
04 June 2019

Puseletso Mampho (Curro Bankenveld, 2018) started playing tennis at a young age. Her great attitude and enthusiasm caused her to work hard on her skills every week and to push through difficult times. She reached such great achievements in tennis while in primary school, that she obtained a scholarship for high school from Curro Bankenveld.

Puseletso – who is currently studying towards being a teacher – recently received good news from Tennis South Africa: She was identified for the BNP Paribas Coaches Mentorship Programme, which aims to support aspiring coaches.

Click here to read the full article on the Witbank News website.

KWAZULU-NATAL: Curro Hillcrest touring band wows crowd at Royal Show in Pietermaritzburg
02 June 2019

The touring band of Curro Hillcrest yesterday performed at the Royal Show in Pietermaritzburg.


Click here to see a video of the band in action on Curro Hillcrest's Instagram account.

WESTERN CAPE: Curro Castle Burgundy supports security guard after mugging.
29 May 2019

When Curro Castle Burgundy's security guard, Jo, was attacked and robbed of his bike on Monday, 20 May 2019, the school's marketer, Zoe Knifton – along with a parent and the school's facilities manager, Quinton – started a fundraiser in order to buy Jo a new bicycle.

The school's parents opened their hearts and donated enough money for the school to buy Jo a new bicycle, helmet, cycling gloves, reflector jacket, lights and a proper lock for his bicycle.

When presented with his new equipment, Jo was at a loss for words but still expressed his deep gratitude and appreciation.

WESTERN CAPE: Curro Durbanville choirs make history at Tygerberg Eisteddfod
31 May 2019

Curro Durbanville's junior choir is known to excel at the Tygerberg Eisteddfod. However, this year is the first time that all three of their choirs – junior, senior and high school – have been invited to take part in the final round of the Tygerberg Eisteddfod. This is an incredible achievement for the school!

They will perform at the Tygerberg Gala Concert on 2 August 2019 at the Endler Hall in Stellenbosch.

Click here to view more photos on Facebook.

Curro Durbanville | Curro Durbanville excels with remote learning during lockdown
22 June 2020

After schools closed amid COVID-19, there were concerns raised about the effectiveness of educational institutions’ remote learning efforts during lockdown. This, however, was not the case for Curro Durbanville, where a structured remote learning approach meant learners could continue to receive the highest standard of education.


Siyabonga Nhlapo and Kiara De Gouveia, head boy and head girl of Curro Durbanville high school, believe the school’s matric group is still on track to successfully complete the IEB final exams - with thanks to the school’s successful remote learning classes.


When the lockdown came into effect, Curro Durbanville was quick to provide daily virtual class schedules, and a contingency plan for an extended lockdown period. Learners knew what classes were scheduled for the day and the topics to be covered in each.


Nhlapo believes this structure helped learners to work at their own pace. They knew, for example, what would be presented in the next live virtual Maths class, while learners received pre-recorded videos or PowerPoint presentations to prepare beforehand, or to study to move ahead if they so wished.


Nhlapo mentions it was easy for him and his fellow learners to move to a virtual learning platform because of the exposure to technology they have received at Curro Durbanville. That, coupled with the matric grade’s eager work ethic and positive attitude.


That said, both De Gouveia and Nhlapo credit their teachers for a successful remote learning experience. “Our teachers have been brilliant and so accommodating. Lockdown has been an overwhelming time, but they have done an amazing job of making us feel that they will do everything they can to help us,” De Gouveia says.


From the teachers’ perspective, the daily engagement and feedback from learners was vital in building the skills needed to teach effectively remotely. There was also Curro Durbanville’s strong senior management team working tirelessly behind the scenes to drive these efforts during lockdown.


While the remote learning experience has proved essential in preparing Curro Durbanville learners for the year-end exams, Nhlapo and De Gouveia are excited to be back at school, catching up with their friends and teachers.

GAUTENG: Curro Aurora parent – world famous mountaineer – makes history.
30 May 2019

Saray Khumalo – a Curro Aurora parent – made history this week when she became the first black woman from Africa to summit Mount Everest. She returned to South Africa on Monday morning after reaching her goal in the early hours of Thursday, 16 May.

Click here to to see the beautiful post Curro Aurora shared on their Facebook page in honour of Saray's achievement.

KWAZULU-NATAL: Curro alumnus sponsors Curro Mount Richmore first teams
20 May 2019

Etienne Nel – alumnus from Curro Durbanville – has supported the first teams of Curro Mount Richmore from his capacity as the owner of OK Foods Zimbali Wedge. At a recent ceremony, Curro Mount Richmore thanked Mr Nel for his continued support of their teams, as well as generous donations of kits, bags and other items as requested for school events.


Click here for more photos of the ceremony on Curro Mount Richmore's Facebook page.

GAUTENG: Curro Serengeti learners amaze at robotics exhibition
25 May 2019

Learners from Curro Serengeti present at the Pops Toys Lego robotics exhibition – held at Northmead Square on 25 and 26 May – amazed the crowds with their ability to programme Lego bricks to travel along a path, move objects and stay on course.


Click here to read the full article on the website of Benoni City Times.

KWAZULU-NATAL: Meridian Newcastle learners excel at national science competition
16 May 2019

Four Grade 12 learners from Meridian Cosmo City were invited to the Provincial Science Minquiz – South Africa's premier national science competition – which was hosted by the University of KwaZulu-Natal.


Sibongokuhle Gama, Manqoba Ngwenya, Sibongakonke Zondo and Tadiwanashe Murgorgo competed against 17 other schools and received second position in the second round of the gold category.


Sibongakonke Zondo came second overall in the competition and will be representing KwaZulu-Natal at the national science olympiad on 3 July 2019. Sibangakonke competed against 63 other learners to receive first position in the gold category as well as second position in the gold and platinum categories.


Well done to these learners on their outstanding achievements!

WESTERN CAPE: Curro Sitari learner representing at national ATKV-orators competition
27 May 2019

Joshua Steyn from Curro Sitari has succeeded to the final round of the ATKV-orators competition. This is a prestigious achievement, as he will be representing Curro and the Western Cape at national level.


The final round will take place on 2 August 2019 at Goudini Spa.

WESTERN CAPE: Curro Brackenfell choirs filmed by KykNet Nou for Sing in Harmonie
24 May 2019

Curro Brackenfell's junior and senior choir will soon be showcased on Sing in Harmonie – a programme on KykNet Nou! On Friday 24 May, our choirs were filmed by the crew while singing to the guiding hand of teacher Myrtle Visser.


Sing in Harmonie is the first school choir competition of its kind. It provides schools from across South Africa with the opportunity to make their mark on national television – and the chance of winning their part of R50 000.

NAMIBIA: Windhoek Gymnasium learner participated in African Shield Eventing Series.
29 April 2019

Nicolene Grundeling from Windhoek Gymnasium was part of the national Namibian Eventing Team that participated in the African Shield Eventing Series 2019. The event was held in Zimbabwe with participants from six other African Countries.

Nicolene is 1.7m tall and rode on a loan horse – a little 7-year-old pony with which she had to compete in dressage, show jumping and eventing. She got a refusal in the show jumping and a good, fast round in the eventing.

Nicolene scored a 55% in her dressage and Namibia ended in 5th place.

Well done, Nicolene!

GAUTENG: Curro Aurora wins all matches in Warriors Rugby league.
27 April 2019

Curro Aurora's under 15 and under 16 7s rugby teams won all their Warriors League games this morning! Congratulations, you made us proud!

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