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School uniform

Our school uniforms are in striking red, black and white. It is trendy, yet timeless. The fabric of all pants, shorts, skirts and skorts are a dark grey/charcoal colour. 

For the summer terms, the junior boys wear a modern shaped short, while the girls wear a skort (short-skirt combination). In winter both will wear long pants. Both wear a neat golf type shirt in summer, and a tracksuit in winter. Dark grey socks with red stripes, and black shoes, round off the picture. 

The senior girls wear a neat skirt in summer, and choice of pants or skirt in winter. Black, red and white pringle cardigan optional, tie in summer and winter. Black blazer with red edging. Neat, comfortable white blouse in summer, long sleeve in winter. 

The senior boys wear grey pants. White short-sleeve shirt with tie in summer, long sleeve in winter. Pringle cardigan optional. 

The sports clothes are red, black and white combinations. Tog bags with the school crest to accompany the sports outfit. 

Have a look at the pictures of our school uniforms in summer and winter. 


It is imperative that learners always look neat in their uniform, honour it and are proud of it, on and off the school premises. 

Regular neatness inspections will be done, in order to ensure that learners adhere to prescriptions with regard to the uniforms and general neatness. 

Decisions about neatness are up to the discretion of the Executive Head and the appointed educator in charge of neatness. 


  • A learner’s uniform should be marked clearly. 
  • No tattoos or visible body piercings are allowed.
  • For the sake of neatness, learners in the secondary school and senior primary phase may not wear a combination of school wear and sportswear. Do not wear rugby or soccer clothes with the school blazer, for example. 

Casual wear days 

Learners may wear casual clothes to school on specific casual wear school days, e.g. for a fundraising as part of another event on the (school) calendar like Valentine’s Day 

Only in the primary section, when a learner celebrates his/her birthday, he/she may dress in neat, casual clothes for the day. If he/she celebrates his/her birthday on a weekend, they can choose either the Friday or Monday to wear casual clothes. This allowance is not for secondary learners. 

On casual wear days the following rules apply: 

  • Only neat, clean, tidy and appropriate clothes will be allowed. No transparent/revealing clothing; no strapless, spaghetti string, midriff and back revealing clothing; no very short/very tight dresses/skirts and pants; no shorts, ski pants, dirty shoes, takkies, slip-slops; no tattoos or body piercing. 
  • No makeup will be allowed. 
  • No earrings or other jewellery for boys. 

Retailers of school wear 

School uniforms are sold at the school wear shop at main reception