School crest and logo

The school crest 

  • The circle symbolizes the holistic approach of Windhoek Gymnasium towards education – to not only teach learners about the academic curriculum, but teach them about life, social skills and caring for each other, as well as stimulating sport and cultural activities in the school community. It further represents the circle of life – only in God it becomes complete. 
  • The sun represents our sunny country, Namibia, also the symbol in our country’s flag. 
  • The aloe is representative of our city, Windhoek. It has further meaning: Despite dry, less favourable circumstances, the aloe grows and BLOOMS – in the same way we must learn to make the best of our circumstances. It is not important what happens AROUND us, what matters is what happens INSIDE us. 
  • The desert is characteristic of our country, and at the same time it creates the image of the unfavourable environment (not necessarily bad – the desert is also very beautiful) in which the aloe blooms. 
  • The colour of red in our crest symbolizes the blood of Jesus Christ, to whom our school is consecrated; the blood that gave us freedom to enjoy life and excel in everything we do. 

Description of logo (short version): 

Logos, pathos, ethos: 

  • ‘LOGOS’ means the Word of God, where we find the truth and wisdom we need. 
  • ‘PATHOS’ means way or path – the path that we follow as a result of the truth and guidance that we find in the Word of God. Our ways must be within God’s will and plan for us. Our lifestyle must send a positive message to the world. 
  • ‘ETHOS’ is a common feeling of moral values that bind us together as a community. If someone in our community suffers, we share our sympathy, and if someone is blessed and achieves success, we share in his/her joy and pride. 

Description of logo (long version): 

Logos, pathos, ethos: 


Meaning WORD, the word of God from which we learn our ways. The word of God was first an image. Logos was first used by Heraclitus … and his explanation for it was an image. ‘Logos meant sound …. In the beginning was the Sound, and the Sound was with God, and the Sound WAS God … And the Sound became an Image … it became a person. 

Heraclitus picked up a stick from the ground to explain logosThe stick is basically useless, but I can do something to/with it that will make an instrument of music and healing, or an instrument of warfare and killing (a bow). This happens when the stick is connected to a piece of string (Jesus). The string brings together the two poles/ends/extremes to function as a unit. 

Jesus proclaimed a different way of understanding, by interpreting the scriptures as LIVING it. Jesus reincarnated the scriptures, by becoming the living scripture = LOGOS, putting flesh on the scriptures, putting skin to His way of life, calling people to live life His way (pathos), the way of great passion and conviction. 


Meaning the WAYled by the Word. The truth, the right way to live, as Jesus taught us. Therefore, we are committed to orientate people around us to live life differently, the way (pathos) of Jesus; to be forgiving, to be generous, to be honest, to be inclusive, to be gracious, to be compassionate, and to pursue faith, love, hope, wisdom, truth and peace, because it is a better way of living. Over time, when you purposefully live the way of Jesus, you become part of a community, a movement, of people who have been living, exploring, discussing, sharing, and experiencing new understanding of human beings, inviting other to come along on a journey of living a better life, the way of Jesus. 


Ethos means the fundamental character of spirit of a culture; the underlying sentiment that informs the beliefs, customs and practices of a group of society. It is the distinguishing character or disposition of a community, a corporate-intense mental state that arises subjectively, to the entire community. When something happens, everyone feels in the same way. When something is violated, everyone is offended. When something is obtained, everyone celebrates. 

Cultures share a common heart. We often speak of the heart as shared values. They bind us together, unify us. Hidden beneath our communal beliefs are mutually held concerns and common experiences. If a worldview is the way a community sees reality, then an ethos is the way a community feels reality. Ethos is what happens when many individuals make autonomous choices that create a unified movement. Ethos moves us when nothing else will and like nothing else will. Ethos can be described as a tribal emotion. Ethos is the fuel of our caring and the fire of our passions, the e-motion of a community. 

God se woord word vlees deur ons –dit verander die etos (die manier hoe ons as gemeenskap voel oor dinge). Deur Jesus word die logos patos, die manier hoe ons leefen dit skep ’n ander etosOns moet so leef dat ons ’n melodie is, ’n mooi klank wat strelend is vir die gemeenskapOns wil elkeen betrokke by die skool, se vermoëns op so ‘n manier aanwend en gebruik dat dit ons as skool-gemeenskap help om die gemeenskap op te hef en ’n beter plek te maak. 

Teaching a new lifestyle, building a better future: 

In the world today, we get the impression that people live only for themselves. This is a result of the way they are trained and coached in life: I must work hard, so that I can achieve success, so that I can get a good education, so that I can get a good qualification, so that I can get a good job, so that I can earn a lot of money, so that I can have a good life  

At Windhoek Gymnasium we want to teach our learners that life is not only about me. I only find true value in life when I make a positive contribution to the world around me. 

Windhoek Gymnasium was established to improve overall standards of education and sport in Namibia.