Parent involvement

Parents actively participate in school activities, and are involved in the holistic development of their children. 

Parents are the primary caretakers of our children, and they co-operate as a team with the school to inculcate good moral values with our children, in accordance with Windhoek Gymnasium’s code of conduct. 

Parents must be acquainted with the code of conduct and school rules of Windhoek Gymnasium, must adhere to it, and encourage their children to adhere to it. 

Parents must always act as worthy ambassadors of the school, and they must ensure that their behaviour is never an embarrassment to the school at sports or other school events. Their behaviour must be in accordance with the code of conduct and should never bring the school in disrepute. 

Parents must respect educators at all times and never talk negatively about any educator in the presence of learners. If a parent has a problem, concern or enquiry of an academic nature, he/she can contact the Executive Head, who will address it in an applicable manner. In the case of sport, the sports coordinator can be contacted, while the managing director can be consulted for matters regarding administration, relations and finance. 

No parent may visit an educator in class during school hours. 

Parents must communicate any change in addresses or contact details with the school as soon as possible. This will avoid misunderstandings and miscommunication. 

Parents will try to attend all parent meetings organised by the school, in order to ensure that they obtain the necessary information relevant to their child. 

When a child must be collected from school in exceptional cases, permission must be obtained from the Executive Head. The parent must report to reception, where the learner will be called from the class.