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Welcome to

Curro Castle Bankenveld

Curro Castle Bankenveld provides a unique, child-friendly, stimulating environment that fosters creativity, positive discipline and the building of rewarding relationships. It is more than a nursery school. It is a community where children learn how to work and play together. 

Curro Castle Bankenveld is an English- and Afrikaans-medium nursery school and accommodates boys and girls from 3 months to 5 years old. We aim to inspire young minds to become extraordinary through the unique Curro nursery school curriculum. We strive to optimise learning by young brains and to capitalise on the potential for learning that children have from a young age. We therefore pay special attention to the theories of teaching and the science behind how we develop to ensure that our children receive the best education possible. 

Your child will leave Curro Castle Bankenveld not only with very special memories, but also ready for the demands of the big school and the outside world. 

View our fact sheet for school times, activities and more information on our offering.


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