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20 April 2021

MPUMALANGA: Meridian Karino introduces robotics club
08 August 2019

Learners at Meridian Karino can soon participate in robotics club as an extramural activity. Grade 7 learners have already started enjoying the club and Grade 4, 6 and 8 learners can join in 2020, thanks to contributions from Curro Thatchfield and Curro Roodeplaat.

The intensive programming involved in robotics prepares learners to understand and participate in the ever-changing 21st century where most processes are computerised and introduces them to new career possibilities. It also provides insight into the technology involved with modern developments such as self-driven cars and artificial intelligence.

These projects promote creativity and, as they are done in groups, also improve skills such as communication, collaboration and critical thinking that help learners integrate in society and the workplace.

For more information on Meridian Karino's robotics club, contact them at 087 285 1662.

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