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Internship programmes


The aim of the Curro IT Skills Development Programme (SDP) is to equip our interns with transferable skills in the IT field, relevant industry qualifications and the ability to foster strong interpersonal relationships so they may be workplace ready and able to influence change at school level.

By empowering the interns to function as change agents in the schools to which they are assigned, they will gain skills and workplace proficiency in multiple e-learning platforms as well as experience in Curro systems and other IT-related programs.

Interns will gain experience by participating in the day-to-day functions in Curro’s IT framework.

This will bring about the following benefits for the intern:

  • Prepares interns for the digital age.
  • Encourages the interns to explore the IT field.
  • Diversification of interns’ skill set.
  • Offers real-world experience.
  • Improves interns’ critical thinking and problem-solving skills.
  • Encourages leadership skills.

Successful candidates will finish with a national Further Education and Training Certificate in Information Technology: Technical Support. Successful candidates will also finish with CompTIA A+ and N+ international qualifications.







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