Waterstone College is among the top independent schools in the country, situated on a superb campus on the beautiful banks of the Klip River. 

The ultra-modern buildings and facilities are complemented by state-of-the-art sports and cultural facilities and consist of the following: 

  • Large classrooms 
  • Auditorium 
  • 450-seater hall 
  • 600-seater hall 
  • 1 200-seater amphitheatre 
  • Computer centre 
  • Science laboratories 
  • Technology centre 
  • Robotics centre 
  • Food preparation class 
  • High performance centre with a fully equipped gymnasium 
  • Dance studio 
  • Sports fields 
  • Hockey AstroTurf 
  • Tennis/netball courts 
  • Therapy rooms 
  • Two indoor swimming pools 
  • Art centre 
  • Music lab 
  • Media centre 
  • Fully equipped canteen 
  • Castle, a fully operational nursery school


 High school building

High performance centre




Science lab

Art lab

Aquatic centre

Learn-to-swim pool 


Sports fields


Primary school buildings

Music lab

Intersen phase computer lab

Foundation phase school buildings



Gr R play area


 Media centre

Dance studio

Aftercare play area

Castle play area

Waterstone College map