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Waterstone College

Waterstone College is an independent school managed by the Curro group who is the largest provider of independent schooling to learners in South Africa. We want our learners to flourish in their future. We understand that deep, meaningful learning is hard work, but it must also be fun. Educators in the 21st century must seek a greater understanding of how learning takes place, and how they can improve the learners’ abilities and desire to keep on learning beyond school.

At Waterstone College, we follow a Christian ethos and pride ourselves on providing quality independent education. Our enriched curriculum with structured academic, sports and cultural programmes ensures that your child will flourish in his or her school career. Our integrated approach to transitioning between phases prevents major educational gaps and helps your child settle in easily.

At Waterstone College, our educators are all highly trained professionals and enjoy frequent training that empowers us to give your child the best education and stay abreast of the latest educational trends. Our state-of-the-art sports facilities and cultural programme will provide your child with a well-balanced lifestyle.

Our vision is that every learner becomes a well-rounded individual with excellent values, who excels in various areas of life, and can make a positive contribution to society.

Quick facts: 

  • Co-educational (girls and boys) 
  • English  
  • Foundation phase: Grade R to Grade 3 
  • Intermediate phase: Grade 4 to Grade 7 
  • Senior phase: Grade 8 and 9 
  • FET phaseGrade 10 to Grade 12 
  • Controlled class sizes 
  • School times vary depending on the Grade. See school times for more information. 
  • Aftercare available: every day until 17:30 
  • IEB examinations (Grade 12)