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Welcome to

Curro Helderwyk

Curro Helderwyk is a leading independent school situated within the well-established Helderwyk Estate, Brakpan that provides high-quality education to learners from Grade R to Grade 12. Our small class sizes and enhanced curriculum empower learners with skills and knowledge to grow into self-confident individuals. We offer specialised subjects such as Robotics and Engineering Graphics and Design and our dedicated teachers prepare our learners for the IEB examination at the end of Grade 12.

Our nursery school, Curro Castle Helderwyk, offers an integrated play-based programme to children from 4 years to 5 years. View their webpage to see how we apply our internally developed programme to support your child’s early learning and development goals. Our Grade R learners are also accommodated at the Castle.


What do we offer?

At Curro Helderwyk we balance academic excellence with sports and cultural activities that ensure learners develop into well-rounded individuals. We provide a strong educational foundation starting with carefully designed programmes in Grade R (such as the Bazoo integrated literacy programme) and building to a variety of specialised subjects in primary and high school.

 Specialised subjects include Robotics and Engineering Graphics and Design

Our enhanced curriculum incorporates a project-based learning approach, while our dedicated teachers and recreational activities aim to make learning a fun experience. We also incorporate 21st-century learning by using tablets in the classroom for certain subjects, rather than textbooks. Our learners are prepared for the IEB examination at the end of Grade 12, and we focus on a greater world-readiness rather than merely an exam-driven approach. Some of our specialised subjects include Robotics and Engineering Graphics and Design.


Which activities do we offer?

We believe that participation in sports and cultural activities plays an important role in promoting friendship, team-awareness and self-confidence in addition to physical and social well-being. Therefore, we offer a wide variety of sports and cultural activities, including Curro Create programmes, aimed at helping learners develop interests and talents that might otherwise have been undiscovered.

With a strong history of achievement in eisteddfods as well as carefully selected teachers and coaches, we go to great lengths to ensure that each learner is stimulated in their areas of interests. Our learners even have the opportunity to obtain their private pilot’s licence from Grade 10 onwards through the Curro Helderwyk Aviation School.


How do we use technology in the classroom?

Our school’s modern classrooms are fitted with the latest learning tools aimed at providing our learners with an enhanced learning experience. In Grade R, the Duplo Lego programme introduces thinking patterns such as creative thinking and problem-solving through fun, innovative play. These thinking patterns form the basis for an understanding of later Robotics studies.

Our learners further benefit from 21st-century learning by gaining skills relevant to the workplace of the future in subjects such as Computer Applications Technology, Technology and Engineering Graphics and Design, and by using tablets (e-books) rather than textbooks for certain subjects from the intermediate phase onwards. Using innovative technology allows teachers to provide a wealth of information at the touch of a button and better prepares learners for the workplace of the future.


What else is near Curro Helderwyk?

Curro Helderwyk is situated within the well-established Helderwyk Estate, Brakpan. Our school is easily accessible from Drakensberg Avenue, just off Boundary/Elsburg Road, and surrounded by beautiful scenery, such as the Van Wyk Dam. Nearby attractions include Carnival City and the Royal Oak Country Club. We are also conveniently close to bus stations and taxi ranks and the Netcare Sunward Park Hospital is in close proximity to ensure the safety of our learners. Our school also offers a transport service to our learners who live nearby.


For more information on what Curro Helderwyk offers, view our fact sheet and fees lettercontact us for a school tour, or enrol your child.


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