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Intermediate phase culture

Cultural activities offered:

  • Music 
  • Drama 
  • Art 
  • Choir 
  • Orators

Intermediate phase: Grades 4 to 7

Music tuition:
Approximately 130 learners from Grade 1 to Grade 12 receive music tuition at Curro Hazeldean Primary School.

We are launching a Music Academy at the high school from 2020 in our newly built music facilities.

Tuition takes place during and after school hours.

Piano; drums; recorder; flute; fife; saxophone; violin; classical, pop and Spanish guitar. Reading of notation is compulsory, except for Spanish guitar.

Music theory:
Learners are encouraged to write the University of South Africa (UNISA) exams and staff are accredited to enter learners. UNISA theory exams are bilingual.

External practical exams:
Learners are entered at the following institutions: UNISA, Trinity College of Music (classical, pop and rock) and Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music (ABRSM).

Art festivals and eisteddfods:
We participate in the Beeld Eisteddfod, Centurion Art Festival, Pretoria Kunswedstryd, Noorderkruin Kunstefees (hosted at the school), Curro Create and CK’s Got Talent.

Weekly hall assembly performances and various concerts are hosted annually. Learners are encouraged to perform.

Come and join the drama department with its exciting plays and revues ... 

Hollywood is waiting for you! 

Drama is the centre of our existence because it is a valuable form of communication. Drama provides children with an opportunity to work together cooperatively on a shared life. 

As a result, it gives them the chance to express themselves more effectively in everyday situations. 

Moreover, drama encourages children to learn how to influence others and how to put themselves in other people's shoes. This activity is thought to have educational value. Some people claim that trying to be in someone else's shoes and to imagine yourself in certain situations gives a physical, visual and immediate experience. 

Let your creative juices flow and join our future Michelangelos and Picassos in creating works of art. 

Children's need to express themselves often prompts them to demonstrate in a visual form their thoughts, their experiences, their impressions of the world. It is essentially a desire for communication, for which creative visual media are sometimes the most effective medium. Art provides the opportunity to augment creative expression, self-discovery, self-confidence, and self-concept. Each work of art creates a sense of achievement for the child who created the artwork. All children need a creative outlet to express themselves and art is an important activity that provides a good balance. 

In Curro Hazeldean country we are building a wonderful choir culture where we teach our learners to enjoy their talents through the careful development of young voices. We participate in different choir festivals, join in praising the Lord during church services, and participate in eisteddfods and the ATKV Applous choir competition. 

The school facilitates a junior choir for Grade 1 to Grade 3 learners and a senior choir for Grade 4 to Grade 7 learners.  

Orators set goals to develop creative thinking, and learners get opportunities to speak with self-confidence and conviction. 

An orator’s competition requires a convincing and debateable speech and is not a sermon, lecture or dramatised monologue. The main aim is not the transference of knowledge to the audience, but to convince the audience of the speaker’s point of view. 

Other activities offered by private tutors/coaches held on Curro Hazeldean Primary premises: 

  • Kungwini eisteddfod participation  
  • Private piano lessons 
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