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Boarding School from Grades 8 to 12

Why Curro Hazeldean?

  • Exceptional, experienced and fully-qualified staff
  • Excellent extramural programme
  • State-of-the-art facilities, including: heated pool, an AstroTurf and a new gymnasium in 2019
  • Great school spirit
  • A full complement of subjects offered

Why Curro Hazeldean boarding school?

  • Positive discipline
  • Comfortable learning areas
  • Laundry and housekeeping facilities
  • Lounges equipped with flat screens
  • A boarder caretaker for both boys and girls who gets to know each learner personally
  • Beautiful facilities
  • Excellent food provided by professional caterers

Boarding parents or supervisors
Our boarders are supervised by Mr Weber and Mrs Daniels who both reside in apartments adjacent to the boarding school. Aside from a weekly meeting with the learners, these two staff members endeavour to have coffee and engage with individuals to engender an environment where learners feel that they are noticed and cared for.

Frequently asked questions
Where is the nearest medical facility?
Intercare Medical Centre is just five minutes from the school.

How do leave arrangements and visits work?
Parents contact the boarding caretakers directly in order to arrange leave/visitations.

Is theft an issue and how is it dealt with?
Very few issues with theft, we do however have access to CCTV cameras at all boarding entrances and around the perimeter.

Who monitors my child’s progress?
It is the responsibility of the boarding school manager (who manages the boarder caretakers).

Will my child make friends easily?
Yes. Our boarding school has a diverse range of learners who are facilitated during team-building exercises and ice-breakers at the start of each term.

Do boys and girls have separate facilities?
Yes. They are accommodated in separate blocks with rooms sleeping two learners.

What is your response to bullying?
We take bullying very seriously and acts of bullying are directly escalated from the boarding supervisors to the boarding school manager.

What happens if my child is homesick?
Our staff endeavour to help every learner to feel safe, secure and at home. If they need to make contact with parents for reassurance, we will accommodate that and parents are welcome to come and visit at any time.

How do boarders occupy themselves over weekends?
We have a weekend schedule which includes time for study and going to the mall.

What kind of food is served to the boarders?
A well-balanced diet prepared by an external catering company. Each meal contains a protein, starch and vegetables.

How do parents communicate with their child?
Learners are allowed cellphones, and they can communicate with their parents during free time.

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