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Curro DigiEd Schools

Curro DigiEd Schools provide an innovative, technologically-advanced option for high school learners in Cape Town and Johannesburg. The unique e-learning model of these schools focuses on 21st-century skills to prepare learners for the fourth industrial revolution through a project-based learning programme that emphasises Science, Mathematics and Technology.

Teaching at DigiEd Schools takes place through e-learning tools and videos, with teachers and tutors providing one-on-one assistance as needed. By moving the teachers away from the whiteboard and into the classroom, learners can get more immediate and personal assistance to understand a particular concept before moving on.

Our longer school hours and no-homework policy accommodates the schedules of working parents and removes the pressure of managing heavy loads of homework. Learners can be dropped off early in the morning when parents are on their way to work and picked up well after office hours.

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