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Curro Choice

Curro Choice allows learners at all Curro schools to expand their subject choices beyond those offered at their school, at an additional cost. Through live lessons with teachers, affordable school fees, and online assignments and tests, learners can take an additional eighth subject or substitute one subject for another.


How does learning work through Curro Choice?

Learners that want to take a subject not offered by the school, can contact the team to take an additional eighth subject at an additional cost. Learners remain enrolled at their school, but take live lessons with teachers in the afternoons. Regular assignments, tests and exams still take place while they learn from home, and the results appear on their regular school report.


At Curro, all live lessons and online learning material are included in the affordable school fees, along with access to all recorded lessons. As learners remain enrolled at their school while they learn from home, the final matric examination for these subjects will be written at their school. Furthermore, the subject will appear on their progress report and statement of results as though the subject was offered at your school.


Applications stay open

Applications remain open throughout the year – that’s the wonder of an online platform! Should any learner want to switch a subject offered by the school for one done through Curro Choice, they would need to discuss it with their teachers and head of school.


What are the benefits of online learning through Curro Choice?

At Curro, the greatest benefits of online learning include:

  • Learners can take an additional eighth subject while they learn from home.
  • The additional affordable school fees include all learning material and lessons.
  • Since learners remain enrolled at their school, there’s no additional registration fees.
  • Learners taking extramural activities won’t miss any classes, as all live lessons are recorded to be watched later on.


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