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Curro Castle Schools

At Curro Castles we believe in the magic of childhood, the joy of being young and the unbridled innocence of youth.

The Castles are homes away from home where children enjoy well-balanced and wholesome meals and snacks prepared by the Castle chefs in the Hansel and Gretel kitchens.

Curro Castle magic is kept alive with detailed fantasy surroundings – a Story Queen, Rapunzel's Books, coupled with a huge variety of extramural activities and fun-filled holiday programmes.

Playgrounds are carefully designed and equipped with state-of-the-art play structures to ensure an educational aspect with playground games.

Our children’s safety is of the utmost importance and every Castle has its own Castle guard monitoring access to the Castle as well as a full-time receptionist.

Hygiene and maintenance are regarded as top priorities and are maintained by a dedicated team of Castle workers.

At Curro Castle, the emphasis is on the uniqueness of each child and every child is regarded as a competent learner from birth. Curro knows that children develop and learn in different ways and at different paces, with all areas of development and learning being equally important and inter-connected.


The baby section: 

Each Castle has a qualified educator as head of the nursery, assisted by a dedicated and caring team.

The kiddies section: 

The royal helpers comprise qualified morning educators and carefully selected afternoon caregivers. Every educator has at least one full-time assistant.

Our staff are carefully chosen to ensure that they meet prescribed criteria and most of all, that they love children and enjoy working with our smallest stakeholders.


Parents are a child's primary and most consistent educators. To avoid misunderstandings, parents and educators work together to ensure that expectations are managed consistently. Children are taught to be strong and independent from a base of loving and secure relationships with their parents and educators.

At Curro Castles we believe in doing things together as one big family and events are planned to promote parent involvement. Positive and participating parents create positive and participating children, and that is what Curro Castles strive to create – a young generation that believes life is good!