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20 April 2021

Curro Sport | Curro Family 5-km Walk to Freedom.
04 July 2020

THE Curro family are stepping up to the plate for those in need on Nelson Mandela International Day. Curro

Sport will host a Family 5km Walk to Freedom virtual event.

Curro pupils, their families and staff are encouraged to take part in the walk and do it in their neighbourhood any time between 6am and 6pm on July 18. Those who enter the event will need to donate a food item in honour of Mandela Day.

Each school will identify their own charity and distribute the food accordingly. Head boy and Grade 12 pupil at Curro Durbanville, Elona Fikani, said the virtual event is a wonderful idea during these times.

“It is a great way to unite people for a good cause as well as encourage physical activity for families. Nelson Mandela International Day will always be an important day. It reminds us of the daily struggles of the past as well as the many heroes that fought for our freedom. This is also a day that calls to the general public and reminds them that everyone can contribute to a change that betters society as a whole,” Elona said.

Project manager at Curro Sport, Cindy van der Merwe, said: “Mandela

Day falls on a Saturday and the idea is for our Curro families to spend quality time together in nature and have fun as one united family. If they can help others in the process, even better.

“The walk is in honour of charity thus addressing the social responsibility that Curro wants to fulfil as setting an example to the broader community of South Africa,” she said.

Van der Merwe added that a healthy body cultivates an open mindset. “Keeping the Curro family active can radiate both a positive mind, creative thinking, and stay physically healthy. It takes a village to raise a family and that’s why it’s important to give back.”

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