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20 April 2021

Curro’s Cycle2Ride helps Kind Kilometres cross the Cape Town Cycle Tour finish line.
09 March 2020

Cycling for wheelchairs

Johannesburg, 6 March 2020: The Kind Kilometres initiative was started by cycling enthusiast Johnny Eyberg to help fund wheelchairs for those in need and to raise awareness around people living with disabilities. They are doing so in a unique way, with Eyberg and his team cycling a 1 800 km route from Harrismith in the Free State to take part in the 2020 Cape Town Cycle Tour. During the official tour, the team will pull a specially designed buggy along the way which will carry Deon Bezuidenhout, who, in this special way, will partake in the full 109 km needed to complete the Cape Town Cycle Tour 2020.

Bezuidenhout lost the ability to walk when a car accident left him paralysed 30 years ago, though never losing his love of exercise. Before the accident, it was Bezuidenhout’s dream to cycle this scenic Cape Peninsula race.

Curro Holdings, South Africa’s largest independent JSE-listed education provider, is assisting the Kind Kilometres initiative to help realise Bezuidenhout’s dream as well as the project’s larger goal of raising awareness. 

To do so, Curro Sport’s Cycle2Ride initiative is sponsoring R50 000 towards Kind Kilometres. Furthermore, Cycle2Ride will also be providing the support vehicle for the duration of the trip as well as covering the petrol costs. On route to their destination, the Kind Kilometres crew will be stopping by Curro Langebaan and Curro Durbanville on Friday, 6 March, to help inspire the learners and raise awareness. These schools will also be donating funds towards the Kind Kilometres project.

Jaco Kotze, Facilities Manager at Curro Holdings and custodian of the group’s Cycle2Ride initiative, notes how Kind Kilometres inspires others to help where they can. “When we heard about the project, we knew that this is something that Curro’s Cycle2Ride initiative must get involved with. We are proud to play a part in fulfilling Deon’s dream of taking part in the Cape Town Cycle Tour, and of course’s Johnny’s extraordinary efforts to get him to the finish line and to raise awareness,” says Kotze. Indeed, Kotze will be donning cycling shorts himself and will be pulling Bezuidenhout’s buggy for a part of the journey to Cape Town.

Cycle2Ride is an initiative joined by Curro that aims to promote cycling as a medium for family cohesion, relaxation and fun, but also as a possible career choice for those truly interested in becoming professional athletes.

The funds raised by the Kind Kilometres initiative will be used to buy a much-needed motorised wheelchair for Bezuidenhout, with the rest of the funds going towards wheelchairs required in the larger Easter Free State community.

The Kind Kilometres team left Harrismith on 20 February, with their goal to reach Cape Town on the 7th of March. If their journey goes according to plan, the 9th of March will see Eyberg and Bezuidenhout crossing the finishing line of the Cape Town Cycle Tour together.

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