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20 April 2021

CURRO HOLDINGS: Curro schools excel at World Robot Olympiad
01 November 2019

Curro schools have always been at the forefront of advanced technological and scientific offerings in the classroom, including Robotics – and we have proven our mastery at World Robotic Olympiad events over the past few years.

The 2019 World Robot Olympiad (South Africa) this year took place on 28 September 2019 – and the national ratings have just been released.

Here are the national rankings for Curro schools:

Explorer Elementary category

  • GOLD 3rd: Legends (Curro Krugersdorp)
  • GOLD 8th: ZJ (Curro Brackenfell)
  • GOLD 10th: HipHop Buddies (Curro Krugersdorp)
  • SILVER 13th: MagicDragon (Curro Brackenfell)
  • SILVER 14th: Grantleigh5 (Grantleigh)
  • SILVER 15th: Robotics pro's (Curro Krugersdorp)
  • BRONZE 20th: Shining Stars (Curro Brackenfell)

Regular Elementary category

  • 4th: Robo_Warriors (Curro Krugersdorp)
  • 11th: RoadBots (Curro Brackenfell)
  • 13th: Grantleigh3 (Grantleigh)
  • 16th: 3 Moegoes (Curro Krugersdorp)

Regular Junior category

  • 3rd: Front Runners (Grantleigh)

Open Senior category

  • 4th: AVC (Curro Mount Richmore)
  • 6th: Hogwarts (St Dominics Newcastle robotics club)

Football category (unranked)

  • Black Shadow Sniper (Curro Heuwelkruin)
  • Hazies (Curro Hazeldean) 

The International World Robot Olympiad will take place from 8 to 10 November 2019.

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