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20 April 2021

Curro Durbanville | Curro Durbanville excels with remote learning during lockdown
22 June 2020

After schools closed amid COVID-19, there were concerns raised about the effectiveness of educational institutions’ remote learning efforts during lockdown. This, however, was not the case for Curro Durbanville, where a structured remote learning approach meant learners could continue to receive the highest standard of education.


Siyabonga Nhlapo and Kiara De Gouveia, head boy and head girl of Curro Durbanville high school, believe the school’s matric group is still on track to successfully complete the IEB final exams - with thanks to the school’s successful remote learning classes.


When the lockdown came into effect, Curro Durbanville was quick to provide daily virtual class schedules, and a contingency plan for an extended lockdown period. Learners knew what classes were scheduled for the day and the topics to be covered in each.


Nhlapo believes this structure helped learners to work at their own pace. They knew, for example, what would be presented in the next live virtual Maths class, while learners received pre-recorded videos or PowerPoint presentations to prepare beforehand, or to study to move ahead if they so wished.


Nhlapo mentions it was easy for him and his fellow learners to move to a virtual learning platform because of the exposure to technology they have received at Curro Durbanville. That, coupled with the matric grade’s eager work ethic and positive attitude.


That said, both De Gouveia and Nhlapo credit their teachers for a successful remote learning experience. “Our teachers have been brilliant and so accommodating. Lockdown has been an overwhelming time, but they have done an amazing job of making us feel that they will do everything they can to help us,” De Gouveia says.


From the teachers’ perspective, the daily engagement and feedback from learners was vital in building the skills needed to teach effectively remotely. There was also Curro Durbanville’s strong senior management team working tirelessly behind the scenes to drive these efforts during lockdown.


While the remote learning experience has proved essential in preparing Curro Durbanville learners for the year-end exams, Nhlapo and De Gouveia are excited to be back at school, catching up with their friends and teachers.

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