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20 April 2021

CURRO ALUMNI: Curro Hermanus alumnus wins world title
21 October 2019

Tristan Roberts – Curro Hermanus's first head boy back in 2015 – was crowned as the 2019 APB World Tour champion at El Fronton in the Canary Islands.

Tristan, who already has a slew of achievements notched on his board, held on to an early lead and continued with his strong start to win his first world title. On his Instagram account, Tristan could barely contain his emotions: "I have so much to say, so much to appreciate, so much to be grateful for ... I wanted to put as much time and effort into achieving what I dreamed of for the last 15 years: Becoming world champion ..."

The APB (Association of Professional Bodyboarding) is the sole governing body of professional bodyboarding. They sanction several international competitions, including the most coveted bodyboarding competition: The APB World Tour.


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