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20 April 2021

Amazon Web Services and ICDL host Python coding camp at local tech-driven school.
09 March 2020

Curro Foreshore, an independent high-school within Curro’s DigiEd model that delivers education in a technology-rich format, held an intensive Python Coding Bootcamp at their campus between 19 – 21 February 2020. In partnership with Amazon Web Services, the Bootcamp was facilitated by local NGO, International Certification in Digital Literacy (ICDL) - the world's leading computer skills certification, with the aim of equipping learners with the skills needed for the fourth industrial revolution (4IR). Amazon Web Services sponsored the event, food and merchandise for all the learners.  


Throughout the three-day Bootcamp, grade 9 learners gained incredible exposure to the popular coding language. Python is essentially the fastest general-purpose coding language at the moment and can be used in backend web development, data analysis, artificial intelligence, and scientific computing, among others - all critical skills needed for today’s work environment. 


Following the conclusion of the coding camp, learners will be required to take an ICDL test a week later during one of their Information Technology lessons. If they pass the test, which requires a pass mark of 75%, learners will receive an internationally-recognised qualification – a valuable addition to their CV.


Curro Foreshore provides a progressive curriculum focused on Mathematics, Science, Robotics and Coding - essential subjects for learners to operate in the fourth industrial revolution era. As the world continues to evolve with the changing face of technology, it is therefore essential that education helps prepare learners for the 2030 workplace.

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